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Pain Relief- 2024

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7:19 pm

can prostatitis can cause severe pain?

Prostatitis in common language, means pain in the prostate gland. It's that simple.

The pain often comes and goes without warning. It can last for a long time. And, it can be extremely painful!

If you have a bacterial prostatitis, your doctor will quickly and easily diagnose it with some simple tests. He will give you an appropriate antibiotic and that should clear it up. Or, if you don't like anti-biotics, you may want to give colloidal Silver Water a try.

If you have what is called "non-bacterial" prostatitis he will let you know. This non-bacterial condition is also often called: "non specific prostatitis".

There Is No Medical Remedy
Non-Bacterial Prostatitis

In common language "non specific" prostatitis translates to: "We don't really know what it is or why you have it". There is no medical remedy for this.

All you'll get for it is pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medication. For myself, and everyone I've ever talked with, these things are useless.

By medical statistics, there are 8 times as many cases of non-bacterial prostatitis as there are of the bacterial type.

This is why it is such a horrible "mysterious" problem. But, there is no real mystery here.

Now, here's the reason why: there are actually two kinds of "non-bacterial" prostatitis.

The first kind of prostatitis (which we will discuss on this page) is caused by congestion and lack of blood supply. Too much sex will do that. Too much sitting will also.

The second kind of prostatitis actually is bacterial, but is labeled non-bacterial because the bacteria are trapped inside the acini (small sacs) in the prostate gland.

These bacterial do not "shed" into the urine or semen. So, they go undetected in standard lab tests. And that's the reason they go undetected.

That type of non-bacterial prostatitis (which I personally had), has been very effectively and quickly remedied with colloidal Silver Water.

I have suffered from both kinds of prostatitis. And, I have cleared them both up completely!

This page is devoted to showing you proven ways to soothe the pain of non-bacterial prostatitis that is caused by poor blood flow. So let's get started!

The Good News:

"With correct prostate massage and care, you can relieve the pain!

You can even become pain free!

Even if you have been suffering from chronic prostatitis for years.

Or even decades!

You can now find complete relief."

The Most Soothing Prostatitis Pain Treatments
That You Can Use Right NOW!

If you need some relief right now, go to the NAV bar on the left and click on the chapter titled Immediate Pain Relief. Both the vibrating massage and the Sitz Bath are immediately soothing.

They are very simple and very effective.

When I first learned about these methods I was in terrible pain. Terrible, horrible, sometimes excruciating pain! Pain killers did nothing. Nothing! I was very afraid. The first time I ever did the Vibrating Massage:  

My Pain Decreased
By At Least 80%!

I was almost in tears from the relief!

The Internal Massage Techniques for prostatitis are the most effective I have personally found for removing this condition. But, they do not provide as much immediate soothing relief. And if you are too inflamed inside you should not use the internal techniques. You will only aggravate the condition.

Of course, my pain here did not disappear completely. Even though I started using that Vibrating prostate massage technique almost daily. That is because I had not gotten rid of the causes. I just did not know I was causing it or why it was happening.

Once I learned the causes of my prostatitis problems, I learned how to remedy them with proper exercise, massaging, prostate milking, nutrition, and nutritional supplements.

My Pain Disappeared!

I didn't realize I was causing all that pain from many of my daily living habits.

The same holds true for you. You are causing your problems here! They are no accident or "bad luck".

Of course, you're not doing it intentionally. You just don't know what you are doing each day that is actually causing your prostatitis pain and problems.

But, the fact of the matter is,

Certain Things You Do In Your Daily Life
Are The Cause!

Nothing in this entire universe happens by accident or mystery. Everything has a cause. Maybe not intentional. But, a cause never the less. And this is Great News!

You should take that as the most wonderful news! Because, it means YOU can fix your problems here. Even if you are an older guy!

As soon as you are clear on that point, you can begin to locate the causes and remove them.

You Can Feel Good

You can have great sex again! That may sound too good to be true. Especially if you have suffered from prostatitis for years, as I did. However, once I located the sources (quite a few!) of my own problems, I was able to make the problems and the pain disappear.

Whenever I have a recurrence of pain in this area I look at what I have been doing. How I have been living. What I have been overdoing. I can then find my answer and fix up my pain in a short period of time.

Something You Must Know

Any unnatural practices or over indulgences that are part of your life could be causing you your problems here.

Life is really quite simple and pain free when we live naturally. Wild animals live long healthy practically totally disease free lives in natural conditions. Human do too.

But we are Humans! We love to play with things, and change things, and tamper with things, and do all kinds of things that just are not natural and that don't do us any good.

When you are young and healthy, these harmful things often seem to be the best fun! But, they take a toll. Your body pays a price for them. Pain is a sign that your body has run out of ability to pay this price and is now being injured.

Correct Prostate Massage
Will Make You Feel Better!

Some correct prostate massage can really help relieve a lot of pain and discomfort here. Especially when you have a flare up.

But, if you are going to get rid of the pain and problems you have to correct the unhealthful living habits that cause them. If you don't, you will never become pain free. Sorry, but it's true.

There are many things that can cause actual non-bacterial prostatitis. However,

There Are Two Specific Things
That Will Practically Always Cause You Pain Here

The first is too much sex. I know, that's a difficult one to give up in any way. But, if you over do it, you will suffer.

Sex is natural, and necessary, and fun, and one of the best things you can do! But, our society puts far too much emphasis on constant sex. That's not healthy.

Your body will try it's hardest to have sex all you want. But, your gland will strain and swell in the process if you are overdoing. And that will hurt you.

So, how much is too much? That depends a lot on genetics and your own lifestyle and general health.

As rule of thumb, you can take a look at what Chinese medicine (which has been around for over 10,000 years) suggests: For teenagers, twice a day may not be too much. For men in their 20s five to seven times a week is MAXIMUM. For men in their 30s, three to four times a week. 40s, twice a week. 50s once a week. 70s maybe only once a month.

You must understand that your sexual apparatus is not only the most fun toy that God gave you. It has a purpose. Like any other gland in your body, if you stress it out, it will malfunction.

If you are suffering from non specific prostatitis, and you are not impotent, cut back on your sexual activity. Give your gland a chance to rest and recover. Stop stressing it out! Give the swelling a chance to subside.

Stop all sexual activity for a while and let your body rest here until the pain goes away.

If you feel an irresistible need for sex, a good prostate milking will take that urge away. And, it will keep you from making your troubles worse.

If you are impotent, you can use the Chinese suggestions above for frequency of prostate milking. It still is necessary to keep your fluids moving while you are healing.

Stagnant body fluids are a breeding ground for disease. Prostate milking, unlike ejaculation, does not stress the gland.

In most cases, impotence does not have to be permanent.


The second worst things you can do for your problems here is sit in a chair all day long. Most of us do that! It is probably: 

Sitting Too Long
The Single Most Harmful Prostatitis Causing Habit
We All Have

severe chronic prostatitis can be caused by too much sitting

Who would ever suspect that sitting all day could make your body scream with pain?

Well it can! Simply because you radically reduce the blood supply to your lower abdomen when you sit a lot.

Most people don't even realize that when you sit too long and too often, you cause your body all kinds of difficulties that lead to serious problems. You need to get up and move around at regular intervals.

This will not only make you feel better all over, it will lengthen you life.

When you sit too much you are killing yourself. Literally. The blood vessels running to and from your special male gland get severely pinched. This is like strangling it!

If your job forces you to sit for many hours each day, you must learn how to combat the harmful effects of sitting. Proper massaging, done regularly, can do that for your sexual equipment! Proper massaging can help keep you healthy and pain free here.

You will learn how to do these prostate massages on this site! All the techniques you need to know, with instructions, are listed on the navigation bar on the left of this page.

These Techniques Can Bring You Amazing Relief
In A Very Short Time!

I'll give you complete easy to follow instructions on how to do every technique the very best ways.

The things you will learn here are not hard to do. They are simple. And, they don't require a lot of time.

You just have to do them to have them work.You probably won't have to do everything you will learn here. But, you'll learn what you need to know.

You will also learn which are the best nutritional supplements for your gland and what the best foods are to nourish it.

You will even learn The Miracle Exercise (you can find this on the NAV bar on the left side of this page). This is a short and easy exercise that will refresh you throughout your day. It takes only 15 seconds to perform. And, it will make you feel better all over!

The really nice part of all this is, not only will your prostate feel amazingly better (even if you've suffered for years!), your entire Health and Well Being can improve dramatically by taking proper care of your body.

You will sleep better, you will have more energy, you'll be more alert, and you'll have a much improved sex life. That's no hype. That's the life you were meant to have!

When your gland is healthy again, the internal prostate massage will actually feel very good and can be used for enhanced erotic sex or just for pure pleasure! Even though right now you may be thinking these two things are unimaginable and impossible.

Don't Sabotage Your Progress

However, you must keep these things in mind:

-- If you eat lots of sugars and processed junk all day, you are never going to feel very well again.

-- If you drink a lot of alcohol, you're killing your gland!

-- If you never move your body around (or exercise), your chances of feeling really good again are close to zero.

-- If you don't feed your body the specific nutrients it needs to regenerate itself or sleep enough, how is your body supposed to regenerate?

--  If you suffer from chronic constipation and don't move your bowels regularly, you are poisoning your gland daily.

Even If You Have Reached The Point Of Impotence
You Can Most Likely Recover

Now that you are learning how, once you start caring for your sexual equipment properly, and stop the things that are hurting it, you will be literally Amazed at the progress you make.

we can relieve our prostatitis pain naturally

You can feel better! Much Better!

You can even feel great again!

You don't have to suffer from prostatitis!

Now, it's all up to You!

Be Well.....

~ William

Prostatitis Problems
A Common Letter
You May Relate To

I want to share a letter with you from one of my readers that contains some very common questions. I receive a lot of letters just like this. The letter and my answers to it may be some information that can help you if you are also suffering from prostatitis and other prostate problems that just don't seem to be responding to your current treatments.

Country: United States

"Hello, I’ve run across your site. It’s extremely informative. I
came down with prostatitis after an oral sex event in January 2019. No
antibiotics have ever given me Relief and my semen and urine cultures
never turned up anything. I’ve have several prostate massages done by
my urologist one a week. I’ve had some pain relief as well as my
doctor mentioning my prostate is less boggy and mushy since treatment.
Is that proof my prostate is healing also, will continuing with 1
massage a week bring the cure/permanent relief I’m looking forward to?
I’m still currently suffering from ed, low libido, since coming Down with prostatitis.I just want this to be over with. Thanks, Carl"

Hi Carl,

  I'm sorry to hear about your problems. It sounds like you are suffering from other prostate problems as well as prostatitis. And, problems down there can sometimes linger for a long time because the proper cause is not being addressed, or the body is extremely exhausted on many levels.

  The oral sex may or may not be the cause. Sometimes prostate problems occur in coincidence with some new sexual partner and have nothing to do with that partner. And, it can come on "suddenly". That used to happen to me when I was young, overly sexual active, and had too many partners and too much promiscuous sex. The reason I mention this is because you also speak about ed and low libido. Those can be a result of general body condition, too much sex (prostate fatigue), age, and a multitude of other things. Only you know all these factors.

  I find prostate massage very helpful with most conditions. There are only a few I can think of where it is not a good idea. Those are usually associated with old age and certain diseases. If you doctor is OK with you having prostate massage, it can be very beneficial because it increases blood flow dramatically.

  If you're not getting satisfactory results from your massages and other treatments at this point, you may want to consider improving your overall health. Your diet, exercise, sleep, water, mental stress reduction, have sex less often, etc.... Yes, this is the long and hard way to improve things. But, the results are invariably worth it.

  Have you read my article: "Can Silver Water Cure Prostatitis?"

  Please let me know how your progress comes along, and what you did.

Warm Regards, ~ William

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