Self Prostate Milking
Health and Pleasure!

Self prostate milking. What is it? How do you do it? What good is it? Is it dangerous? Why do it? I am often asked these questions.

There are actually 2 main reasons for milking the prostate. One is health. The other is pleasure.

Done correctly, self prostate milking is normally a very safe and easy thing to do.

Some men do it just for pleasure. But, for many men, there are many important health benefits as well.

Let's Look At Health First

If you are having a regular healthy sex life, self prostate milking is not necessary.

But, a normal healthy sex life is not as common as you may think. Self prostate milking is important in many of these situatuins.

Hundreds of thousands of men suffer from prostatitis. Some choose celibacy for whatever reason. Others find themselves without a partner for a long period of time.

In all of these situations a man can benefit greatly from self prostate milking.

The prostate gland needs to be relieved of it's contents (seminal fluid, semen) on a regular basis to remain healthy. Stagnant fluids in the prostate can lead to swelling, infection and (if they are toxic enough) cancer.

Ejaculation is the most common way to empty or drain the prostate of its fluid. It can occur via sexual intercourse or any kind of masturbation.

When normal ejaculation is not desired, there is no better way to discharge this fluid than by self prostate milking.


In the case of prostatitis, ejaculation can be antagonistic to recovery. Ejaculation can radically increase the swelling and pain in the prostate during prostatitis. It is often better not to ejaculate for a while, or not to ejaculate as often.

Self prostate milking is a God send here! It not only drains the semen, regular self prostate milking decreases and removes the sexual urge as it arrises. So, the prostate gland can rest. In the case of prostatitis, rest is something the prostate gland needs.

But, at the same time your prostate is resting, your prostate also needs an increase in healthy blood flow.

Your prostate needs the increased blood circulation so that it can clean and heal itself.

- Cleansing the prostate gland is necessary in virtually all cases of non specific prostatitis. -

There is no better way to cleanse and heal the prostate than with self prostate milking, a primitive diet, plenty of pure water, fresh air, exercise and adequate rest.

A self prostate milking gives the prostate gland a deep massage. This deep massage increases blood circulation dramatically.

Even medical literature contains many reports of temporary and permanent softening and shrinking of enlarged prostates as a result of massage (milking).


In the case of celibacy, once self prostate milking is accomplished, the semen is drained. The natural pressure of the semen inside the prostate (which makes a man "horny") is gone. And, with that, the desire for sexual release or intercourse is gone.

Pure Pleasure

When it comes to pleasure, nothing is more sexually intense than a good self prostate milking. Especially when combined with penile stimulation.

This for healthy men only. If you suffer from prostatitis you want to stick to the self prostate milking only. No penile stimulation, even though the milking may cause you to become erect and very aroused!

Self prostate milking enables a man (if this is his desire) to extend this sensation for an incredibly long period of time!

How deeply the massage is done will determine the actual degree of sensation and stimulation.

Caution: Always be gently when massaging or milking your prostate gland. It is delicate. Too much force or intensity can damage it seriously. In extreme cases, death can result.

The Correct Method

It is very important to perform your self prostate massage correctly and safely.

You can reach your prostate with any number of devices from dildos to drum sticks to vegetables.

But, these items can be dangerous and cause serious physical damage if used incorrectly or carelessly.

So, how do you massage your prostate or give yourself a self prostate milking safely?

Use a proper instrument and use it correctly.

The entire line of Aneros Prostate Massage Devices were designed to give a perfect self prostate massage or a perfect prostate milking. And, they accomplish these goals perfectly!

In 25 years of research I have found nothing else to work as well and as easily as the Aneros.

For self prostate massage, HelixSYN will usually be the most comfortable and it is the right size for most men.

For prostate milking you will probably want a helix or the larger eupho model.

For pure sexual pleasure intensity, they all can work. The maximus being the most intense.


Using an Aneros is normally a hands free operation, once it is inserted.

But, for prostate milking, you are going to want to have a downward movement along a relaxed prostate gland. Like rubbing it downward, from top to bottom, with your finger.

Self Prostate milking is done most efficiently on a relaxed prostate. So you will manipulate the Aneros just as if it was your own finger.

Why not use your finger? Because unless you have monkey fingers, the ones you have are not long enough to do the job efficiently.

If you have any doubt about how to do a self prostate milking correctly, go to your Urologist and request a prostate milking. You'll feel immediately what the correct motion is and where to do it. It is very simple once you know how.


At first your prostate may be very sensitive. The milking may be uncomfortable and even a little painful. If you feel pain, work more gently.

But, over a short period of time, as you do repeated self prostate milking, your prostate will become healthier and healthier. The sensation will change from discomfort to pure pleasure!

As I already said, if you use other objects or "instruments" to do a self prostate milking, you may penetrate the anus too far and cause possible internal damage.

The Aneros was specifically designed to fit the male anatomy perfectly. It also comes in different sizes for different size bodys.

If in doubt, start with the smaller size. If that size does not work well enough, move up a size. Save the smaller one for when you want a more gentle self prostate milking or self prostate massage.

When done correctly, self prostate milking can be both a very healthful and a very pleasurable experience!

Be Well.....

~ William

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