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If you think you have a prostate infection the first thing you need to do is go to your Urologist and get a check up. Find out if you actually do have one that shows up.

Did you know that 7 out of 8 times pain here is what doctors call non-specific prostatitis?

That means they don't know what your problem is.

And what that means is: they run some tests to see if you have a prostate infection (It is most commonly done by measuring the white blood cell count in your urine and semen). 7 out of 8 times nothing shows up. So, they don't know why you are in pain. And they will tell you that.

Prostatic pain could be coming from a toxic overload in your gland. This can cause serious inflammation.

A prostate infection may also be hidden. Trapped in the acini (small sack like structures in the prostate).

Now, because the bacteria are trapped in these sacs, they do not "shed" (come out into the seminal fluid or urine). So, the bacteria and white cells do not show up in medical tests.

Since the bacteria are hidden, the tests can't find and identify them. No prostate infection shows up. And then, your doctor doesn't know what to do for your problem.

That was what happened to me. Repeatedly.

Did It Come From?

Well, let's see where that prostate infection came from and why you have it.

If the tests done by your doctor found a prostatic infection, it is usually an STD or the result of a bladder infection. There are dozens of them. Usually an antibiotic and plenty of water will clear that up in a week or two.

But, a non specific prostatitis and the resulting pain can last a man for weeks, months or years. And, it may never show up in a medical test. But, you suffer. Maybe a lot! I did.

The reason so many men get an infectious problem here is an unhealthy prostate gland. A dirty, polluted, filthy gland. Don't take offense to that. It is what most older men (and a multitude of younger men) have.

Does It Happen?

Well, this particular gland not only produces the fluid part of your semen, it also is a filter. An amazingly fine filter.

It is designed to filter out all the impurities in your blood stream so that the seminal fluid is a healthy place for your delicate sperm cells. It does this extraordinarily well!

But, these impurities and toxins can accumulate. And they do. And, they are most often the cause of prostatitis.

If your gland is not kept clean, it literally becomes a toxic waste dump where bacteria and virus of every kind can easily breed. These toxins are also very irritating. In an attempt to burn them out (just as your body does with fever for bacteria and virus) it becomes inflamed.

The more it has to filter out, the more prone you will be to prostate infection, inflammation, and the pain that results from these things.

The reason many men suffer from repeated prostate infection is that they never change their life style. They unknowingly continue to do all the things that caused the problems in the first place.

Once they clean up their lives (and their sexual equipment) the problem usually seems to disappear.

Most Men Over 50
Have Prostate Problems

Other than STDs, why do you think very young men rarely have prostate infections and non specific prostatitis? It's because they haven't had enough time to accumulate enough trash in there yet.

That's also one reason why most older men have problems here. They have a lifetime of accumulating internal life sapping poisons.

It's just like the oil and oil filter in your car. You don't ever have to change them. You'll still get about 80,000 mile on you car before the engine is wrecked.

But, if you change that oil filter every 5,000 miles or so, you're engine should last about 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

Your body is the same. If you don't clean it it dies early. Why do you think there is so much cancer. Especially cancer in this area for men. It's no mystery.

A Normally Healthy Gland

In a normally healthy life in the wild, a male sexual system gets lots of movement and massage from daily physical activity. It gets pure food and water. It doesn't get prostatitis or prostate infection! In primitive cultures, this type of disease is virtually unknown.

When we live in our offices and factories all day we sit endlessly. The blood doesn't flow sufficiently enough for good health. Sitting especially constricts circulation to the lower abdomen. Right where all your sexual equipment is.

This also causes constipation, which further pollutes and irritates the prostate gland.

So how do we change our internal "filter" here? We don't. But, we can clean it and keep it clean with correct massage techniques.

Getting Relief
Prostate Infections

In our civilized sedentary lives, we must massage our gland consciously and move the dirty blood manually or we will lives lives of pain and disease. No drug will ever fix this.

If your life is very physically active, then improper diet, unprotected sex, constipation, or a very large belly is most likely the cause of your prostate infection.

In any case, correct massaging here will increase the circulation to your gland and enable your body to clean and heal itself more efficiently.

When you are toxic here, waste material and dead cells are so abundant that bacteria grow pretty much uninhibited. In fact they flourish! There is so much garbage there for them to eat that the white cells in your body can not kill them fast enough.

For that reason, infectious problems here are very common.

If there is no bacteria, then the inflammation is just your body trying to combat the toxic overload. It is pretty much that simple.

Inflammation alone feels exactly like a prostate infection. This is another reason why nothing may show up on a medical test.

What causes all this toxic material to be in there and stay there? Life style.

The common civilized lifestyle causes most of our diseases. We are so used to this style of life and it is so common that we don't even know we are doing anything wrong.

The Things That CAUSE Most
Prostate Infections

Here are the things that cause most of our disease and prostate infection:

  • Non Foods: Junk foods, most grains, sugars, chemical additives

  • Too much sitting. This restricts the blood flow and basically suffocates the area to a slow half death.
  • Lack of exercise and fresh air.
  • Too much stress. Some stress is healthful and strengthening. Too much stress pollutes the blood with toxins and prevents the Kidneys from cleaning the blood properly.
  • Along with stress we have Anxiety and Worry. They have the exact same effect on your body as stress. They actually are types of stress.
  • Prescription drugs. They are ALL toxic to a greater or lesser degree. They all wind in the toxic waste dump you create in your prostate gland.

Now you can't live totally stress free. It's impossible and not natural.

But, you can cut the crap out of your diet. You can exercise and you can massage your precious gland.

With a healthy lifestyle, most prescription drugs become unnecessary.

Correct Prostate Massage Techniques

Correct massaging techniques here, even without too many life changes, can clear up most cases of non specific prostatitis all by itself. If you do it correctly and regularly.

Massage used to be a little tricky to do and get right.

But, there is an instrument that has been out for some years now that makes massaging your gland directly a simple and easy task. There is no longer any excuse not to do self massage if you are suffering from prostate infection or prostatitis. No excuse.

The device is called the Aneros prostate massage device.

I, personally, find the "Helix Silicone" model the best. It is ultra smooth, fits most men just right, and is by far the most comfortable massager I have found.

If you have been reading my site you will have seen this jewel mentioned in many of my articles. Because there is nothing better or more effective for massing your prostate gland than an Aneros.

If you frequently suffer from prostate infection your blood flow usually needs some serious help.

Correct prostate massage will give your gland a much greater flow of blood. That, and plenty of pure water, is often all that is needed for relieving pain and remedying many problems in this area.

Correct massage technique can be the salvation of the sexual system for many civilized men.

It will rejuvenate your ailing gland like nothing else can. You will probably find proper diet and correct massage make prostate infection a problem of the past!

Be Well....

~ William

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