Relieving Male Incontinence
Correct Prostate Massage - 2023

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relieving male incontinence with prostate massage

How The Problem Starts

What causes male incontinence? And, can it be fixed?


There are number of things that can cause a man to become incontinent. Diseases such as: Parkinson's disease, diabetes, a stroke, dementia.....

But, these are not the most common reasons.

Weak Muscles
can cause

Prostate problems and muscular weakness are the main cause of this problem.

You probably never had a problem with male incontinence when you were in school, did you? Of course not! You never hear teenagers discussing male incontinence, or their urinary problems, do you? No. It's always older people.

Once you pass 60 you find more and more men are suffering from male incontinence and are wearing some kind of diapers again. Or they are  wearing a permanent catheter in their penis.

For most men, this is a totally humiliating and unnecessary situation.

But we are never educated on this subject. And what causes this problem. We are just taught to accept anything that happens to us in this area. That is so absurd! Especially when it is normally so easy to fix.

The most common reasons for male incontinence are weak muscles in your anus and you urinary tract (Muscles that have been neglected for decades!), prostate problems, or a combination of both.

Here's Why
It Happens

Why does it happen?

Well, just like any other muscles in your body, if you don't keep the muscles that control you bladder and you bowels fit and strong they become weak. They become unable to do their job properly.

Just like your legs. If you never use them, they atrophy and become useless. If that was the case, you couldn't just get up and go walk five miles suddenly.

You probably couldn't even walk one block without severe problems.Then you are called "crippled". But, you're not! You just have very weak legs. There is a HUGE difference!!

Your bladder and anus are the same. If you hardly use those muscles, they will get weaker and weaker and become unable to do their job properly. Or at all.

That does NOT mean they can never work properly again.

And, this weak muscular condition and BPH are the most common causes of male incontinence.

It's Never Too Late

Even some men who are otherwise generally physically fit, can suffer from male incontinence as they get older. Even though their biceps are strong, their bladder and bowel muscles are not getting enough exercise.

The beauty of this is: those bladder and bowel muscles can be exercised and strengthened just like your biceps, or any other muscle in your body. They can become strong again.

You're Never Too Old

When you're young, your muscles are like new rubber bands. They seem to respond no matter what! They don't need a lot of daily exercise to keep relatively healthy and decently strong.

As we age, we dry out a bit. Just like rubber bands! We don't move around as much. We often become less physically fit. This adds to muscle weakness.

As the years pass, we need a bit more maintenance all over! This includes planned time to exercise all of our muscles.

However: It has been clinically proven in numerous studies that men even well into their 90s can gain muscular strength and add muscle mass simple by doing progressive resistance exercises.

This also applies to the muscles in your sexual/urinary system.

Male Incontinence Develops

Let's look at a typical example.

Let's look at a typical 65 year old executive. Say his name is Joe. Maybe Joe even used to be a college athlete.

In college he had a beautiful sculpted body! He could run for miles and dance all night! Getting male incontinence never even crossed his mind because he functioned perfectly and effortlessly.

After 40 years of sitting behind a desk 10 - 12 hours a day, not exercising, maybe smoking too much, eating a lot of fast food and junk food... Joe (now with extra 40 lbs of fat on his weakened body) can hardly walk 3 city blocks without stopping to catch his breath.

This does not mean there is anything wrong with Joe other than he is weak and out of shape.

And now, he is also beginning to become incontinent. Maybe just a dribble. Maybe when he sneezes. Or when he has to lift some heavy groceries.

Is that the fault of age? NO! It is the fault of what he has done or not done to his body all those years.

Proper exercise will tone his body. And, proper sexual/urinary tract exercise will tone his sexual and urinary systems.

Isn't that exciting news?? No more dribbling, no more diapers, no more catheters, etc....

This is possible for most men!

"Old Age" Usually Means Nothing More Than:

"Decades of Neglect"

"most men CAN correct this!
and function quite normally again"

If Joe continues with this lifestyle, does he think he is suddenly going to be able to run the marathon again? Of course not! He probably can't even run half a mile without distress.

But Joe wonders why his bladder and bowels are starting to leak. And he accepts it.

"Old age." he may think. But, that is nonsense!

Decades of neglect! That is the usual problem.

The bladder usually goes first. In more advanced age, the bowels may follow. Most people do not have to accept this "fate".

But, for most men, rebuilding these muscles is very possible.

Prostate Problems
Can Cause Male Incontinence

Now, as men, we can add possible prostate problems like BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) or prostatitis to the situation.

Let's see how these conditions can cause male incontinence:


This is the big one for most older men.

First, if you are suffering from BPH you already know that your urinary flow is diminished. It is more difficult to pass your urine. This is from all the  growth in the gland that now presses on the urethra as a it goes through your gland.

male incontinence and BPH

Second, all this extra tissue can make it much more difficult to control the squeezing of the muscles around this opening. It takes a lot more strength. So you leak more easily. Especially if your muscles are weak down there.

It's a double whammy!

Regular correct prostate massage and some correct nutritional additions  often reduce this condition dramatically.


With prostatitis the swelling can have the same effect as in BPH. Plus: the inflammation, pain, and irritation may create a greater desire to urinate.

Again, correct prostate massage has often been the best way to clear up this condition also.

relieving male incontinence

Go to: "Reversing Adult Male Incontinence"

Be Well.....

~ William

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