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prostate problems that persist

There are 4 reasons why prostate problems persist:

1) A man never takes the necessary new action(s)

2) A man takes incorrect action(s)

3) A man does not persist past the first few tries

4) A man does not eliminate the old actions that are causing the trouble

It is that last reason that most men's prostate problems persist.

The Willingness
Change Harmful Habits

A lot of men are willing to try the massages and healthful life changes. Many men will stick to these changes.

And for a number of these men, just some correct prostate massage (even with no other life changes) can work seeming miracles!

But, for others, their problems still persist. They may feel somewhat better from their prostate massages, but the troubles still continue. The reason for this is the causes of these miseries have not been eliminated or reduced to a sufficient level.

And, some men are just unwilling to give up the things that cause their prostate problems.

It's Usually Easy
Locate the Cause

You just can't continue to do all the things that brought on your discomforts and expect your situation to change significantly.

It doesn't matter how may new right things you do. If you don't eliminate the cause(s) of your troubles, they may get better from time to time, but they will persist.

If you:

  • Sit constantly all day long
  • Drink a lot of alcohol
  • Eat a garbage junk food diet
  • Insist on eating lots of sugar and grains
  • Have too much sex all the time
  • Worry all day long
  • etc, etc, etc......

you will never ever get well. Period.

If you do these things it doesn't matter how much prostate massage you do or how many good supplements you take. You will continue to have a life of prostate problems forever! They may not be quite as bad, but they will be there. And so will all kinds of other health issues.

Dramatic Results

Just think about it for a moment in another scenario. It becomes easy to understand.

Say you are a Gin drinker. But, let's say you drink too much of it. And you have been for a long time. And now you feel like crap all the time.

So, you start exercising, eating good foods, sleeping well, and moderating ever other indulgence in your life. But, you still insist on drinking all that Gin. You feel better with the new life changes! But, you still feel kind of crappy and hung over every day.

Then you learn that excessive alcohol causes problems to the body. So, even though you love drinking Gin, you decide to cut the Gin intake by half. You start feeling a lot better! More and more so each day. But, you're still not really feeling as good as you would like to.

So, you decide to try cutting the Gin out all together. Now, you notice start feeling Amazingly better! Better than you ever thought possible! Like a new man!

Prostate Problems Disappear!

The same is true with prostate problems. Once you start reducing the things you do to cause these troubles and diseases, you start to feel much much better.

Especially if you are adding helpful healthful actions like prostate massage or milking, moderation in sex, correct diet, supplements, correct exercise as well as exercise for your entire body, etc., etc....

If you eliminate all the causes and add healthful actions (like I just mentioned) you will find (99.99% of the time) that all the prostate problems "magically" feel better and often disappear completely! After a while you will not even really remember the pain and discomforts except as a thing of the past.

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well that most probably can be true for you.

Removing the Mystery

The trouble is, most men learn about the symptoms the hard way (when they get them!), BUT don't know what is causing their suffering. Diseases and discomforts don't appear by magic. Not a single one of them.

We constantly, day after day, do things to ourselves that seem normal. BUT, many of these things can cause horrible chronic painful conditions.

Most men do not even conceive that the bread they eat every day could be the cause of their prostatic pain (or their arthritis). Isn't bread the "staff of life"? NO! Bread is a survival food. Long term it does more harm than good.

What about that beer? How could that be having any effect on your gland? Right? It's just beer. It's relaxing, right? But, beer is made with yeast. Yeast can cause absolute havoc in your gland.

And, what's wrong with sitting all day? Everybody does it. Right? True. And men have more distress in this area now than ever before in history.

It's no mystery why so many men suffer from so many troubles in this gland. Or why cancer here is the #1 cancer in men.

And men wonder how could having lots and lots of sex cause problems? Doesn't almost all marketing,and advertisement tell you that you should be having more? And, more?

Well, overindulgence in sex can cause chronic swelling in this gland of ours. And that causes intense chronic pain.

You CAN Find
The Answer

So, if you suffer from prostate problems, the first thing you need to do is take a look at your daily habits and see what you are doing.

feeling great after healing prostate problems

If everything seems "normal" I suggest you read every page on this site. You'll soon see how our current civilized consideration of "normal" is not normal at all for a healthy body. Or the health of this special gland of ours. And, soon it will be clear to you where your prostate problems are coming from.

The beauty of all this is: Once you know what caused your prostate problems, you can change things!

Be Well.....

~ William

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