Beer Can Ruin Your Prostate?

Cause You all Kinds
Sexual Problems

beer and prostate problems

I've been asked many times about the relationship of beer and alcohol to prostate problems.

A lot of regular alcohol consumption can cause you problems here for sure. But, it can also cause you heart, liver and possibly pancreatic problems as well.

Alcohol Causes Problems

Alcohol metabolizes the same way as sugar does. The main difference is that alcohol requires a lot more nutrients to metabolize. So, an excess amount of alcohol will do you in about four times faster than sugar.

"Excessive alcohol consumption
depletes your body of necessary nutrients."

Alcohol in moderation is OK for a healthy person. There may even be some benefit. But if you're already having prostate problems, you will probably do best if you abstain from alcoholic beverages for a while. I would especially stay away from beer until these problems clear up.

Why Beer
Especially Harmful to Men

beer and prostatitis pain

This brew has it's own unique problems for our special gland. The primary one being yeast. Another is Hops (the bitter flower of the Hop plant). Both can irritate our gland.

beer and prostatitis

True, there is a chemical naturally occurring in hops called Xanthohumol which is reported to be anti-carcinogenic. But, you would need to drink 17 (yes seventeen!) 12oz. glassfuls in one day to get an adequate amount. So, don't use that as an excuse for drinking yourself into oblivion!

Now, all alcohol is produced by yeast fermentation (turning a carbohydrate into alcohol with live yeast). Wine usually has sufficient alcohol content to kill the yeast. In fact, wine only reaches an alcohol volume of about 12% because that is where the yeast that is creating the alcohol is killed.

Hard alcohol (vodka, whiskey, cognac, tequila...) is distilled. So the heat kills any yeast residue.

In this bubbly brew, however, the alcohol content rarely exceeds 6%, so there is often live yeast left behind. Even if it is clear and filtered. In fact there probably is yeast in your brew unless it was pasteurized. Ironically, the cheap commercial ones are mostly pasteurized. The highest quality ones never are.

When we drink this live yeast, it can remain live in our bloodstream and it can thrive and multiply in our gland and cause chronic prostatitis. It is normally very easy to kill this yeast off with the use of Silver Water for about 2 weeks.

Some men never really seem to be affected by this yeast. Others can start to suffer days after only a couple good beers.Like me.

If you suffer from prostatitis, this live yeast may be making you miserable and may be causing your gland to swell. And, hurt like crazy. This type of enlargement is different from BPH in that it will subside once the yeast condition is remedied. BPH is harder to reverse because it it actual tissue growth.

The Problem
That Hides

beer and prostate pain

This yeast also can be growing in the acini (many small saclike structures) inside our gland. If it is contained in there and not "shedding" (being released into the bloodstream) it will not show up in the tests from your Urologist.

This is sometimes categorized as Prostatodynia. It is one of the pains from hell. Because, until you know what's going on, and take the proper steps, almost nothing seems to help.

So, then you have all the discomfort of prostatitis and your Urologist will do all the bacterial tests and tell you everything is OK. That can be truly bewildering. Especially when the pain is intense.

However, 7 out of 8 cases of prostatitis test negative anyway. Meaning, you're in pain and discomfort, but the lab test say there is nothing wrong.Great. Right?

So, if you enjoy a regular good brew, and you find you suffer from pain, or irritation in your gland, it could very well be the yeast residue in your brew that is causing your problems. Stop drinking beer! OK? And, kill off the yeast.

Yes, I still personally love an occasional quality beer or two. Or, three. And sometimes it comes back to bite me in the behind! Terribly. When it does, I drink my silver water each day for about 2 weeks, do some prostate massage, and that always clears it up for me.

Be Well.....

~ William

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