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Correct Prostate Massage - 2023

last updated December 21, 2022
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prostate massage and health

What does prostate massage have to do with your health?

What if someone told you that they would give you the absolute best liquid for rejuvenating your gland? A liquid so powerful that nothing else in all of medical history has ever been able to compete with it? A liquid that is non toxic, and a liquid that is responsible for every cure that ever was?

Would you believe it even existed?

Would you want it?

Would you use it?

Would you pay a lot for it?

Well, you already have it! That liquid is your blood. Hard to believe, but it is true. Our blood is the greatest and, actually, the only real healer in the whole world.

And, the best and most efficient way to get this incomparable life giving liquid to your weak sick gland is with correct prostate massage.

The Drug Myth

There is no laboratory chemical that ever healed anything.

Yes, there are  drugs that can kill bacteria and germs and viruses. Often very quickly. They can stop some of the most horrible pain. But, no laboratory chemical ever healed or rejuvenated anything. If you've been on medication for prostatic problems for a length of time, you've learned this the hard way. You are still not well. Right? That's why you're reading this.

You must understand this key point before you can ever expect to attain serious health:

The body is self healing. It is the only thing that has ever cured anything and everything. All other "remedies" only are there to assist the body in it's functions. Assist. But, most of them cause more harm than good.

The real curing is ALWAYS done by nature and our fresh healthy blood.

But, even if the blood is clean and nutrient rich, when it can not reach your gland in sufficient quantity, your gland will not be able to get well and will eventually suffer from a variety of diseases. That is why most modern men eventually require some correct massaging and therapy in this area.

The Cause
Most Prostate Problems

The cause of almost every (99%+) problem in this area is: Lack of blood flow and/or polluted and nutrient weak blood. Too much sex can also cause all kinds of problems and pain here.

Get more oxygen and nutrient rich blood specifically to this area and most of these problems will disappear!

Specific correct physical rubbing and pushing greatly increases the flow of blood into the gland more effectively than any other treatment in existence. It is the absolute #1 aid in rejuvenating this gland.

This specific massaging will help promote healing in:

  • Prostatitis
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • BPH
  • Cancer
  • Impotence
  • Erectile Dysfunction

It is unquestionably the best treatment for virtually every malady of this gland. The reason is: nothing else cleans and nourishes it as effectively. Nothing.

Modern lifestyle is the prime cause of almost all of our physical problems. Constant sitting, incorrect deficient foods, and too much emphasis on constant sexual performance are the main factors in ALL prostatic diseases.

These things all poison and suffocate the cells in the gland. This is what creates the diseases or the breeding ground for the bacteria that cause the disease. Poison your gland enough and you'll most likely create cancer there. It's no mystery.

The First Step

The first step in relieving problems caused by congestion here (poor blood flow) is always specific correct massage.

If you will get the blood flow moving, half the battle is done. Then, you will need to clean up your diet with a natural diet, get the extra nutrients you may need from prostate health supplements, moderate your sex life, get some exercise (any kind you enjoy) and usually 99.9% of men's problems here will vanish. It doesn't matter what they are.

Massage Works

The reason these steps are so effective is that the body was designed to be 100% well. But, in our "civilized" cultures we do so many unnatural things everyday that block the body's ability to function properly. Disease is always the result.

Specific treatment like this should not be required for health. But, it counteracts a lot of the life suppressing things we all do each day, like sit far too much and move our bodies far too little.

This gland is probably the most vulnerable organ in the male body. That is why it is the number one cause of men's problems.

The natural remedy of increased blood flow seems far too simple. There are so many drugs with very long mysterious names that we can not even pronounce. Shouldn't those be better?

No, those are designed to relieve symptoms and make money. They may suppress symptoms, but they do not make you physically well. You must learn the difference if you are to be truly well.

The reason specific massage is the most effective way in helping relieve these specific problems is that it gets the blood moving through the area better than any other treatment can.

It's so simple that people can hardly believe it. They seem to believe difficult, expensive, mysterious things work better. Not true. The truth is: Increasing blood flow here will do more good for most men than any other treatment.

It's Now Up To You

So, now it is up to you. Read the pages on this site. Learn how to do a correct prostate massage as well as the supplementary ones. Learn which foods and supplements really make your body (and mind) well.

And, most important: Take the necessary action!  Just reading about it isn't enough. Good health comes from correct action. Get well once and for all!

You can do it!

Be Well.....

~ William

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