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Prostate Massage Technique

prostate massage technique

Correct prostate massage technique can (and almost always does) mean the difference between having a healthy pain free gland, or, one that brings you life long problems and agony.

And, I must emphasize CORRECT technique!

Make no mistake about it, if you are having prostate problems they will not "just go away". You must correct or counter act what is causing those problems.

The bad news is that our common modern lifestyle and habits are the cause of almost all our prostate problems. If you continue to live this way (with no corrective actions) then you are destined for a life of regular prostate misery.

A few simple lifestyle modifications, along with some correct prostate massage technique, can be entirely life changing. Are you ready to start feeling better down there? Usually you can. Even if the problems have been going on for 20 or more years.

You Can Heal
Your Own Prostate

First, let's look at what causes most prostate problems. Then we'll see why a correct prostate massage technique can remedy most of them. Usually quite easily.

Probably the worst thing we do to our prostates is sit most of the day in a chair. It seems innocent. That is where most of us spend the majority of our day. Right? And, it is very businesslike. But , sitting causes more prostate pain than probably any other source. More than ANY other source. That's right.


Because the circulation is almost cut off to the prostate when we sit for long periods of time.This causes pain, blood stagnation, toxemia, etc. And, severe chronic toxemia is a major cause of prostate cancer.

When we are young the blood vessels are stronger and more elastic. So, circulation usually moves well even in less than perfect circumstances (sitting). Plus, when we are young, we are always going somewhere and doing something. Playing sports. Walking to and from school. Dancing playing. The blood is moving all day long.

But, as we age, the blood vessels (just like the skin on your face) become weaker and less firm. When we put pressure on them they can no longer resist that pressure well. So, they collapse. Just like pinching or bending a soda straw.

Added to this, most of us are not too physically active anymore. Am I right?

The Prostate Gland
Is One of
The Most Vulnerable Organs in The Male Body

learning prostate massage technique

When we sit, not only do we pinch the blood vessels, we put extra weight on the prostate gland and collapse even more blood vessels.

Let's look at a similar example:
Did you ever sit too long in a strange position and feel your leg "fall asleep"?

Of course you have. Everyone has! And, it becomes hard to move your leg. Your leg tingles for a while. Or, it tickles or hurts. We say, "It fell asleep." Right? And, we laugh about it.

All that happened because the blood supply was impeded by pinched blood vessels.

The same thing happens in your prostate when you sit too long. Only we don't get that tingly feeling. So, we sit for much longer before we stand up and before blood flow can normalize again down there.

When the gland does not get enough blood and oxygen, not only can it become very painful and diseased, it can not do it's job.

Anytime any part of the body becomes oxygen starved, pain and/or discomfort occurs. The greater the oxygen starvation, the greater the pain. Your body is telling you that it is being injured or dying!

So, when your leg "falls asleep", you rub it and move it around a bit and the blood starts to flow and soon it is normal again. And, that's what you will be doing for your prostate gland when you apply some regular specific massage technique.

It Is No Wonder
You Have Prostate Pain!

When your prostate gland is not getting fresh blood and oxygen in sufficient quantity, it can become toxemic, develop infection easily, etc... It HURTS! All those pains are labeled: prostatitis.

Most men are sitting 10-12 hours each day. BUT, they don't know that the blood has gotten congested in their gland. They don't know they need to get that blood moving again. They don't usually know how to get the blood moving again.They just know they are uncomfortable and possibly in quite a lot of pain down there.

The drugs, anti inflammatories, pain relievers, antibiotics, etc, etc.... usually don't seem to help us. They didn't help me one bit. But, as soon as I got my blood moving again, things eased up remarkably quickly. Remarkably quickly.

This is where prostate massage technique saves the day.

In reality, in your current occupation, let's be real: You are probably never going to be able to stop most of your sitting. Earning a living just demands a lot of sitting for most men.

But, with regular correct prostate massage technique, you can reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of all that sitting! And, it's not a long difficult process. The quickest easiest technique is The Miracle Prostate Exercise. It takes less than 2 minutes to do. And, you can do it anywhere.

Even if you don't sit most of the day, a big huge belly can also do the same thing to your prostate. The weight from that massive gut will impede the flow of blood to the prostate gland. Just imagine a big fat person sitting on your tummy for a few hours. Pretty uncomfortable and painful. Right? Lose the belly! But, until you do, the very same prostate massage techniques you will learn on this website can be a Godsend here also! 

Here's What To Do

First, you should always have a check up by your doctor. Find out if there is any pathological problem that is causing your problems.

If there is not (statistically 7 to 1 prostate pain problems are not pathological, and, they all show up with negative results on the bacterial tests. Still, they hurt! Often a LOT.), you need to learn how to get more blood to your prostate.

For many men just some external prostate massage , or the Miracle Exercise you just learned (Did you click that link??) a few times throughout the day will do the trick. But, if your pain remains chronic or really troublesome you will undoubtedly need to learn the prostate massage technique that is done internally. It is the most effective prostate massage technique in the world.

Remember:  Correct prostate massage technique restores the circulation AND strengthens the muscles in around the prostate gland.Just like any exercise, you need to do it regularly to get great  results. Also, don't over do it. That will only cause irritation and possibly make you feel worse. The old German saying applies here: "Make haste slowly".

For Prostate Massage Technique to Work
You Have to Do It

I know. That sounds like one of the stupidest instructions you may have ever read.

But, let me sidetrack here and tell you a little story:

It was a very nice and kind letter from a gentleman who had been reading the website for over six months. Very sincere. He told me how much he loved the site. He said he had read almost ALL of the 200 articles. He was very complimentary. Then he said it has been six months and he still wasn't feeling any better. He wanted to know what I suggest he do. He said he was thinking of trying some prostate massages.

Reality Check:

Thinking about it?!  After six months, you don't feel any better. You have a huge volume of knowledge now, a series of exercises you know about that have proven to work for many thousands of men, you have not even tried any of them, and YOU WANT ME TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU SHOULD DO?

How about asking your doctor if you can try some prostate massage? Like you've been reading about. If he says OK: TRY IT for heaven's sake!

My Goodness!

No one will get any value from only reading about massaging if they don't take any action. Right? Is that a no brainer? Geez!

I really don't understand why this nice man even wrote to me.

OK. Back to learning good prostate massage technique.

The Best
Prostate Massage Technique

There are a number of ways to massage the prostate directly. Some can be very dangerous.So, let's learn what is working best.

This best and most efficient way I have ever found to massage the prostate gland is with the Aneros Prostate Massage Device. I've never known anyone who used it that did not get good results. It is an inexpensive device that will last you a life time.

For most men the Helix Silicone model will be most comfortable.

The Aneros is small and you can use it at home and when you travel. And, it only takes about 20 minutes a few days a week. And, you can use it anytime you feel the need for it.

Used regularly, it will strengthen the entire male sexual system, increase bladder control, and increase bowel control.

Now, this is probably the most important point in this entire writing: You can have all the knowledge in the world. BUT, as you learned:

If You Do Not Take The Necessary Actions,
-You Will Never Feel Better-

Over time, I've had all too many men say to me , "Well, I'm still not feeling better."

I ask them if they have been practicing regular prostate massage technique. Are they using an Aneros?

They answer is almost always, "Well, I tried it once. But, isn't there something I can just take it?"

The answer is: "NO! You must physically get the blood moving. And, you must do it regularly!" Did anyone ever learn to play the piano with just one or two lessons?

You spend most of the day cutting the circulation to your prostate gland off. You MUST get that circulation moving every day.

You Do Not Have To Suffer Anymore!

Which prostate massage technique you use is up to you.

But, the best, easiest, and most absolutely pleasant way I know to do this is with an Aneros prostate massaging device. I've never found any other device that works so well.

For the deepest prostate massage technique, and for more specific massaging instructions, I have written another entire article for you, with an instructional video, that goes into more specifics and detail. It is called: "Correct Prostate Massage Technique"

Be Well...

~ William

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