Prostate Drugs
Prostate Nutrition?

prostate drugs or prostate nutrition?

Let's Talk About

Rejuvenating And Healing The Body

"Prostate drugs
have never and will never replace proper nutrition
when it comes to
getting your gland really healthy."

These laboratory chemicals treat symptoms. They cause the body to change the way it performs. They often mask the underlying problems.

But, they do not rejuvenate or heal anything. They may sometimes assist the body in it's functions. But, a healthy body needs no artificial chemical assistance.

Correct nutrients are the only substances that enable your body to heal and rejuvenate itself.

What Prostate Drugs
Do Not Do

Prostate drugs have their place. But they DO NOT rebuild or repair this gland or your body.

You need the correct nutrients to create a healthy gland and a healthy body. If you don't understand and apply that, you stand no chance of every getting truly healthy.

And without proper nutrition, your life and your general health, as well as your male sexual health, will deteriorate year by year. But, prostate drugs may mask and lessen the symptoms. For a while, anyway.

Why Most Bodies Deteriorate
So Unmercifully

Why do you think most old people are in such bad shape both physically and mentally? Years and years of missing sufficient nutrients is usually the main factor.

Their bodies were just unable to repair themselves properly and/or adequately. So, they deteriorated. Little by little. Year by year. It's no mystery.

Only life nutrients (nutrients from natural foods) rebuild the body. That is part of the miracle of life itself!

If your body is not getting enough of these nutrients, it can not heal itself or rejuvenate itself. It just doesn't have the necessary materials to do so. Prostate drugs will not supply these lacking nutrients.

This also applies to our special gland. And at the end of the day, no amount of prostate drugs will make up for nutritional deficiencies.

Proper Sexual Nutrition

The real beauty of proper nutrition is this: When you feed your body correctly, EVERYTHING in your body gets better! Your sexual and urinary systems, your heart, your joints, your mental capacities.... all get better together!

And it so simple!

The best diet for a human being, and the original diet of all human beings, is called the primitive diet. It is the exact diet our bodies were developed on over hundreds of thousands of years.

If you want to improve all functions of your body, you should click on that link and learn all about it.

We only started tampering with our food supply about 10,000 years ago, when agriculture began. And scientists have traced that back to be the time when diseases like arthritis and cancer first began to show up in human remains.

Before that time, they could find NO TRACE of these diseases in the bone remains of human beings. None. Or, in domestic animals. None. Interesting. Isn't it?

Even more interesting is the fact that EVERY degenerative disease has been found to disappear, or greatly lessen, when a person returns to the natural primitive diet.

Why We Have
So Much Disease

"The further we stray from our natural nutrition,
the sicker we get."

With all the prostate drugs we have available today, we have more problems and more cancers here than ever before in history.

The human body was designed to live in perfect health it's whole life. Yet we have more disease now than ever.

So, obviously we are doing a lot wrong. And most of that problem lies in what we eat each day.

When we develop a problem here, instead of nourishing our body properly, we want prostate drugs to fix our problems immediately!

As nice as that "quick fix" would be, it's not the way life works. It never has. And, it never will.

The Primitive Diet
Sexual Health

The primitive diet has EVERY nutritional element your body needs for perfect health. That also means: for perfect sexual health.

Correct and perfect sexual nutrition is very easy when you are living on a primitive diet. In fact, if you live on the primitive diet, you don't really think about nutrition. You don't have to. You are getting perfect nutrition!

If your male gland is weak or sick it may also require some special nutritional support to regain it's strength and health back.

Unlike prostate drugs, these natural supplements are all natural foods that contain concentrated amounts of specific nutrients our special gland needs and is often deficient in.

Those who live on a primitive diet, and use the correct nutritional supplements when necessary, never seem to need prostate drugs.

Prostate Massage
Really Help?


Correct prostate massage enhances and speeds the results of improved nutrition.

The reason is: correct massage brings a greater supply of fresh blood to your gland.

  • This greater supply of blood refreshes your gland with more nutrients and oxygen.
  • This greater supply of fresh blood enables your gland to clean out accumulated toxins.
  • The massaging helps to strengthen and tone the muscles and improve normal circulation in the entire area.

When a man combines the primitive diet with some correct massage, existing problems seem to melt away and vanish at twice the speed!

Only Treat Symptoms
Kill Bacteria

Prostate drugs can have an effect on your system. But, prostate drugs treat only symptoms. Or, kill some bacteria. That is all drugs can do for you here. They do not nourish or rebuild the body.

If you continue to under nourish your sexual system it will continue to get weaker and weaker over time. It will never get truly well. No matter how many prostate drugs you take.

If you are taking prostate drugs right now, the only reason you are taking them is that:

  - Your nutrition was deficient for a long time already

  - Your gland has been poisoned by too much chemical exposure

  - You have been abusing your sexual ability with far too much sex and you have gone past your body's ability to recuperate.

"Correct nutrition, correct massaging techniques,
and sexual moderation
can almost always reverse any of these sexual problems."

How YOU Created
Your Sexual Problems

Most often, we don't even know we are the ones creating our own problems here. And, believe me, you're not alone when it comes to this.

We're just never really taught what our daily habits will do to our sexual organs.

We, as "civilized" humans have endless problems in this area! And every other horrible disease of every single organ in the body.

What's that about???

It's about tampering with the natural order of life. Crazy insane nutrition being the main problem.

No, you don't have to suck on the bark from trees and catch the animals you eat with your own bare hands.

But sodas, sugars, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, pesticides, white flour (actually grains in general ), hydrogenated oils, margarines (even the so called "healthy ones" are bad for you), "vegetable oils" (with the exception of pure olive and coconut oils), coffees, excessive alcohol,..... ALL have harmful or, at the very least, weakening effects on your body.

Prostate drugs can not reverse these problems.

These non foods also take up space in your stomach. They require digestive energy. They satisfy your huger with empty calories. And they don't allow room for more of the nutrient rich foods your body needs.

All this pollution and lack of nutrients is what causes human bodies to break down and degenerate. It makes you sick and old before you're really old.

The weakest link always breaks first. In many men, that is their prostate gland.

What Correct Nutrition Can Do

With a natural primitive diet you will have proper sexual nutrition. And by adding some correct massage to your life, the wonderful healing nutrients will get to your gland even more quickly and efficiently.

"Enlarged glands shrink. Cancers almost always go into a "miraculous unexplainable" remission.
Prostatitis melts away. Sexual libido increases with no sexual enhancement drugs.
Many impotent men suddenly father children...."

How come? Because your Mother Nature now has the materials she needs to do her job. Now she can take care of you properly.

Prostate drugs can almost always become a thing of the past, instead of a daily ritual.

Getting Well
Staying Well!

"There are no prostate drugs in the world
that will make up for chronic bad nutrition."

If you have proper nutrition for your whole body, you will have your proper basic nutrition for your male gland. Nature designed it that way.

If you are severely deficient in necessary nutrients, natural supplements can help restore those nutrients more quickly.

Even if your gland has been ailing for years, or even decades, you can almost always bring it back to vibrant health with some proper nutrition, correct massaging, sexual moderation, and a little time.

Be Well.....

~ William

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