Sugars, Grains,

Do You Suffer
Prostate Pain?

The link between sugar (carbohydrates) and prostatitis is undeniable. This "food", along with sitting too much, and sexual overindulgence are probably responsible for over 96% of every prostatitis incident.

Hard to believe at first, but true.

It's Not Just the White Stuff on Your Kitchen Table

Besides the granular white or brown stuff we keep on our dining tables, we have breads, rice, pastas, cookies, cakes, candies, jellies, honey, chocolates, soft drinks, alcohol in all forms, sweets of every nature.....

This "food" substance is the best breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. It has been found that cancer can not live in the absence of sugar. This is why so many people have successfully rid themselves of cancer on the primitive diet. This "food" also greatly impairs the function of the cellular mitochondria (the part of each cell that creates energy).

There Is No Way to Live On A High Sugar Diet
Be Truly Healthy

Yet, most people believe all this sweet refined carbohydrate eating is "normal". They are only "normal" because society has done it for so long.

"And, we currently have all the 'low fat' insanity."

Grains metabolize more slowly than refined processed carbohydrate sweeteners. But, these are similar substances and still not the best foods for humans. And, not the foods that human bodies developed on.

After the last 10,000 years of evolution, certain cultures can handle some grains better than others. The Asians can handle rice. The Europeans rye. No culture handles wheat very well. Especially modern wheat, which is not the same as what we grew 100 years ago.

Everyone in all cultures, however, can improve in the absence or minimal use of grains.

But, most diseases can be traced back to the beginning of agriculture (about 10,000 years back). In studies done on bone from before that time, none of the modern day diseases existed: cancer, arthritis, etc...

That is because grain and refined sweeteners are actually unnatural food for the human body. The human body can adapt to many "foods" for survival. But, it will eventually malfunction from them. That is, have "dis-ease".

The Low Sugar Diet

The human body was developed over hundreds of thousands of years on what we now call the "primitive diet".

Meat, vegetables, a small amount of fruit, nuts, eggs, larvae. Grain eating was virtually non existent because uncooked grains are virtually indigestible. Also, everything was eaten raw.

What does all this have to do with your sexual pain, prostatitis, prostate infection, etc?


As we now know, sugar is the basis for most modern disease (prostatitis, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, clogged arteries, heart attack, ad infinitum....).

Sugar impairs all the functions of the body including fat utilization (clogged arteries) and immune function (prostate infection, cancer, arthritis...).

A SMALL amount can be handled by a healthy body. Approximately 1 apple a day. More than that begins to impair the body's functions.

We are just so used to being impaired that we mostly don't know what feeling really energetic and truly healthy is any more.

I've seen men at 60 and older change their eating habits and claim to feel better, healthier, and more energetic than they even did at 20!

What Causes

"Prostatitis, prostate infection, pain...etc.
are all usually an inflammatory condition
caused by bacterial growth.

Prostatitis can also be a condition of
simple severe irritation, fatigue, or a circulatory problem."

But, mostly it's a bacterial or yeast problem, even when the "tests" say no bacteria are present. That is because bacteria can be trapped in the acini (little sacks) of the gland. When they are trapped they do not "shed" or appear in the tested fluid (urine or semen). They are "hidden".

All carbohydrates, especially refined ones, make bacteria and yeast grow like crazy! At the same time they impairs the immune system so that it can not kill these bacteria or yeast as fast as they multiply.

Also, the male sex gland is probably the most toxically polluted gland in the male body. This is because it is always filtering the blood so the sperm will not be contaminated, damaged, or killed.

Yet, this gland of ours normally receives some of the worst circulation in the body because of all the sitting most of us do all day long.

So, here's what we have:

  • Bad circulation
  • A toxic waste dump
  • An impaired and incapable immune system
  • Lots of sugar

This is Mecca (the Holy Land!) for bacteria and yeast. They THRIVE there! Your own personal swamp.

With bacteria growing like wild down there, can you now understand why you have prostatitis pain?

You Can
Improve Your Health

You can!

"Clean up your act!"  It's that simple.

  • Cut ALL processed sugar out of your diet.
  • Drink plenty of pure water.

  • Cut out the caffeine.
  • Cut out every possible drug. Ask you doctor to help you with this. If he doesn't understand, find one who does.

If you try this simple lifestyle change FOR JUST TWO WEEKS, I think you'll be amazed!


I must warn you: When you suddenly cut out the sugars and carbohydrates you will feel like crap for about two weeks! Absolute crap!

Low energy, irritable, cranky, headaches....

Your body is not yet used to burning fat and proteins. So, your energy level will drop until it adjusts to the change. You'll probably get headaches because of the lowered blood sugar and detoxification that will be taking place inside of you. Yes, you'll probably feel weak, cranky, and irritable for a little while.

BUT! A big BUT! If you stick it out you will soon notice a much greater sense of well being, much more energy, and a much greater zest for life!

Also, miraculously, you'll probably start to wonder where all the aches and pains went too.

Of course, check with you doctor before you make any radical life changes. I don't prescribe here in any way. I am just relating things that work for others. And, from my own observation, these things worked effectively for everyone I encountered who tried them.

So, cut out the sugars! As much as possible. See how much better you feel!

Be Well.....

~ William

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