Hemorrhoid Treatment
That Really Works! - 2023
Part I

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Watch Them Disappear!

natural hemorrhoid treatment

Hemorrhoid treatment: Something that really works should do more than just just reduce your immediate symptoms. It should make your condition disappear and never bother you again.

Many men have told me that the best hemorrhoid treatment they have ever had was their regular internal prostate massage. And, some even say they believe it is why their hemorrhoids have disappeared.

That means:

  • No more pain
  • No more itching
  • No more discomfort or bleeding 

With almost all current hemorrhoid treatment, this is not the case.

Roids are simply anorectal (occurring in the anus and rectum) varicose veins They are, however, one of the most uncomfortable, troublesome, and embarrassing conditions of mankind.

The usual hemorrhoid treatment is some cream preparation. Or, surgical removal.

But, if that is all the hemorrhoid treatment that is done, they tend to either get worse over time or, if surgically removed, they almost always come back.

If treated correctly, these veins can often be healed at home with some very simple techniques, if they have not progressed too far (stage 3 and 4).

Only Symptoms

These painful, burning, itching, swollen veins are actually symptoms of your entire physical condition.

By now you know, trying to get rid of them with creams is never going to do it.

And the surgery is extremely painful! With no guarantee that they won't return. Surgery is best saved for extreme cases.

The first thing you have to understand is what is causing your problem.

If you are to get rid of these things once and for all, besides your hemorrhoid treatment, you are going to have to improve your overall health.

What Causes

There are four primary causes:

  • Wrong foods
  • Lack of anal muscle tone
  • Straining (at the toilet, lifting heavy weights, etc...)
  • Poor blood circulation (usually caused by long periods uninterrupted sitting)

This anal varicose vein condition often suddenly appears when a person pushes too hard during bowel movements or when a woman pushes hard when giving birth. Other times, they just "seem to happen".

However, if the muscles and veins were really healthy, had proper normal strength, and were given a chance to have normal blood circulation (not sitting for too long at one time), this anal problem would rarely develop.

The Four Stages

medical hemorrhoid treatment is usually needed at stage 4

stage 4

Hemorrhoids are classified in four stages, from mild (stage 1) to extremely severe (stage 4) .

The only reason they get progressively worse, and don't usually go away, is:  Day after day you keep doing the same things that caused the problem to develop in the first place.

If you keep doing the things that caused your condition, you're going to keep creating it. And you'll have to deal with it for the rest of your life. No matter how many times you surgically remove them.

Does that make sense?

It doesn't matter if you have internal ones (rectal) or external ones (anal). Your long term lifestyle and weakened physical condition are what has caused them.

YOU are creating them! YOU are causing them to form. And because of that, (in most cases) YOU can turn things around and remedy your problem all by yourself, if they haven't gone too far.

Bet you didn't know that. Did you? But, it's a comforting thought. Isn't it?

It's usually the things you have done, day after day that created the problem. You didn't have them when you were a child. Did you? Of course not. It took a long time to create them.

And, you're not alone. Almost all adults suffer from these awful things to a greater or lesser degree.

The good news is: You can stop creating them and get rid of them permanently!

Stagnant Blood
Weak Veins

external and internal hemorrhoids

These are swollen, usually clogged, veins that bulge out. They can become inflamed and hurt like like hell and bleed and do all kinds of uncomfortable things!

You were never suppose to live that way!

Where you have them, your blood is stagnant and your veins are weak. Your blood does not flow properly. It gets congested. It may even clot (thrombosis) and form obstructions. And your veins expand unnaturally in order to keep the blood flowing.

They are simply one of the miraculous ways your body has to enable itself to survive!

They can also happen when you simply have weak veins and arteries. It's very much like an aneurysm at your anus or in your rectum.

People don't normally die from them. But, they are an indication of the poor health of your entire body.

Effective Hemorrhoid Treatment

Once you understand how you are creating them, you can take the appropriate actions to stop creating them. And, often with simple home treatment you can make the ones you have go away, and never suffer from them again!

Simple ones are usually not to difficult to fix. But, you have to be willing to do it and spend the necessary time with natural methods.

If you want some pill, or shot, or some other quick fix as your hemorrhoid treatment, it's never going to happen and you might as well just stop reading right here and click on to something else and enjoy your problem for the rest of your life. They're never going to go away all by themselves.

Is There a Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment
That Has Proven Effective?

Is there a natural hemorrhoid treatment that has proven effective in getting rid of these awful veins and keeping them away? Yes!

It involves three factors that work together to make the weak, clogged, bulging veins regain new health and shrink back to normal:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Anal exercise
  • Correct anal massage

Seems too easy, doesn't it?

Well, just like with prostate massage, this type of hemorrhoid treatment is not a quick fix. Working with Mother Nature takes a little time and perseverance.

But, as you notice your problem here melt away, you'll also be watching your body getting healthier and stronger than it has been in years!

If you have stage 3 or stage 4, surgery may be your only answer for removing them. And once you do, and your surgery has healed, you will need to get your body back in shape or you'll surely have them again. And again. And again.....

A Word

These weakened veins are sometimes more delicate than they seem. Before beginning any type of hemorrhoid treatment program or doing any type of hemorrhoidal massage, check with you physician and make sure it is safe for you to do.

If you start a massage or kegel exercise program and feel any kind of pain, stop immediately. Your tissues may be too delicate or inflamed. If this is the case, you could cause yourself serious pain or injury.

Be Well.....

~ William

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