How Hemorrhoids Improve
Correct Prostate Massage

when hemorrhoids improve you feel better

How Do You Do Internal Massaging 
When You Have Hemorrhoids?

What about my hemorrhoids?

As you know by now, correct prostate massage is probably the singularly most effective method for regaining and maintaining excellent male sexual health.

But, how do you massage yourself inside if you have an anal problem?

Inflamed anal tissues can be very delicate. And, it can cause a lot of problems.

Especially when that tissue reaches a stage 3 or stage 4 condition. Or if it is bleeding. You don't want to make any of these situations worse! And you don't want to cause an infection.

stage 4 hemorrhoids

stage 4

Well, if you have a stage 3 or stage 4 condition down there, or, if you are having a flare up, DO NOT use the internal technique. You could cause yourself a lot more pain and possible serious injury.

In stages I or 2, if there is no bleeding and your condition is not in flared up state, however, correct internal touching, rubbing and kneading can often be very helpful to the hemorrhoids themselves.

This can be especially true if you are using an Aneros device that requires contractions of the anal muscles. This type of in internal muscular manual manipulation may even cause the swollen blood vessels to shrink and disappear over time.

I also would place a condom over the Aneros, and lubricate it very well with extra lubricant to make it smoother.

Now, even better than the older models, are the new super smooth silicone models. The Helix Silicone seems to be the most comfortable for most men. Still, lubricate them well!

A Simple Word Of Caution

These painful swollen inflamed veins in your rectum and anus are sometimes more delicate than they seem. Before beginning any type of internal massaging program, check with your physician and make sure it is safe for you to do.

If you start a prostate massage program and feel any kind of pain, stop immediately.

Your anal and/or rectal tissues and veins may be too delicate. If this is the case, you could cause yourself serious pain or injury.

Working Safely and Effectively

For those of you who are suffering from anal pain or bleeding and still need to work on your male gland, there are a number of other excellent techniques listed in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

One of these is the wonderful "Miracle Exercise" . This one can be a lifesaver!

Although I have found the internal technique to be the most efficient, deep, and effective of all techniques, men with hemorrhoids can not always use it. For these men, the external work can often bring some very wanted relief from their distress.

By combining the external and peripheral techniques and the "Miracle Exercise", you will still be able to bring a greater supply of fresh health building blood and oxygen to your male gland.

And, a good supply of fresh healthy blood to this area is the most effective  treatment for almost every ailment that occurs here.

Even though hemorrhoids may limit the way you do your massaging, with these alternative techniques, you can still safely care for yourself and you should be able to relieve a lot of problems, discomfort, and pain.

Be Well.....

~ William

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