Sex and Prostate Health

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sex and prostate health for men over 40

“What about sex and prostate health for men over 40?”

This is a question I get asked all the time. There is so much misinformation on this subject and it is causing a lot of men a lot of problems.

So, I thought I would write a page on this and give you some information that could make your life a lot happier and healthier.

By “sex” and prostate health, of course, men are asking me about having intercourse. And also masturbation. Anything that includes arousal AND ejaculation. How much is healthy?

Sex and Prostate Health
Go Hand in Hand

Sex and prostate health go hand in hand. You won’t have a healthy gland if you never ejaculate. Neither will you have health here if you ejaculate too often.

It’s important to know the difference.

So what is the right amount? Especially if you are having problem in your gland right now?

How A Good Thing
Got Screwed Up

Sex and prostate health used to be automatic. Something that occurred naturally and worked very well. That is until we changed our natural way of living.

All of the problems started about 10,000 years ago (this is no joke) when agriculture began and our diet changed from what we developed on to what was easy to grow and sustain life. You can read about this on my primitive diet page.

A lot of grain eating can cause you problems.

Sex and prostate health became even more of an issue when our lives became so sedentary (we sit WAY too much!).

Sitting greatly diminishes the blood flow to your gland and basically suffocates it.

As our farming soils became more and more minerally deficient from over use without natural replenishment, things continued to get worse.

When Too Much Sex
Is The Problem

Add to this, modern advertising and media finds that sex really sells products! So everything we see is geared toward constant unending orgasms!

Fantastic! Right?!!


"All this overuse and abuse
adds up to about the worst case scenario
for the health
of the male sexual system,
which is normally
one of the most fragile systems in the body."

Oh, now did I mention adding: stress, tobacco, environmental pollution, alcohol abuse and drug abuse?!

The Bottom Line:
We have more and more sexual activity and give our bodies less and less of a chance to properly recuperate. On top of this we unknowingly poison our bodies and sexual systems daily.

Are you starting to get the picture?

Under these condition ours systems have to eventually break down and/or malfunction. They have to!

I sometimes think it is a miracle so many people even survive these days!

Sex and Prostate Health
Men Over 40!

40 is where you start to pay dearly for overindulgence!! Some men will even start at, yes, 20! But for most of us, it's around 40.

By 60 almost all men are having some kind of problem with sex and prostate health.

That's a terrible statistic.

Sex and prostate health is a subject of great concern to most men over 40 these days. That’s when most men begin to break down sexually and begin to have a multitude of sexual and urinary problems.

And, most men don’t really understand why these things are happening to them.

Let’s take an easy to understand comparison:

You would never even consider giving your automobile the abuse you unknowingly give your body almost every day.

You tune your car up, change the oil and tires, wash it, probably operate it at safe speeds, look where you’re going when you drive, probably try to buy good gasoline, etc... etc...

Your sexual system, on the other hand, gets polluted: poisoned from environmental pollution, drugs, tobacco, food additives, etc...

It gets overused and abused, undernourished, suffocated from too much sitting too little exercise and no correct massage,....

And most men don’t even know this is causing havoc for sex and prostate health.

We Were NEVER Taught

We were taught about our cars. Most of us, however, were never taught anything about sex and prostate health other than "use condoms"!

Hey, we’re all supposed to be studs! Right?!! Well this craziness is ruining most of us. And, we don’t even know why we’re falling apart and in pain!

NOT Normal

Worse, is we think all this overuse and physical abuse is “normal”. It’s not! Not if we are to be healthy and function well and painlessly.

We only think this way of living is “normal” because it is what most people commonly do these days.

The FACT is: 

We have more diseases now
than ever before in the history of man.

Yes. That's true.

Not just male gland problems, but: more cancer, more heart disease, more kidney problems, diabetes, more arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ad infinitum!!...

How many people do you know these days over the age of 60 that are not on at least 3 different prescription drugs?

It’s insane!! The human body should be in great shape at 60 and beyond!

sex and prostate health over 60

Here, in the 48 states, most men at 60 just want to make it to retirement and sleep through the night without waking up to pee 3 to 6 times each night.

Here, for most men in their 60s, good sex and prostate health are a thing of the past.

Most of us men work very hard and save our money our whole lives so that we can have a good and comfortable last few years.

Unfortunately, most people spend those last years hobbling along as a semi invalid until they die! Good sex and prostate health are long gone way before that happens.

Is that what you want? Of course not! That’s why you’re reading this. And, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You Can
Stop Suffering!

Sex and prostate health, are where we see a large part of the suffering in this whole terrible and unnecessary picture.

Sex and prostate health go hand in hand.

Healthy lifestyle = healthy gland!

Happy, moderate, sane sexual practices and a truly normal lifestyle = good sexual health.

This doesn’t mean your can’t have mind blowing, intense, passionate intercourse. Not at all. That’s the best kind for many of us! Even in our later years. It still rocks my world!

We just can’t be doing it all the time anymore than you would go to the gym every day and lift the most weight that you can for the most reps you can twice each day.

We have to learn how to care for our bodies correctly and in a way that keeps them healthy and functioning happily our entire lives.

That’s what I’m here to help you with now!

Being Smart
Taking The Road Less Traveled

The only reason you’re reading my pages now is that you have some problem(s) with your “equipment”.

Sex and prostate health has become a real issue in modern society.

Intercourse or self stimulation are a natural healthy part of life.

When your life is in natural rhythm and balance all these problems “miraculously” disappear. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

I get letters from men all over the world telling me how it happened for them after years, or even decades of suffering!

But, getting well usually requires getting away from what is “normal”. Even the common “good” advice (which is not always that good, just profit motivated) and taking the road less traveled.

If You’re Over 70!

sex and prostate health for older men

We’re not supermen! We’re men. Period!

And, as men, sex and prostate health should be natural and effortless our ENTIRE lives. We weren’t designed to get all screwed up like we usually do physically.

And when you get your life habits and practices in order, your sexual life and health will change dramatically for the better! Even if you’re 70 and older.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you you’re old and problems here are “natural”. That’s a lot of crap! True crap. (pardon my French).

99% of men
can make radical improvement in their prostate health
with simple Natural lifestyle changes.

I’ve Read All This Before..."

Really? And you’re still having all your problems? Hmmmm....

Only reading what works and/or “kind of trying part of it out for a week or two” really isn’t going to change your life when it comes to male health.

Good sex and prostate health aren’t magic. But, neither are they a mystery.

The men who stick with the natural corrections (who are not already terminal) ALWAYS see positive changes. It’s a cause and effect Universe. And, just like it took time for you to get in the condition you’re in, it will take time to change things.

Good sex and prostate health, being completely well, is simpler than we usually believe. We just have screwed things up so much for so long that we no longer seem to understand that. Or, how to return to being healthy.

The constant complainers, and the ones who never really improve, are the ones who do not do the necessary application.

It’s that straight forward.

Right on this page you are learning all the necessary basics to make your body more healthy and well. Applying them is the step most men will leave out.

But, if you are one of the men who do apply these principles, your life can change, for the better, beyond your wildest expectations.

The Best Place

The best and first place to start is by getting your gland some good blood flow with correct massage. This blood flow and cleaning is what gives Mother Nature a chance to do her job and make things normal and well again.

Simple, easy, correct prostate massage technique can improve sex and prostate health like nothing else can. So that is the first step! And the best place to start.

Then, start putting your life practices in order:

  • Eat correctly
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink LOTS of CLEAN water
  • Sleep until you wake up naturally (go to bed early enough to do this)
  • Reduces then eliminate all unnecessary stress (No, you don’t need a bigger house than you can afford, 2 Mercedes Benzes, and money for your kids college. They can earn their own way!)
  • Learn the fine art of moderation
  • Learn to forgive yourself and let unimportant things slide
  • Find work you enjoy, whatever it pays
  • Love your friends and family, make time for them
  • Be grateful for all you have, no matter how bad you think thing might be: so many others have Much Less!
  • Be Happy! Enjoy your life Your Way! Nothing is wrong with what you do if you aren’t hurting yourself or others

What does all that have to do with sex and prostate health? Everything!

You’ll see miracles happen!

Don't Worry!
You’re Definitely Going to Screw Up
Along the Way

We All Have

We all do! We’re human.

Just start fresh each day with determination and a good attitude. You can succeed!

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Just keep getting back on track! That is the key to success.

Yes, it takes time too. But, the time is going to pass anyway. So, you might as well let it work for you.

We Were Meant To
Enjoying Amazing Sex and Prostate Health
At Any and Every Age!

sex and prostate health at any age
sex and prostate health #2
sex and prostate health #3

Once you adjust your lifestyle for sane sex and prostate health, here’s my Best advice and the only advice you’ll need: Enjoy!!!

Be Well.....

~ William

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