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The Missing Link! - 2023

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peripheral prostate massage technique

When it comes to prostate health and well being, the Peripheral Prostate Massage is:

One Of
The Most Exciting Discoveries Ever!

The internal prostate massage is by far the best and most effective massage for your prostate.

However, there are times when the internal prostate massage just does not seem to be solving the problems. Especially when you are also noticing other similar aches and pains near your prostate gland.

You feel this pain in the pubic bone area, the areas surrounding your prostate gland, and your testicles (there is actually a condition known as 'achey ball syndrome'. It can cause some severe pain! It occurs when the blood supply is being cut off from your testicles.).

The reason for these aches and pains is usually that

When The Blood Supply Is Being Blocked
Before It Ever Even Reaches Your Prostate

Just like when your leg 'falls asleep' from sitting in a strange position for too long.

Whenever you cut off the blood supply to any part of your body, you will suffer! Your prostate can be especially vulnerable. Sitting in a chair for too long at one time is the primary cause of blood stagnation in your legs and lower abdomen.

A lot of sitting in a chair pinches your blood vessels and restricts the blood flow in your lower abdomin very much. The older your are, the worse it is. And, the more problems it causes.

Major blood vessels that supply blood to your prostate are often pinched closed inches away from that area. If this is the case, massaging just your prostate area will not remedy the flow where it needs to be remedied. That means the pain will not go away until you get the blood moving in the area that is causing the problem.

A Peripheral Prostate Massage will reach these areas!

Pain is also known to radiate. A congestion in one part of your body can appear as a pain in a nearby area.

In the practice of NMT (Neuro Muscular Therapy or 'nerve-muscle therapy'), the therapist will commonly work on areas near the pain or many inches away from the pain to relieve a problem.

And, this is where the Peripheral Prostate Massage can work seeming Miracles!

Sitting Too Much
Is One Of

Your Worst Enemies!

If you sit constantly in a chair all day long, it is almost impossible for you not to have circulation problems.

We developed as hunters and gatherers. All day long our bodies moved. Sitting was more brief. Rest was lying down in sleep. Our blood moved much much more freely than it commonly does in our civilized way of life today.

Most of us sit all day long. You sit down for breakfast. Sit in your car on the way to work. Then in your office chair most of the day.

Then you sit in your car on the way home, where you sit down to dinner. Then you probabally sit and watch the news or some TV.

And, if you are lucky enough to go to a friends house one night, the first thing they say is, 'Come in!Please, SIT DOWN!' Whew!! That's a lot of sitting!

Just because we are alive and our hearts are beating we assume our blood is moving as it should. In our civilized life style, it often is not flowing freely to different areas in our bodies.

Did you ever fall asleep with you head on your arm and wake up to find you could not move your fingers?

That is what happens to you when you sit in a chair for too long.

Your Prostate
Just Does Not Get Enough Blood

You are pinching off soo many vessels all day long! And that causes all kinds of problems, pains, and discomforts!

Without a constant supply of fresh blood nourishing oxygen rich blood, your body suffers. That suffering manifests itself as pain. Get rid of the problems that cause the pain and the pain will go away.

Use the magic of a Peripheral Prostate Massage to do this!

That is why massage therapy is so popular and so pleasant. Your blood tends to stagnate in areas where the muscles are not being used or where there is injury.

The Correct Massage
Gets Your Blood Moving Again!

That's all massage treatment really does. Massage gives stimulation to an area. It moves the blood and helps it get moving on it's own again. The fresh blood is what is really making everything feel so good after a massage!

You may say you used to sit all day without any problems. Well, you've had years to screw up your circulation. And, when you were younger, your blood vessels (just like your skin) were very firm and elastic. The blood vessels could make nice rounded curves when you bent them (like a new rubber hose!)

When we get older (or just abuse ouselves too much), our vessels are more like plastic drinking straws. When you bend them too much they collapse easily (just like when you bend a drinking straw too far and it colapses in a spot). Then the blood has a very hard time getting through. And it moves very slowly.

So, if you sit a lot, you must regularly take time move your blood around. You need to get up regularly and move around. And you need to regularly use some peripheral prostate massage.

If the internal prostate massage treatment is not working effectively enough,

A Peripheral Prostate Massage
May Be The Answer For You!

If that is the case, your prostate is literally suffocating and is screaming for help! That is what the Peripheral Prostate Massage does. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen in the surrounding areas when it gets diminished.

If you are in pain now, you will have to take some extra time each day to do some massaging and get the blood moving freely again. Just because you stand up once in a while, it does not mean the blood just rushes back to the congested areas.

The areas where it was blocked are also short of power now from lack of sufficient blood and fresh oxygen. They often need some stimulation to get moving properly again. If you sit a lot regularly, you will need to massage regularly. That is what the Peripheral Prostate Massages are for.

There are four Peripheral Prostate Massages:

-- The Abdominal Peripheral Prostate Massage

-- The Inner-Thigh Peripheral Massage

-- The Anal Peripheral Massage

-- The Perineum Massage

I have separated them into different pages to make downloading faster. Just click on them one section at a time. They are easy to learn and do. They also feel very good!

You may not need all of them. Experiment with all the different Peripheral Prostate Massages. Discover which one(s) makes you feel the best. Those are the ones for you!

Be Well.....

~ William

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