The Anal
Peripheral Prostate Massage

May Be The Answer To Your Problems!

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The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage is most commonly needed by executives, drivers and others who are required to sit for long periods of time each day.

It is the best and primary massage for the anal muscles.

Tightness in the anal muscles has been found to be the cause of much unexplainable prostate and testicular pain. There are a lot of connecting nerves and blood vessels between your male sexual organs and your anus.

That is also why the anal area can be so erotically charged.

Continual Tension In Your Anal Region
Can Cause Congestion And
Pain In Your Prostate

A lot of pain!

The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage can relieve this tension and the resulting pain.

This congestion and lack of blood flow is often also responsible for a condition commonly known as "Achey Ball Syndrome". That is when your testicles hurt and there is no medical explanation for it. It seems to primarily be a problem for sedentary men.

When you sit all day long, you constrict the blood flow to your anal area. Not only is it being pinched off in the lower abdomine, you have the weight of your entire upper body pushing down on your anal area. You are actually suffocating it!

The blood flow is greatly diminished and the nerve energy is diminished. The lack of blood, oxygen and nutrients actually cause the muscles to stiffen and get hard. In Neuro-Muscular Therapy (NMT) they call this hard muscle tissue "Schemic Tissue". It is not hard like an athletes muscles. It is hard like dead muscle!

Picture a nice juicy roast beef with chunks of beef jerky in it. Those hard parts are the schemic tissue. They are not juicy and soft. Touching them hurts!

Healthy Muscles Do Not Hurt
When You Massage Them

I learned The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage comes from an NMT (neuro muscular therapy) therapist. In NMT, the therapist pushes deep into muscles to unlock the tension in them. When your muscles relax, your blood and nerve energies flow much better. Then your body can go back to functioning normally and your pain goes away.

If you ever gave anyone a massage and you felt the bumps and knots in their back muscles. That is schemic tissue. That is where there is tension and lack of blood flow.

Worry And Stress
Can Be Your Greatest Enemies

Now, besides the schemic tissue, there is anal muscle tension from stress and worry.

Did you ever hear the description in psychology: "anal retentive"? It is when someone obsessively holds on to things.

It is also the physical condition. It originated with children who were afraid to poop! They constrict their anal muscles so nothing will come out.

When adults worry or stress out a lot, they often constrict these same muscles without even being aware of it! When your anal muscles are tight, your blood flow is reduced. You can increase the flow by using the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage.

Can you see why you may be suffering from Prostate pain and problems? Problems that your doctor says there are no medical answers for?

The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage:

You are actually going to be massaging inside of your anus here. So, please check with your doctor to make sure you have no medical condition that would make this inadvisable for you or put you at risk of injury.

First: Lie down on your back.Lubricate your middle finger with some KY Jelly. (That is what your Urologist uses during your exam).

Insert your lubricated finger about 1 - 1 1/2 inches into your anus. Make sure your finger nail is cut short and filed smooth, so that you don't cut or scratch your rectum.

When you insert your finger, you will feel how tight and sensitive this muscle is. If feels like a small tight rubber tire around your finger. The more sensitive it feels, the more it needs massage.

The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage is for your entire anal sphincter muscle (This is the muscle that hold your anus shut).

The Technique:

Like a clock, start at the 12 o'clock position. Press your inserted finger into the muscle surrounding it. As you press, rub, with a small in and out motion, for a count of 15-20 seconds. Breathe deeply while you do this. You will need lots of fresh oxygen to refresh these suffocating muscles!

Then release the pressure and move to the 3 o'clock position. Press in. Rub for a count of 15-20 seconds. Release.

Then do the same at the 6 and 9 o'clock positions.

The tighter your muscles are, the more this will hurt. A little discomfort while you rub is good. It means you are working the massage deeply. But, don't put yourself into agony! This is not a competition. This is a massage. It is meant to make you feel better.

After you have completed the first four rubs, rest for a minute. Then, go around again. This time massage in between those positions. Go between 12 an 3 o'clock. Between 3 and 6 o'clock. etc. etc.

Rest for another minute. Then, go around once more staring at the 12 o'clock position. Then between 12 and 3. Then 3. then between 3 and 6. ect. etc. Only massage about 10 seconds per position on this last round.

Then rest and breathe deeply and easily for a few minutes. The complete Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage should take you only about 15 minutes. That is enough! Don't over do it.

The resting periods between repetitions are very important! It gives fresh blood and oxygen time to flow into the muscles and energize them.

The Calming Effect:

You'll notice the 3rd time around, everything feels easier! You'll notice the muscles are not quite as tight. You will probably notice a more relaxed feeling all over! You have relaxed the tension in your anal muscles. This has a calming effect on your whole body.

After performing the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage, you may feel a little exhausted. This is a natural reaction anytime you release a large amount of tension in your body.

After you rest,

You Will Feel Much Better And More Energetic
Than You Did Before

Tension keeps you wired. Tension actually stimulates your adrenal system like a drug.

When you release the tension in your body, the stimulation goes away. You get to see how you really feel. And, your body is able to rest and recover it's true strength. Then you start to feel really good!

The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage will also use a large amount of nerve energies. So, it is best to do this massage in the evening when you will be able to relax and rest afterward.

The day following your first Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage, you may feel achey down there or like you were beaten with a rubber hose. That is good! It is a normal reaction of unhealthy tissue.

It simply indicates that a lot of stored toxins were released from your muscles. More than your blood was able to carry off right away. Those toxins sometimes come out rapidly.

Until The Fresh Blood Flushes The Toxins Away,
You Will Feel Soreness

It will only last one or two days. When you repeat the massage a few days later, things will move more quickly and you will find it much easier.

After you've done the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage for a period of time, the next day sore reaction will not occur. You're muscle tissue and circulation will have become much improved. The next day reaction will then be a greater feeling of well being!

When you reach the point where the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage feels only good, you can discontinue it until you feel the need for it again.

Always wait 3 to 4 days between massages. It is much like exercise. It will take your body that long to recuperate and complete the cycle.

For many prostate pain and achey balls syndrome sufferers,

This Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage
Can Often Do The Trick
When Nothing Else Seems To Work!

The reason is: With poor blood flow there is usually always some kind of pain. When your blood flow is blocked, it doesn't matter what you eat, what remedy or what treatment you take. If your blood can't get to the area, the remedy can't get there either.

Often, just fresh nourishing oxygenated blood is all the body needs to do it's job! It was designed that way.

Remember; Pain is only Nature's signal that something is wrong. When there is no problem, there is no pain!

Your intention, with the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage, is simply to help your blood flow! Use this massage regularly to help keep yourself Pain Free!

Be Well.....

~ William

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