A Prostate Massage Video
That Can Really Help You! - 2023

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by Our Editoria;l Staff

last updated December 18, 2022
6:10 pm

- Incorrect Technique Can Hurt You! -
and cause you more problems than you have now...

The prostate massage video I will be showing you is a supplement to view when you're learning to apply the internal techniques you have been studying here. It will show you how to rub the gland correctly and effectively. And how not to poke at it. This is so very important to your success!

In this prostate massage video I tell you how poking the gland is the biggest mistake most men seem to make with the internal techniques.

And this mistake can cause you a lot a pain and suffering. It can even make your condition worse if you get too rough.

This prostate massage video will teach you correct technique!

Correct rubbing is soothing and greatly helps the healing process! And, it is extremely easy to do when you just know how!

This prostate massage video will also enable you to learn the correct motion for all internal work, whether done with a finger or an instrument.

By using the correct motion
with the internal techniques
you will be able to give yourself
the most beneficial prostate massage possible!

self prostate massage

learn correct prostate massage technique for the bet results

Feeling Better NOW!

There are dozens and dozens of prostate massage videos on line. Most are really useless. Some are even extremely hurtful and absolutely wrong!

Almost every one I looked at is of an erotic nature designed to sell you a sex toy for "The most mind blowing orgasm you'll ever have!". Baloney! They seem to care nothing about prostate health.

Now there's nothing wrong with creating unbelievably intense orgasms if that is your intention. And, if you are healthy enough to stand the possible strain to your gland and your heart.

For older men, and men of weaker constitution, some of those methods can cause a heart attack! So Beware!

There are only a couple of prostate massage videos out there that give really good instruction on how to perform an actual revitalizing technique. And they are not easy to find. Nor, do they explain how to reach the whole gland. That is why I made this prostate massage video for you!

What is Your Goal?

First you have to know your intention. And there are really only two here:

1) Extreme Orgasms
2) Improved Prostate Health

When your gland is not feeling well your intention should be to:

  • Soothe
  • Cleans and
  • Nourish

your gland.

It is NOT your goal to stress it out and irritate it with more orgasms. That would be sexual suicide for you!

If You Are Currently Having Problems With You Gland
Beware Of Sex Toys!

But, wanting more orgasms is what most sex toys will do for you if you are currently experiencing problems in your gland.

If you are experiencing problems here, you want to get your gland healthy and well first. That requires blood flow, moderate exercise and rest. As well as good food and plenty of clean water.

This prostate massage video will show you how to work your gland properly for safety and optimum healing results.

So now it is time to take a few minutes to watch this prostate massage video I have made for you. It may be the most important thing you ever learn about helping this gland feel normal again.

That was simple and easy, wasn't it? A picture (or video!) can be worth a thousand words...

And now you know for sure how to do it properly!

Correct Technique Is What Makes All The Difference
Success and Failure!

My prostate massage video shows you how to both be gentle and effective during the process. That is key!

Unfortunately, here's the down side. As I explained in this prostate massage video, the reality is: It is extremely hard for a man to get his hand in a position where his own finger can penetrate deeply enough to reach more than just the bottom tip of his own gland.

That is fine for sexual arousal. But, it won't do much to help the gland.

A normal gland is not very big (about the size of a walnut). So an extra half inch or so of penetration with the finger makes a huge difference on how much of your gland you will be able to reach.

The finger method is best done, therefore, by a partner with average to long fingers.

And this is why self treatment is typically done with an instrument of some type. I will discuss instruments to you shortly.

The Benefits
Doing Your Own Massaging

Doing your own treatments is the most efficient and often the most effective. The reason is, you'll have complete control of the entire process at all times.

A prostate massage video is not enough by itself. You need to learn the technique the video teaches. But you also need to know exactly what you are doing once you are inside. That is why it is so important to read the instructions on correct self prostate massage technique as well as watching this prostate massage video.

This prostate massage video was made as a supplement for the materials on this website. Not the other way around.

As I said, for best results, you should learn to do your treatments yourself if you can (with a proper instrument).

Using the Best and Most Effective Technique

This prostate massage video shows you what I call the "come hither" motion. Not a screaming come here. A a slow sensual "come hither". That makes it easier to remember, doesn't it?

And that's the idea of the little catch phrase. I want you to remember it correctly.

This slow, easy, gentle movement is so important to see and understand. It can be the difference between success and failure in your efforts.

If you watch this prostate massage video a couple of times and try it outside of your body on a walnut, or your knuckle, you will get a really good feel for how you will be touching your gland with whatever type of instrument you use.

You will quickly learn how easy it is to do. AND, you will do it correctly. That is the whole point of this page and this prostate massage video: I want you to have success!!

Correct technique brings
best and fastest results!

As I said, your own finger just won't go in far enough (because of the angle of your hand) unless you have exceptionally long fingers.

This prostate massage video's "come hither" motion, however, does apply to every method of internal work. So once you learn it, you will be able to apply it with your finger or any appropriate instrument you use.

The Importance
Using The Proper Equipment

In this prostate massage video I explain using various instruments.

But, it is very important to use a safe instrument when you do your own treatments. No glass or anything with sharp or rough edges should ever be used.

Through out history many items have been used from cigar tubes to carrots. I know, that sounds funny and weird. But they worked. They made men feel better. And when we are in enough pain we will try most anything to reach the area and soothe it.

I discovered the drumstick method decades ago out of necessity. There were no good specific tools manufactured just for this at the time. The drumstick was a magnificent tool because of it's shape and size (it's about finger width).

And, with a drumstick, any man can adjust the length of insertion to his own needs. It was also smooth and unbreakable. This made then drumstick quite effective for almost every man!

Although the drumstick will never bend like a finger, you can still learn to make a nice even "come hither" arc with the end of the drumstick, as I show you in this prostate massage video. It doesn't have to be a large arc. Just a nice rub over the entire side of the gland.

Remember:  NEVER poke at your gland. Rub it!

This is so critically important to doing the process correctly that I can not overemphasize it.

The Aneros Massagers

Aneros helix standard modelAneros Helix Classic

This little device came on the market about ten years ago.

It's just wonderful and I really suggest every man get one. They are even better than the drumstick.

The company makes a whole bunch of different ones, but the Helix Silicone model (shown above) seems to fit most of us just right and is the most comfortable one I have ever found.

aneros helix in extra smooth siliconeAneros Helix Silicone

If down the road you find you want a bigger or smaller one you can always get that later. They are very inexpensive.

But, I truly suggest you start with a Helix today (Not six months from now when you're wondering why your gland never feels any better.) if you don't already have one. You will never regret the purchase of it.

On the other hand, if you don't get one, you're really making your own life harder than it should be. So do yourself a favor.

The Aneros Helix

What is so especially nice about the Helix is it enables virtually any man to do an effective job all by himself. Hands free! Even if he has difficulty reaching his anus. I use one myself. It is far easier than the drumstick.

The best part is: with a Helix you don't have to worry about going too deep or not deep enough. The Helix, for most men, will land right on your gland where you want it to.

There are other models to choose from. But, the Helix seems to be the best for most men.

AND, a wonderful very gentle "come hither" motion will be gently created, hands free, with just the gentle contraction of your anal muscles. It doesn't get any easier than this!

Using your hand and adding a little arc with the Helix when you progress (as I show you in this prostate massage video) will intensify the action.

The device costs only about $70. It is made of medical grade materials. It will last you a lifetime. It is the easiest and best way to reach your gland safely and effectively.

A Few Cautions:

Remember: Don't over do it with the Aneros. Or any device (including a finger). Just a gentle little arc really changes the depth of the massage. You will feel it for sure. So progress slowly. Overdoing can make your symptoms worse. So stay on the lesser rather than greater side.

And know when to be finished.

It doesn't take real long to be effective. Never continue if you are causing yourself pain. It doesn't matter if you have been working for 1 minute or 20 minutes. If you start to experience pain lighten up or stop all together. Then try again another day.

This isn't a competition. And every man is different. Progress slowly. Learn to work with your own body.

Also, as word of safety, get a good exam from your doctor before beginning. Make sure you don't have any condition(s) that would keep your practice from being a safe and healthy one. Very few men have such a condition. It's rare. But, sometimes there is such a condition.

If you are one of the few men who can not do internal work, stick with the exterior techniques and the exercise. You will still get significant results. It may just take a little longer.

The Extremely Intense Orgasm!
Be Careful!!!

A little sideline here for those who came here to learn how to increase their orgasm intensity:

It's true that stimulating your gland during sex will increase the intensity of your orgasm. It can even give you an outstanding extreme orgasm all by itself. And that's great if your body is up to it!

But this prostate massage video and this site are about helping your body regain it's health. They're here to help you find a way to help your body heal itself, to help soothe painful conditions, not to make your condition or your pain worse!

The main principle here with us, is that our tired, sore, sick glands need to be gently cared for, cleaned, and nourished. As I said, NOT poked and further punished! Please, do not poke at your gland. Ever! I guarantee you'll be miserable if you do. And you may seriously hurt yourself if you poke it too hard!

Poking can actually bruise your gland and make a painful or enlarged condition get worse. It can also hurt a completely healthy gland. So gently Rub. Never poke!

OK, I think I've made that point clear now.....

The Horrible
Digital Rectal Exam

The painful digital rectal exam

Unfortunately, here's where we often get poked! And it hurts... So many men fear getting a digital rectal exam just for this reason. But, totally understandable.

I swear, so many men have told me their digital rectal exam was like being impaled! They hurt like hell and left those men sore for days. And then they are told that is the way the gland is massaged. Wrong!!

Who would want to do a massage if it felt like that??? Really.... And that is not the way it should be done! And it is not the way it has to be done.

Poking and being rough with your gland will only cause you pain, as you probably remember if you've been one of us unfortunate enough to receive that kind of digital rectal exam.

Women doctors and sex therapists are generally much gentler and more sensitive to our problems. There is nothing wrong with a male doctor having the same gentle bedside manner. Many good ones do. If yours doesn't, I suggest you tell him to be gentle with you. Or, find a good one who is.

Share This Prostate Massage Video
With Your Partner

I strongly recommend you share this prostate massage video with your partner. She can be a great aid in your recovery.

There was another prostate massage video on You Tube by a lovely professional sex worker named Jaiya.

I had a link to it right here, but the video was unfortunately recently removed from You Tube.

Jaiya's prostate massage video didn't cover the aspects of using the necessary instruments for self treatment as the one I made for you does. Her's was designed to show your partner how to gently do the process with her finger. And it was so valuable because she was a woman talking to women.

However, your partner will learn the correct technique by watching the one I made for you here.

Seeing another woman involved in this process can make your woman feel very much OK with the whole process and help her realize there is nothing weird or taboo about it.

In fact, with Jaiya's prostate massage video, a woman could see what a wonderful helpful, health giving experience this can be.

Keep an eye out for this video to return. It's a good one and I hope it will be back soon.

Real Rejuvenation!

Now that you've learned the technique in this prostate massage video, let's learn to apply it most effectively.

It is most healthful and rejuvenating to properly massage your prostate gland,
without ejaculation,
without intercourse
or any other sexual stimulation.

This applies for:

  • Prostatitis
  • BPH
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Impotence
  • Any other disorder

When you are trying to help rejuvenate your gland with these techniques, you want only to clean and nourish it with increased blood flow. You do not want to tax it!

Remember: Too much ejaculation and too many orgasms will exhaust your gland and make it weaker and prone to even more pain and more problems.

If you are getting too sexually aroused during the process, you can do a prostate milking to take away the erotic desire and keep on course.

Do It Right!
Feel Your Best!

This prostate massage video can really help you in learning to perform the internal techniques I teach on this website most effectively. That is why I made it for you!

So watch it as many times as you need to until you have certainty on the correct process. Then and come back and watch it again any time you feel a need for review.

If you've taken the time to watch my prostate massage video, and you've read the simple instructions I have outlined in the articles here, you are well on your way to performing the most effective health giving prostate massages possible!

Be Well.....

~ William

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