The Prostate Digital Rectal Exam

may do you more harm than good

do I really need a digital recatal exam?

The Prostate Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) is recommended to every man, over forty, every year. But, is it really necessary? Is there any real benefit to this?

Let's first look at what the exam is and what it does.

This examination is really very simple and super basic. "Digital" isn't some high tech thing. It simply means done with a finger (a digit).

Your Urologist inserts his finger into your anus and feels your prostate gland. It is located right next to your bowel.

The examination is very similar to a prostate massage, but the Urologists are often quite unnecessarily rough in the pressure applied when examining it. I have no idea why.

During the digital rectal exam, what your Urologist is looking for is the size of your gland and he is feeling for any lumps (tumors). That's all a digital rectal exam is.

digital rectal exam anatomy diagram

If he finds any abnormalities, he will recommend other tests, such as a PSA test, after your digital rectal exam.

The PSA test can then erroneously lead to the very hazardous and often life threatening prostate biopsy.

Just A Simple Indicator

The DRE is a very basic hands on test that has the benefit of easily detecting any blatant size or growth abnormalities. But, that is all it does.

Unfortunately, most men are more familiar with a digital rectal exam than with correct massage technique. And prostatic massage can be one of the best things to regain and maintain excellent health in this area.

Does a digital rectal exam enable your physician able to diagnose any disease such as BPH or cancer? No. But, a digital rectal exam does give indicators of these conditions and possibly other prostatic problems.

And, this is why a DRE may be useful.

But even if everything feels normal, it does not negate the possibility of disease.

A digital rectal exam is recommended every year after 40. But, Why?? Do we suddenly become walking time bombs? No. But, that is usually the point in life where men (and women) start succumbing to all kinds of ailments.

how the prostate digital rectal exam is performed

Sick and Falling Apart At 40

Why at about 40 do we seem to start falling apart? This is the real question.

The answer is very very simple: Years of improper self care. Wrong foods, stress, life habits, constant overindulgences, etc... And that is why we suddenly are told we need a wide variety of examinations as well as a digital rectal exam.

Living in a society, we as individuals tend to do many of the same things. We eat the same way, over do the same ways, overindulge the same ways, stress out the same ways... So all these degradations to the body are looked at as "normal". And, "normally" men and women start noticeably breaking down from all this abuse around the same time (age 40).

But, this break down is not normal for the human body. A human body that is truly healthy and properly cared for, should not see any real health problems until well past the 80 year mark. Or later. Close to death actually.

Yes, things will slow down. The human body reaches full maturity at approximately 25 years of age. After that our physical powers and our recuperative powers begin to diminish.

But slowing down and falling apart are two different things.

Vibrant and Healthy At 80!

Vibrant health into one's 80's should be the norm. Not the exception. I have known many octogenarians who have experienced this. But, not one of them lived the "normal" modern life style.

All these people ate clean food (food that is proper for the human body), exercised regularly, had a sense of humor, slept sufficiently, drank plenty of clean water....

All these modern tests we are supposed to take, like the digital rectal exam, are a joke to truly healthy men and women in other parts of the world. Many never take any of them. And, they tend to live long and healthy lives.

These people feel good and look good. And if they bother to take any of these examinations, they always pass these tests with excellent results.

On the other hand, men who constantly abuse their bodies with non-foods, smoking, too much alcohol and/or caffeine, lack of sleep, too much sex.... these men want prostate digital exams and the plethora of other examinations to find out when they are in trouble.

And, that makes sense because they somehow know they are going to be in trouble.

is a digital rectal exam necessary for healthy men?

The Naturally Healthy

Now let's take a look at the more primitive cultures. They live close to nature and are almost invariably healthy.

These people never get a DRE. These things don't even exist in their world. No other real "health" examinations other than "how do you feel?". And, if they are not living in an impoverished 3rd world country, they don't really have too much disease either.

Is this all starting to make some sense here?

Excellent Health Is Your Birth Right!

You were born to be healthy. You were designed to have perfect health your whole life. Living naturally, or even close to it, you will generally stay healthy your entire life in every respect.

Should you become ill, your body will heal itself rapidly and completely.

On the same note, if you are living a very unhealthy lifestyle (and insist on continuing to do so) a DRE and all the other examinations won't matter because you'll kill yourself prematurely anyway. One way or another.

Should you then even ever get a DRE? It's not a bad idea. But every year? I don't believe so. The obsession over it is not really sane. And the idea that it will save your life is not real accurate either.

What creates life and saves life is health? Creating health each day is what save lives. Not examinations. Not digital rectal exams.

An examination only shows what is there. Possibly.

An examination does not heal any condition. Getting a DRE may give you peace of mind. Or it may encourage you to continue with your folly (self abuse) because nothing negative has shown up. Yet.

Creating The Kind of Health You Want

learn to create the prostate health you desire

To achieve health, you must create health. Daily. And don't believe that drugs will make up for constant physical abuse. It's impossible. It will never happen.

Likewise, no "dis-ease" can take over your body when the body is truly healthy. If by some chance it does get ill, the healthy body will heal itself.

The human body is completely self healing. It will take care of itself 100% when the internal environment and lifestyle is within nature's limitations.

It's so simple really. You don't need to be a genius to maintain perfect health.

But, through our evolution, we have tampered with our food, water, air, etc... Most of us have no real idea what is really good for us any more. And, most us us pay for this in one way or another with our health.

The advantage of getting a DRE here could be knowing it's time to make changes. Learning it's time to turn things around. Learning it is time to clean up your lifestyle.

The results of the digital rectal exam could mean it's time to learn to take care of your body properly. Naturally. See what a primitive diet and some correct prostate massage can do for you.

I think you'll be in for a big (and Wonderful!) surprise!

Then, a digital rectal exam, and all the other mid life examinations, might prove to be nothing more than a way to spend your time and your money.

Be Well....

~ William

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