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Easy to Straighten - 2024

fix a curved penis
straightening or fixing a curved penis

Your curved penis is really quite simple to fix. At least if you are like 99.99% of men who have one. It just takes some time, persistence, and the right instrument.

Your erection may curve up, down, sideways, or in a combination of all directions. It doesn't matter. They can all be fixed the same way 99.99% of the time.

Your Personal Situation

A bend in an erection and a simple curvature are often referred to as the same thing. But a "bend" is usually the term used for a very severe curvature.

A bend also usually involves scar tissue inside the shaft (on one or more of the chambers that fill with blood to cause your erections). This condition is known as Peyronies Disease. A simple curvature almost never has scar tissue.

If a simple curvature is what you have, you are on easy street.

Even with Peyronies Disease (a majorly big bending), your condition can usually be completely resolved without surgery in the same way a simple curved penis is straightened. But, because of the more severe curve in Peyronies Disease, straightening takes a longer period of time.

The Simple
Curved Penis

a simple curved penis

A simple penis curvature can be the result of minor scar tissue, genetics, or a constant pulling in a specific direction (as from masturbation, positioning, or constrictive clothing).

upward curved penis

A mild curve, that does not interfere with sexual function, is really not a problem. There is no reason to be concerned with it.

However, if a curved penis causes self esteem problems or embarrassment in the bedroom, it could well be worth it to you to take the time and necessary action to straighten it. The remedy for a curved penis is very simple and easy.

Unlike expensive, unnecessary, and potentially dangerous penile surgeries, you can get one of the best medically approved curved penis straighteners for under $300. It is all you will need to fix a curved penis safely and correctly.

Only Your Erections Are Curving

You have probably noticed your shaft usually only takes it's curve when you have an erection.

This is because:

  • The part of the shaft that is causing the curve has less skin than the rest of the shaft.
  • There is scar tissue on or in the shaft. (which does not stretch as well as normal skin)
  • Part of the skin on the opposite side of the curve has been stretched out. (from constrictive clothing, constant positioning, or pulling)

"Do I Need

Surgery is really never necessary for straightening a simple curvature. In fact it is a really stupid choice when you consider the possible horrible side effects. Surgery should only be used when there is no other effective option.

Surgery would be the lazy or uninformed man's way. And, for a simple, easily correctable curved penis, it is pure insanity.

First, this type of penile surgery usually costs about $9,000 - $15,000!

And worse, penile surgery carries many possible risks including but not limited to:

  • Pain

  • Impotence

  • Loss of Sensation

  • Inability to Achieve or Maintain a Complete Erection

  • Inability to Achieve Orgasm

  • Scarring (which could cause penis curving at a later time)

Is it really worth the risk??

With correctly applied traction you risk none of that.

The Safest, Most Effective,
Medically Recommended Method

To fix a curved penis all you have to do is stretch the shorter skin to equal the longer skin on the other side(s). Or, add enough new skin cells to the shortened area(s). It's that simple. Really.

But how do you do that?

Correct traction is the safest and most efficient way to accomplish either of these goals.

Correct traction has been used effectively for thousands of years in Africa. Mostly for increasing penile size. It was done by hanging increasingly heavy stones (weights) from the shaft for many hours each day.

You can actually buy similar weighted devices today.

However, most men do not have hours a day to sit naked with weights hanging from their rod. Nor would they want to. And, it can be very dangerous if done with too much enthusiasm.

Modern correct traction, done with a high quality traction device, is now medically recommended and medically endorsed in 29 countries worldwide.

How and Why
Traction Works So Well

What traction does for an erection that curves, is it gradually elongates the comparatively short tissues of the shaft until they are as long as the ones that currently stretch more fully.

Then on erection they will stretch equally and the erection will be straight.

corrected curved penis

What actually happens with sufficient traction is this: during the measured pulling, microscopic breaks or tears occur between cells where the tissue is short. It is not at all painful if done correctly.

The body then adds new cells to the broken areas to repair the breaks. The tissue becomes a little tiny bit longer each day.

straight hard penis

Repeat this process over and over again and you can even out the tissue all the way around and have a beautiful straight erection again.

Perfectly straight? Maybe not. But, nice and straight. Yes!

If done too aggressively, any type of pulling can cause pain and other damage to your shaft or crown. So be patient and work slowly and gradually.

Penis Enlargement
Also Possible

Once your erections are straight again, if you continue the traction process, you can actually add as much as 1 to 1 1/2 inches to the length of a normal cock! You will also normally get added girth. But, all that elongation can take a year or two.

Straightening the curve is much simpler and requires less time. Usually months to a year.

Today we have really well designed traction devices available to men who wish to straighten a curved penis easily and SAFELY.

Which Traction Devices
Most Effective AND Safest

There are many available penile traction devices on the market today.

They work so well that they are usually sold as "extenders". Or, "enlargers". But, make no mistake, there is no better device available anywhere for straightening a curved penis.

However, you want to be sure to get a high quality one.

You want one that is medically proven and dependable. You don't want to cause more damage to your your cock. If you try to save $50 or $100 dollars on a "cheaper" model you may very well injure yourself permanently and irreparably.

I have researched the 23 penile traction devices I found available.

There were only two that met all my requirements for quality. These two units are well made, easy to use, medically approved, and guaranteed by the manufacturers. The one that seems to be giving my readers the best results is the Quick Extender Pro.

When used correctly, it should solve 99% of all curved penis and Peyronies Disease problems safely and easily.

These devices can be worn comfortably and unnoticeably under most clothing. And, they will not interfere with your daily routine.

Making the Process Work

Remember, this is a gradual process. You have to allow time for the process to work.

Normally it takes about 6 months to a year (in more extreme cases) to straighten and fix a curved penis with this method. If you rush you can cause damage. If you work slowly and steadily the whole process should be quite painless. And, the results are permanent!

The units I mentioned also come with a 6 month money back guarantee. So you don't have to worry about your purchase.

This is the key to success: Be patient and persistent.

There is no need for you to suffer from the mental anguish or embarrassment of your curved penis any longer. And now you know how to fix it! Safely, easily, inexpensively, and permanently.

Be Well.....

~ William

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