Enzyme Therapy
Peyronies Disease Treatments

It's Not Very Effective

Enzyme therapy has proven very successful for a number of physical problems.

The first being digestive upsets.

It has also shown to be very beneficial for conditions involving different types of Arthritis and inflammation.


“Enzyme therapy
used to straighten a curved penis,
has been shown to be a miserable failure.”

There are 2 ways enzyme therapy is used. Orally and by injection.

We’ll look at orally first:

Oral Enzyme Therapy

These really do nothing for straightening a bent or curved penis.

I wish they did. They are so easy to use. Pop a couple of tables morning and night, and that’s it!

You’ll regularly see the paid ads for these so called enzyme therapy products when you do a search for penis straightening. Why? Because, taking a pill to completely change and improve our lives is what we hope for. Right?

How many times has that worked for you?

Yes, for certain things, like killing a virus, or easing a headache, they can seem like magic.

But, for straightening your bending erection? You’d save yourself some time and energy if you just went and threw those dollars in the toilet and flushed it. And, you’d get the same results.

For $80 a bottle? Of course a lot of us try them. And, then, a couple of months down the road, we wish we had our $80 back.

Injectable Enzyme Therapy

injectable enzymes for peyronies diseasefor $30,000?

There are a few injectables being used. The enzymes are directly into the hard tissue in your shaft. Yes. Ouch!!

There are a few injectable enzymes being used. The enzymes are directly injected into the hard scar/plaque tissue in your shaft. Yes. Ouch!!

Most do relatively nothing.

I mean the only enzyme therapy that seems to be getting any results is a new injectable form of the enzyme collagenase.

These show results of a possible 30-35% improvement in straightening a bent penis caused by Peyronies disease. For “certain types of men”. Not every man will even get those results.

To me that’s not so great.

But, considering none of the other enzyme therapy used for Peyronies disease treatments are really doing anything much (except wasting your time and money), that may not sound especially bad to you.

Until you hear the price. Are you ready?

A full set of these “new” collagenase injectable treatments costs about $30,000. Yes, that is correct. Thirty THOUSAND dollars.

Whoa baby! Care to give those a try?

But, what else can a man do?

What Are The Alternatives?

There is surgery.

And, if enzyme injections and surgery were all that was available for straightening a bent penis, and those injections kept you out of surgery, and spending $30,000 didn’t concern you, you might consider them. Right?

HOWEVER:  And this is a Big “However”: The Safest and Most Effective, medically endorsed and recommended method for straightening penile curvature is not surgery either.

It’s a method that uses simple repetitive traction.


Correct traction has been found to be the
Safest and Most Effective
of all the Peyronies disease treatments.

It costs less than $300.

Let’s compare:

  • Enzyme injections for $30,000

  • Penile Surgery for $7,000+

  • Correct Traction for under $300

I had to ask myself, “Which of these makes the most sense to try first?”

Why Is Enzyme Therapy Even Used for Peyronies?

OK, getting back to enzyme therapy for straightening bending erections.

The reason enzyme therapy is tried for Peyronies penis curvature correction is this:

With Peyronies you have a scar or scars inside your shaft that are hard and preventing parts of your erectile chambers from stretching properly during erection.

That’s all this condition is. No, it is not really a “disease”. It’s a developed scar/plaque condition. That’s all it is.

Here is what is happening: When scars harden and thicken, it is often with plaque, or, fibrous protein “threads”.

The theory was that if you subject these protein deposits to enzymes that dissolve proteins (enzyme therapy), the tough protein threads will dissolve, the scars will then soften and stretch more during erection. This will make the erection straighter.

That seems like a logical theory.... Right?

And, with the “new” $30,000 injectable enzyme therapy, this seems to happen in a limited way. For certain men. These injection treatments are seeing 30-35% improvement in “certain patients”.

You’re Still Going To Be

The Topic Of Conversation

If your 90 degree bend becomes a 60 degree bend after you’ve parted with your $30,000, your cock can still be the center of quiet giggly conversation at cocktail parties and among “the girls”. Oh, embarrassment!....

Oh yeah.

Even worse, it still may prove an extremely humiliating experience for you (as you probably already know) when you have a possible lovely new sexual encounter. “What happened to you??”

Or, if you are in a committed relationship, the bend may still be too uncomfortable or even painful for your partner. You sex life is still compromised and uncomfortable.

When We’re Too Miserable:

We May Try Anything That Offers
Any Hope At All

After a while, a severely curved penis can make us a bit desperate. I know. Personally.

All of us who have experienced what you are now going through had the same awful, miserable experiences. And, feelings.

They are humiliating, depressing, frustrating and awful. They make us feel terrible.

Sometime we get desperate and try the first thing that comes along that offers any possible hope. When it doesn’t work. We feel worse.

Some men will be happy enough with a 30% improvement. And, money is no object to them.

But, are you one of the men who don’t want to risk that much money? Or, want more than a possible 30% improvement? And, really don’t want the risks of a surgery?

Is This What You Want?

You want a decently straight erection again, that gets nice and normally hard again. Right?

An erection that no lover stares at and says: “Ewww. How did that happen?” Right?

An erection that does not make you feel like a freak and causes you embarrassment and even possible pain during erection. Right?

One that can give you and your partner a normal sex life again? Right also?

OK. You’re not alone.

Most of us felt exactly the same way.

And, it’s not too much to want. I just don't know anyone who has ever gotten those results with enzyme therapy.

Who Can Benefit From Correct Traction?

can enzyme therapy straighten a bent penis caused by peyronies disease?

Can you straighten your bent erections effectively?

If you are like 99.99% of men (with even a severely curved penis) the answer is: YES!

And, it won’t cost you the price of a new car to get it.

You can get one of the best
medically endorsed and recommended
penis straightening devices in the world for

Under $300.

x4 labs penis traction vs enzyme therapy

It looks nice! Right?

Yes, you get all of that, one of the best penile traction systems in the entire world, for under three hundred dollars.

And, it’s Guaranteed to work for you

or your money back.

Are you feeling a little bit better now? Is some of the horror going away?

Good! I hope so.

Yes, if you are like 99.99% of us, who have been right where you are now, who gave correct traction a try, you too can get the safest and best results possible.

Is Traction As Good As Surgery?

I think almost everyone who has used correct traction will tell you they are glad they made that choice.

At one time surgery seemed to be the only answer.

However, in 1994 the penile traction device was invented by a penile surgery specialist named Dr. Jorn Ege Siana.

After that, everything changed.

Correct traction has proven to be superior for most men because there are none of the possible surgical risks and side effects.

Why Is Correct Traction Better Than Surgery?

There is One Main Reason:  You don’t have any of the surgical risks and serious possible side effects associated with a penis straightening surgery.

These possible surgical risks include, but are not limited to:

  • Impotence
  • Inability to Achieve an Orgasm

  • A Shorter Penis (this is definite part of the surgical straightening operation)

  • Damage to the urethra (tube that carries urine and semen from the body)

  • Internal Scarring (which could bend the penis in another direction later on)

  • Lack of sensation

  • Infection

What Makes The Most Sense To You?

1)  Enzyme Therapy:  Enzyme therapy for straightening a curved penis has proven to be highly ineffective.

Even the latest and most effective enzyme treatments (currently costing $30,000) have proven only 30-35% effective. And, for only certain types of men.

2)  Surgery:  This type of penile surgery comes with just too many serious possible risks. And, it also carries a price tag upwards of $7,000.

3)  Correct traction:  If you read about all the options, and the methods, you’ll see that correct traction has been proven Safest and Most Effective.

enzyme therapy or correct penis traction?

Correct traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

And, correct traction costs Under $300.

Doesn’t it make sense to try this method first?

It’s the safest, the least expensive, and, you still have all the other options left if you are not satisfied with it.

“Correct penis traction is medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.
Including the USA, Canada, France, the UK.....”

Enzyme therapy will most likely not solve your problem effectively.

But, you don’t have to continue suffering.

can enzyme therapy fix a bent penis caused by peyronies disease

Remember:  Over 99% of the time, correct traction can straighten almost any curved penis.

Be Well.....

~ William

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