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William Zmachinsky, author prostate massage and health

Hello! My name is William Zmachinsky PhD. I am a member of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, American Urological Association, and editor of bentpenis.org. I am a regular contributing author to both Researchgate and Academia.edu. Welcome to my prostate massage website!

I seem to have gotten the label: "The Expert You Can Trust". What an honor. And, I thank you all for it. This page is devoted to telling you about my own personal prostate cure.

Here's how I learned so much:

Just like you, I used to suffer from horrible sexual and urinary problems. Painful, annoying, depressing, embarrassing problems. It happened to me early in my life.

Today, I am vibrantly healthy with great sexual strength and health because I learned how to cure myself. Naturally. With no drugs of any kind.

Twenty five years ago it was a different story.

As a young man, I became a sexual cripple. And no one I saw seemed to have a prostate cure for all the problems that seemed to develop in me overnight. 

I started this site because of the encouragement from friends. Friends who improved and created their own prostate cure with the same information I am sharing here.

My friends' sexual and urinary problems started to improve so much, they kept telling me I should have a web site. They would tell me that every man should have this information. Some of it, they said, was so unique they never heard it before and found it nowhere else. And:

It Was
The Simple Natural Treatments
That Made All the Difference in My Recovery!

First, I want you to know, this site is not a teaser site for some product or book. Nor do I claim to have some miracle prostate cure. I do not diagnose, prescribe or claim a cure of any kind.

*note: If you're having any health issues, please go see your doctor first.

I am simply relaying All Natural methods of relief and rejuvenation that have worked for me and tens of thousands of other men who were suffering just like you are now.

The information here will always be as complete as possible. I leave nothing out that you will have to pay to find out later.

And this site will always be 100% FREE. That is my promise to you.

Here is my story:

Prostate cure? I never even knew I even had one until I was in my early 30s.

I was a wild young man who really enjoyed women and sex a lot. I liked to party hard, keep late hours, drink as much beer as I could and have as much sex as I could get. Not too unusual!

Then one day, while I was living my merry life, I started noticing this pain around my bladder. It wouldn't really go away. I was also peeing a lot more, but a lot less at a time. And, it burned a bit when I did. I thought maybe I had gotten some sexually transmitted disease.

So, I looked in the yellow pages and made an appointment with a prominent local Urologist. He gave me a full exam.

The results showed that I had no infections or tumors. He did say I had a slightly swollen prostate gland. He also said, "nothing was really wrong with me". But, I told him the pain had become pure living Hell! So, he prescribed some anti-inflammatory drugs and a pain killer.

A week later, I still felt no better at all. I was, however, out $310 for what I thought was a useless doctors visit. Well, maybe it was not totally useless. It was nice to know that there was "nothing really wrong with me". But my  prostate cure did not happen.

And, I was disheartened. If nothing was wrong with me, why was I not functioning normally and why did I have so much pain? Every day! I was desperate for a prostate cure!

I saw another Urologist after that who gave me the same diagnosis and no better results. What was I supposed to do? Why was a prostate cure such a mystery for me??

Then things got worse. I soon found I was up 3 or 4 times a night to pee. And, not too long after that, I became impotent! I couldn't have sex. I was barely 36 years old by that time, and sexually non functional!

That was Not OK with me! I knew if I was to get better, I was going to have to find my own prostate cure.

The first thing you must know is:

Chronic Prostate Problems
Not Normal

No, they are NOT normal. It doesn't matter how old you are.  But, yes, they are common. In fact it seems almost all old men talk about them.

Normal is feeling good your entire life and functioning properly in all ways for your entire life.

That sounds silly, right? But, it is only silly because, as a society, our health is entirely messed up from unnatural living habits!

The fact is, we shouldn't have to find a prostate cure.

Age is not toxic! But, the things we commonly do during those years can be very debilitating and toxic. And, that is what causes all of our health problems. All of them! Even the "genetic" ones.

A man, in his natural state, has no significant prostatic swelling, pain or impotence even if he is in his 80s or 90s!

The real trouble is: These days, most of us live so far removed from natural conditions that health problems are practically epidemic! It is almost  impossible not to have bad health issues under modern conditions and with so many health abusing habits.

The bad news is: most men don't even know how they are destroying their sexual health.

The good news is: In the great majority of cases:

With Simple Correct Prostate Massage
You Can Turn Most of These Problems Around
Make Them Disappear

I started some very extensive and exhausting research on prostate problems and pain. Since modern medicine was telling me there was "nothing really wrong with me", I decided to research every other avenue I could find.

I wanted to know how other men had regained their health. How some men in their 70s and 80s were having better sex lives than I was.

There was no internet at the time. It was a very difficult process. There didn't seem to be a lot a available material on this subject. Still, pain and impotence was not what I was willing to accept. I wanted to cure myself. So, I persevered.

And, that is how I discovered what correct massaging can do!

Eventually I Found Everything I Needed To Know
To Become Well and
Sexually Potent Again!

I studied not only prostate massage, but also: health, diet, exercise, meditation and mind control. Everything I could find about prostatic health.

Maybe that is why so many men call me The Expert You Can Trust.

In the end, feeling well again proved not to be such a difficult task. But, finding the information took me years! You will find all of that information right here on this web site.

In the beginning, I had been suffering for well over a year. It was while I was studying prostate massage therapy that I stumbled upon the healing vibrating massage.

Back then, I was sometimes in so much pain that I was having trouble concentrating on anything else. Pain killers, for some reason, were not doing anything for me.

When I learned about vibrating massage I immediately tracked down the best, most powerful vibrating body massager I could find. I did my first vibrating massaging as soon as I received it!

This One Prostate Massage
Was a Miracle for Me!

I'm not kidding. My pain subsided by about 80%! And, I slept like a baby that night. It's wasn't my prostate cure. But, boy did it make me feel better!!

Before that NOTHING was working for me!

You will learn the exact method I used, as well as everything else I used to get completely well, right here on this site. (The full instructions for the vibrating massage are listed right at the top of the table of contents. The page is listed under sub heading "The Conditions" and is called, "Immediate Pain Relief".)

My pain, of course, returned in another day. Not quite as bad. But, bad enough for me to know I had not yet found my prostate cure and that I still more work to do.

I used this vibrating massager again. Again, it was blessed relief! I continued to use it whenever the pain acted up. But, the problem still remained.

I then learned the correct way to do a prostate massage. (I had been doing it wrong.) I learned about the power fresh parsley juice has in healing the prostate. I learned the magic of Silver Water. These three things got me on my way to full recovery! I noticed week by week I was getting better and better in every way!

I continued with my healthy program, my massages, and taking my supplements. I continued my studies and kept learning, reading and applying everything that made any sense.

I experimented with every natural treatment I found. Some things worked. Most did not. Sometimes there was a temporary awful setback. I kept with it.

I Started Feeling
Better and Better!

I learned the underlying causes of my problems. Why nonspecific prostatitis (like mine), the kind medical doctors have no explanation for, was 8 times more prevalent than bacterial prostatitis.

I found out why my BPH happened and what caused it. Why what I was doing, and the living habits I had, were actually was causing these problems to happen to me.

I learned that I had unconsciously and unknowingly

caused my own problems.

And, that by removing these causes, I was creating half of my own prostate cure.

Both of these points seem to hold  true for most every man I talked to.

When I made the necessary changes and added the necessary measures (especially correct massaging), ALL my prostate problems began to disappear!

After years of study and research and endless trials:

I Learned How To Cure
ALL of My Own Prostate Problems!

Yes, ALL of them!

I ended the pain, the frequent nocturnal awakenings to pee, the impotence in my mid 30s. For years I had suffered from these ailments. When I learned what was causing them, I was able to start eliminating them.

Today at 61 I am vibrantly healthy, pain free, sexual and I pee 24oz. at one time (instead of 3 or 4)! Needless to say, I sleep like a log and wake up refreshed! My own personal prostate cure is complete!

Most Men are Embarrassed
Talk About These Problems

During my years of research I read that many hundreds of thousands of men suffer from these same troubles and various other ailments here. However, I rarely ever heard anyone I know mention these in social conversation.

This made me curious. So, I started casually asking friends and acquaintances about this.

Low and behold! I was amazed at what they told me! I almost could not believe the amount of men in their 30s (not to mention 40s and beyond) who would tell me the Hell this little gland would put them through!

And, most men said they were really embarrassed to say they had these troubles. They felt like it would make them seem weak.


Practically all men have some difficulties here if they live past 50! 

However, there is some really good news for you:

Over 98% of ALL Prostate Problems
Are Simple to Resolve

When I started sharing the information with friends and associates, remarkable things started happening!

Someone finally convinced me to put up a web site so that all this information would be easily available to the hundreds of thousands of men who needed it.

They said, "Just tell them what you learned and we bet it can help them too."

The whole idea of a website seemed overwhelming to me! But, with the constant encouragement from friends and the help of some very good teachers: Here we are!

--I place every significant topic concerning

prostate health

as well as sexual and urinary health

on this site for you.--

I will also tell you what nutritional products have proven to give the best results. I'll let you know which are the most dependable and economical suppliers of high quality supplements. Natural products that really work!

Please read all the chapters on this site. Because,

Sometimes It Is The Small Or Unusual Things
That Really Make Improvements Happen

It all depend on your own personal situation and what caused your ailments. Some of the information on this site is basic common knowledge and easy to find in other sources.

Some, is information you will probably find nowhere else. Like the remarkable power of Silver Water, fresh parsley juice, or the peripheral massages.

Those things, added to correct internal massaging, truly helped to change my life and were so important in my own personal prostate cure!

I had to learn a number of things to find out what thing or combination of things works just right for you. But, when I found them, my troubles began to melt away. Feeling better and better was heavenly! And, eventually, I created my own prostate cure.

Remember, none of us are exactly the same. Your needs may be slightly or greatly different than mine. Your situation(s) may be easier or harder to resolve.

However, if you are like most men (98%), you can undoubtedly resolve your prostate problems if you take the time to learn what's causing your troubles here and take the necessary actions! The answers are available. Most of them right here. The rest is up to you.

There are no real health mysteries.

And, I have found correct massaging to be the greatest asset in helping to speed up the process.

You Were Designed To Be
Perfectly Healthy!

You are supposed to be healthy! We were not designed to live in pain with all kinds of malfunctions, prostatitis, BPH, etc... Those are ALL man made!!

By that I mean, we have forgotten how to take care of ourselves properly.

Your body is always trying to be healthy. If you give it a chance, it will most probably get healthy.

Everything I learned on the way to creating my own personal prostate cure, is contained on this site. I don't need to use all these remedies. I know which ones work just right for me. I had to experiment, by trial and error, to find out which ones gave me the results I wanted.

While I was regaining my health, I spent regular time each day massaging  and soothing my sore, swollen, inflamed gland.

Even so, sometimes, I had unexplainable set backs. But, those became shorter and shorter. Eventually,

I Fully Regained My Health!

William Zmachinsky dancing on the beach

(Yep! That's me, this year, dancing Tango on the Santa Monica beach!)

And, if you are like 98% of men: you can too!

I now having great sex again on a regular basis! I don't get up 4 times a night to pee anymore. Only once. My chronic prostatitis pain has disappeared. Today, my health maintenance routine is really quite simple.

It took me years to find the answers you have right here on this web site. Some of the most effective and simplest, age old techniques have been the very best for me. And, when I share them on these page I get hundreds of emails telling me how great they are.

Maybe why that is why I have been labeled the expert you can trust. It gives me great pride!

Today I am very healthy, sexually strong, pain free and happily lustful!

It is my wish, that by sharing all I have learned with you, that you too will find your way back to complete prostate health and sexual vitality again.

Just like for tens of thousands of other men before you, correct prostate massage may be your answer! I truly believe most men will be able to find the prostate cure they have been seeking.

I have included many Success Stories on this site to give you some additional inspiration: "Prostate Massage Success Stories"

Be well.....

~ William

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