Natural Treatment
Enlarged Prostate

natural treatment for enlarged prostate

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate is often the last resort for most men. And, that is unfortunate because more often than not, natural methods seem to be the most effective.

The Three Types

Now there three basic kinds of enlargement:

- Enlargement from BPH

- Enlargement from inflammation

- Enlargement from Cancer

BPH - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

BPH is a condition where the prostatic tissue grows in an attempt to compensate for diminished function due to nutritional deficiency.

I’m almost certain you’ve never heard it explained that way. But, that’s what it really is and why it happens.

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate due to BPH is much simpler and much more effective than you may imagine. And using natural treatment for enlarged prostate has saved countless men from unnecessary surgeries.

If your diet had the proper elements your gland wouldn’t be growing this way. If you start feeding it the proper nutrients, it will shrink comfortably.

Correct massage techniques will expedite the process.

Because the growth is slow, the problem here is usually not painful.

BPH Complications

The main problems from BPH are:

  • Diminished urine flow from the bladder (and eventually it may even cut off the flow entirely)

  • Frequent urination in small volume

  • Inability to completely empty the bladder

  • Incontinence

At best it’s annoying. At worst your urine flow will be cut off and you can have serious pain and potential life threatening complications.

I’ve written an entire section on natural treatment for enlarged prostate due to BPH that is entitled: Relieve BPH With No Side Effects.
For most men with this condition, the information on this type of natural treatment for enlarged prostate is quite an eyeopener and life changer.

And, since I cover the subject thoroughly on the link above, this is as much as I will go into it here.

Inflammation and PAIN!

Inflammation in this gland of ours can be a cruel nightmare!

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate is the only effective remedy that worked for me personally. Everything else failed!

Here I am going to be discussing how to get some immediate relief and what we can do to reduce and eliminate the pain completely using only natural treatment for enlarged prostate.

In fact, chronic terrible pain from swelling here is the specific condition that led me to start my own personal research into natural treatment for enlarged prostate.

Getting Some Immediate Relief

NOTHING in conventional medicine was working for me.

When my own pain problem first developed I sought out the usual avenues of relief.

Basically, what I got was pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs. To my amazement, and horror, none of them seemed to work for my condition. At all!

It took me many months of research to find my answers. I suffered a lot then!

It was natural treatment for enlarged prostate that turned the tide for me, gave me some immediate relief during flare ups, and eventually cleared up my condition completely.

If you are in pain from inflammation, the very first thing you want is relief from that pain. So here are the methods for immediate pain relief and reduction that worked for me and since have worked for countless other men.

Needless to say, you can’t continue with the abuse to your gland if you ever expect it to get better. But, most of us, in the beginning at least, do not even know that we are abusing our gland or HOW we are abusing our gland.

So what we need most at these moments is just some simple immediate relief.

The Gift of Youth

When we were young and enjoying the pleasure of our sexual systems in every which way, all we ever had was fun and enjoyment from it.

There seemed to be no consequences from abuse of any kind. Natural treatment for enlarged prostate was not even in our consciousness.

If you are reading this now, you know that all of that has changed!

The Curse of Age

When we get older all kinds of sexual trouble seems to emerge and there seems to be one problem after another.

These can include and are not limited to:

  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence
  • BPH

These things can really take the whole joy out of sex and even ruin and destroy it completely. Along with this comes the feeling of emasculation and depression.

The Good News!

great results from natural treatment for enlarged prostate

The good news here is that it is not age itself that causes these problems.

What causes these problems is all the things we unknowingly do to ourselves over the years. Over and over again!

This is why natural treatment for enlarged prostate is so amazingly effective.

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate helps normalize and remove all the abnormalities we have been harming our bodies with.

Mother Nature is very forgiving. Up to a point.

But, most of us do so many unnatural things to ourselves that our bodies respond accordingly.

Unfortunately, because most everyone does these things, we consider them normal. And all these problems are then considered normal. They are not normal!

But, they are the normal result of the continual mistreatment.

This is a very important distinction to understand. It will make the difference between your ability to get truly health again or not.

And, it will enable you to understand why natural treatment for enlarged prostate is so effective.

How We Get Well

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate simply removes the elements that cause enlargement and restores the elements that create health and normalcy.

Very simple! But, it takes time, persistence and patience.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, there is none.

It is the same principle behind all natural healing. And, it works! Why is it not more well known? Because we are so absorbed in wanting a pill to fix everything that we have forgotten a lot of simple logic.

Some Simple Logic: If you break your leg you must set the bone and then give the bone a chance to heal itself. There is no pill that heals the bone. There never was. There never will be.

We all know that.

A cut works similarly. There is no pill that heals it. The body heals itself.

We all know that.

Most of us don’t know why. We just know that is what happens if we give these conditions what they need.

So now you must understand this same principle about your gland. If you do, you will now see why natural treatment for enlarged prostate is so amazingly effective.

The Main Causes of ALL Prostate Problems

All body tissues share certain elemental (nutritional) requirements.

Glands and organs, however, have certain special needs because they perform special functions. These needs are more specific than the needs of the bone and muscle mentioned above.

In our male gland certain nutrients are necessary for healing and maintaing a normal state.

Good blood flow is necessary also.

This is why p correct prostate massage has helped hundreds of thousands of men correct their pain, enlargement conditions, and virtually every malady in this area.

Correct massaging is often the one natural treatment for enlargement that makes the difference between success and failure.

In fact:

poor blood flow, inadequate nutrition, and overuse,

are the three prime causes
almost ALL problems in this precious gland of ours.

Toxemia (usually in combination with or as a result of the above) is the cause of almost all cancer here.

I will not be dealing with toxemia or cancer in this article.

Natural Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate includes:

  • Correct Massage
  • Nutrition
  • Specific Exercise
  • Plenty of Clean Water
  • Proper Rest
  • Moderation

Of all these items, Moderation is the least understood and the least practiced and possibly the most significant for many men.

If you have more sexual activity, specifically ejaculation, than your body can handle, your gland is going to swell up and cause you very significant pain. Period!!

This does not mean more sexual activity than when you were 20. Or, more than your friends can handle. Or, more than you want or think is OK.

It means: more than your body can handle in the condition it is in today.

I get letters from 22 year old guys in agony. When I find out they are having intercourse or masturbating three times every day, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why they are in pain.

For many young me a brief period of abstinence combined with a bit of sexual moderation is all the natural treatment for enlarged prostate that they need for a complete recovery!

At 22 we usually recover quite quickly from most conditions.

At 40 it is not so easy.

And, at 50 or 60 you’re going to need some time and real attention.

What This Means to YOU!

So what moderation means for you is: What works for your body.

We are all different.

Some men can have lots of sex. Some a LOT less. Just like hair on our heads. Some men are gifted there, others are not.

Some men develop problems here easily, and some can stand a lot of abuse before trouble begins.

Genetics plays a role here. But, Proper lifestyle and attention to the natural treatment for enlarged prostate items that I mentioned above have a much greater influence on your health and well being.

If you have enlargement due to over indulgence (the most common cause of pain), you will need to keep cutting back on your sexual activity until you find out what works for YOUR body.

Not exciting, right? But, this is what makes a male sexual system function without pain. Proper nutrition, correct massage and specific exercise help.

But, at the end of the day, your body has it’s own capabilities. And it’s own time period for regeneration and recovery. If you don’t allow for these, you will suffer! ENDLESSLY!


Infection can also cause serious inflammation. In fact that is what is called prostatitis.

A medical exam is always recommended for any case of pain in this area. There is often a very simple medical remedy for infections that can be diagnosed.

The problem is: 7 out of 8 cases of prostatitis are diagnosed as “non specific prostatitis”.

That mean they don’t know why you have inflammation and pain.

The text link highlighted above will give you my pages that go into detail on this condition.

Wise Men

Wise men will see the logic in all this, get it, apply it, and learn to make themselves well.

I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

Not so wise men will say, “Oh. I thought you had a quick fix for us that would solve our problem and let us have limitless sex, drink all the alcohol and caffeine we want, eat crap, cut our sleep short, etc., etc., etc....”

They keep looking for a “magic pill” and they suffer endlessly and eventually become impotent.

Which one will you be?

Time and persistence with correct methods will heal over 99% of all, yes ALL health issues. I wish someone had been there to tell me this when all my own problems started. It would have made the road A LOT easier.

The Results Are Waiting For You!

Natural treatment for enlarged prostate was the only effective cure for me. With moderation, correct massage techniques, and an improvement in my lifestyle I became healthy and pain free again!

Yes, sad but true. It was even a bummer for me!: Moderation. Ugh.... I hated it and it was not something I ever really practiced on many things before this.

And temporary abstinence! Ughhh again!!... But, it rapidly made me feel better.

Sometimes, temporary sexual abstinence is necessary to reverse a lot of pain issues in this area. Sometimes our bodies just needs a really good rest!

This was for me and it may be for you. But, the heavenly reward of a pain free body from this type of natural treatment for enlarged prostate has been so worth it!

And the only side effects of natural treatment for enlarged prostate are more radiant health and a much greater sense of well being.

It’s Time to Be Well Again!

Mother Nature is amazingly forgiving. She wants you to be happy and well. But, you have to give her some time and the necessary tools to do her job.

It won’t happen in a day.

However, in almost every case, a man should be able to return to a pain free, healthful, fully functional and happy sex life.

I have received countless letters that attest to this! Even from men of quite advanced age.

If you’ll just help your body out and give it a chance with these methods of natural treatment for enlarged prostate the same results are most likely waiting for you!

Be Well.....

~ William

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