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Now you have an enlarged prostate! Ughh. Welcome to the world of middle age and older men.

You’re not alone. Almost ALL men past 40 have some kind of enlargement in this gland of ours.

Some men even in their 20s and 30s (due to excessive and poor living habits) share this uncomfortable and often embarrassing problem.

If it wasn’t causing you some kind of discomfort who would really care right?

The Reasons
It Got Bigger

This gland is a very interesting one in that whenever it needs to improve it’s function it gets Bigger!

Enlarged prostate is so common because as a society we are guilty of the most hideous crimes to our bodies. And most of the time we don’t even know we are guilty of them!

We do what everybody else is doing. So we think it’s normal. And the way most of us live today is so far from normal!!

That is why there is more disease now, and more kinds of disease, than ever before in history.

A Sign of The Times

We consume so much poison and nutritionally deficient crap that it is practically amazing that we still survive at all!

Add to that, constant stress levels that human beings are just not built to withstand.

On top of that, we are so sexually obsessed as a society that we expect our poor sexual systems to tolerate abuse we would never subject the rest of our bodies to.

Is it any wonder so many things go wrong?

Enlargement, urinary problems, and pain here are just a sign of the times.

Here’s The Really Good News!: For most men, an enlarged prostate condition is reversible!

At least to the point where you can function comfortably and painlessly.

So get ready to feel well again!

Enlarged prostate follows the saying that any malfunction of the body can be reversed or removed by at least 50%.

For most men that would take them to the comfort, functional, and painless zone. Would that be good enough for you?

An Enlarged Prostate
Almost Always Reversible!

We have some problems these days that we didn’t have 100 years ago.

Our farm soils are often minerally poor.

What does this mean to you?

It means, even if you are eating a really good diet you can be severely nutritionally deficient in some nutrients your enlarged prostate, and other glands and organs, need.

And your gland can be poisoned by the amount of pesticides and environmental toxins we consume each day. In our food, water and even the air we breathe.

So, why is your best friend, who eats the same food as you, drinking the same water, and breathing the same air not suffering from an enlarged prostate like you are?

Genetics! Some people just have the genetic strength to withstand almost any abuse.

If you are now suffering, this just doesn’t seem fair. But, that’s the way it is. And, it doesn’t mean he won’t be following in your foot steps soon.

FORTUNATELY, however, if you are like over 99% of the male population, you can make your enlarged prostate shrink and function nicely again.

Yes, for most every man the condition is reversible. And reversible enough to make you comfortable again and functioning nicely again!

Don’t We Address the Causes???

It amazes me how “cause” is almost never addressed with so many physical conditions. It’s absurd.

"Take away the cause
of most abnormalities in the human body
those abnormalities go away or stop causing problems."

This applies to cancer, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and enlarged prostates!

The Causes of Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate has a number of different causes.

Enlarged prostate can develop for a number of reasons including and not limited to:

  • Malnutrition (of certain nutrients)
  • Toxicity
  • Over use
  • Cancer or benign tumors

Getting Rid of This Problem!

Most enlarged prostate problems can be reversed with some simple prostate massage and nutritional supplementation.

Does that sound too simple? Would you rather have some really cool new drug instead? Well there is none!

And yes, it is really that simple! It takes persistence, time, and patience. But, this is the truth.

Often to the combination above we must add stress reduction, general exercise, and getting off our big fat butts (or skinny weak butts) at regular intervals each day so that our blood can flow at least somewhat normally and keep us well.

This means getting up from your chair at least once each hour and just moving around a bit. It’s not complicated. You just have to do it.

Too much constant sitting can destroy your prostate health no matter how much you follow every other health practice.

This is why correct massage technique is so beneficial for almost all men. It will help compensate for all the sitting and resulting blood constriction you cause each day.

The Quick Fix!

There is none! OK? None!

If you’re looking for a quick fix, there is none! Nor will there ever be.

And, if that is what you are looking for, you can get off this page right now, stop wasting your time, and go about your tragic life.

This site, and this page, are for those men who want real relief and are willing to take the time and effort necessary to get it. AND: Almost all of you can!


Benign prostatic hyperplasia

BPH is normally painless.

BPH is virtually ALWAYS reversible. And, almost always caused by nutritional deficiency.

Is it 100% reversible? Not usually. But, reversible enough to make you comfortable and peeing normally again.

Once you know what’s missing, you can stop the progression and start reversing the condition.

We need certain minerals (like zinc) and cerytain plant sterols to keep BPH from happening or to reverse it.

Your Gland Swells Up So Much!

It's just trying to do it's job!

Note: This gland of ours is very much like our thyroid gland in certain respects.

Your body WANTS to survive and function as normally and healthfully as possible.

When the thyroid is deficient in the iodine it can not function normally. So it grows and grows in an attempt to function well enough to regulate certain bodily processes.

In the thyroid this condition is called Goiter. In an advanced state it’s what you normally are seeing in someone with a very enlarged neck.

With an enlarged prostate the condition is called BPH: Benign prostatic hyperplasia.

BPH is similar to goiter in the thyroid.

When these glands lack certain nutrients they need, they grows and grow in an attempt to be big enough and strong enough to function adequately.

The nice thing is when these nutrients are again supplied in adequate amounts, our gland can resize (shrink) remarkably.

But, this can take quite a while (sometimes a couple of years) so you must be diligent with your nutritional regime and patient.

Need a fix up right now? Remember: there is no quick fix. So don’t believe anyone who says there is.

It was a long road into this problem and it’s a bit of a road out.

What is especially gratifying is that if you are diligent, over time, you notice yourself peeing more freely and less frequently.

After a while you notice that you only get up once during the night to pee instead of six or seven times.

And if you are suffering pain here, you notice it lessening and disappearing!

How nice is that!?

AND, you get confident that you never have to suffer from enlargement problems again!

Internal Toxicity
Can Cause an Enlarged Prostate

Toxicity doesn’t usually cause actual growth of the gland as in BPH. What toxicity does is cause inflammation which causes acute inflammation and swelling in the gland.

This rather fast swelling causes too much pressure on the fascia (the tissue, like skin) that encloses it and this can be EXTREMELY painful!

I mean Extremely painful! I know this personally.

Again, correct specific massage here, lots of clean drinking water, and the techniques for immediate pain relief (see the NAV bar on the left) can be a God send in this condition.

Toxemia is also the number one cause of cancer in this gland.

And nothing will clean your gland faster than correct massage techniques. So I suggest you get yourself an Aneros Helix and start using it right now! The Helix comes in a plastic and a silicone model. The silicone is a few dollars more. BUT, it is much smoother, softer, and more gentle to your delicate internal tissues.

Also, to reduce pain level quickly, I use the sitz bath and vibration massage.

Over Use
Can Make Your Gland Swell Up Overnight
Cause You Terrible Pain!

Overuse is something almost no men realize is a problem. Until they are in terrible, I mean terrible pain from a swollen gland.

This type of enlarged prostate condition is much more common in younger men (20-40) who indulge in too much sexual activity.

Fortunately, once these men correct their level of sexual activity, the pain usually disappears.

We are so inundated with sex oriented everything that we believe we are supposed to perform sexually all the time.

So, as soon as most of these men are feeling better they go right back to having too much sex and cause their painful problem over and over and over again.

"Nothing will destroy your sexual ability
or cause you more prostate pain
than sexual overindulgence."

We never seem to hear about the athletes that are ruined from over training. But, they are and often die early deaths. This is true.

I worked with a world renown personal trainer and champion bodybuilder who told me about this. His constant quote was, “Extreme sports are the road to death.”

The same holds true for your sexual system. Push it too much and too hard and too often and you will destroy yourself sexually and live in daily agony.

We get away with a lot at 20. Even at 30. After that we often have hell to pay for sexual abuse.

Is It Cancer?

Cancer can also enlarge your gland. But, that would be in the form of tumor(s) and not actual gland growth or swelling.

Cancer is topic in itself that is too involved to cover in this report.

However, unless it is advanced, cancer usually causes no urinary flow or pain problems.

As a side note:

BPH does not indicate cancer or even the likelihood of cancer.

What Do We Do?

Enlarged prostate is all too common.

This is only because of our perverted lifestyles. And perverted does not mean we’re “perverts”.

It means that over the last 100 years our food supply and our media advertising (which is so sexually obsessed) has caused havoc with most of the male sexual systems in civilized countries.

Somewhere between the age of 40 and 60 most men are sexual wrecks! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Enlargement and every other problem in this area is considered “normal” because so many men have these problems.

An enlarged prostate
is NOT a “normal” occurrence
when we live in accordance with a natural lifestyle.

Understand This: The human body was designed to work and function perfectly from birth until natural old age death.

Enlarged prostate and 99% of all our other chronic maladies simply come from screwing up natural human living.

Clean up your food supply, drink lots of clean water, exercise moderately, sleep well, moderate your sex life, remove all unnecessary stress and your life will change so dramatically for the better that you will not even believe it!

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this all before. Right? Well, now it’s time to put it to the test! Give yourself a chance to feel good again.

The Best First Step
Any Age

Of course you should get a good check up if you are experiencing what you suspect to be an enlargement here.

In most non-cancerous circumstances, Correct massage for enlarged prostate is probably the best first step back to wellness. If you follow the logic of what correct massage, does you’ll find it’s even true in most cancer situations.

Adding as many of the other ingredients I just mentioned above, as soon as possible, will probably not just fix your enlarged prostate, but your entire physiology.

Just imagine: No more heart problems, arthritis gone, perfect kidney function, no more headaches, chronic fatigue and depression a thing of the past, enlarged prostate normal again... ALL possible!

Most people never believe this. So, most people never overcome their chronic illnesses or conditions. Unfortunate for them. But, that is our current education level.

An enlarged prostate may just be a blessing for you. Because here you are! Learning things that can correct ever malfunction in your body.

Or, maybe for the first time in your health practices, you will really take what has proven to work to heart!

Does This Sound
Too Simple?

Seem too simple? That’s the way our dear Mother Nature intended it. The more complex we make it the worse we seem to become.

If you didn’t get it, read this page again. And again.... until you do get it.

One caution here is: make your transitions SLOWLY. Don’t just jump into a vigorous massage program each day, a lot of physical exercise and a whole new diet.

You can hurt yourself that way, you’ll feel miserable, and you’ll give it all up in a matter of days.

Your enlarged prostate didn’t happen overnight and it will not shrink overnight. But, you can turn your condition around!

So gradually employ more and more natural lifestyle changes and go easy with your massage program. Especially in the beginning.

Gradually you will notice more and more little changes in your enlarged prostate condition and in your general health for the better. Before you know it, I’ll bet you you’ll be feeling better than you have in years!

But, you have to do it! And, you have to stay with the program. It doesn’t “just happen”.

Feel Really Good Again!

Don’t want to do all this stuff? You don’t have to!

If you are happy with your enlarged prostate and diminished sexual ability, peeing 6 times each night, or constant pain, etc.. etc... just keep doing what you’re doing. And, watch it get worse and worse. It definitely will.

Or, get back to Nature’s way. Try some regular massaging with your Aneros Helix. See how easy it can be! And get ready to say goodbye to your enlarged prostate gland.

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Be Well.....

~ William

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