The Cause
Erectile Dysfunction - 2023

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learn the cause of erectile dysfunction

The cause of erectile dysfunction is not complex.

There are those who would like you to believe otherwise because there is huge money to be made in the treatment of this debility. It's a billion dollar industry.

The more mysterious and complicated it can be made to seem, the more money there is to be made from different treatments because you feel helpless. Unmanly. Then, you feel you need some "product".

There are lots of people who have something to sell you!

And, if you are kept unaware of the cause of erectile dysfunction, you will buy lots of products!

It's just business to the manufacturers.

To you, it's your life, your health, your happiness and mental well being.

There Are Only Four Causes
of Erectile Dysfunction

Outside of serious illness there are only four things that are the cause of erectile dysfunction. Not hundreds. Just four:

  • Extended improper nutrition (malnutrition)
  • Impaired circulation
  • Emotional stress
  • Prescription drugs

That's it! These are the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Even 98% of the diseases that are blamed as the cause of erectile dysfunction are nutrition and stress related. And, those diseases can normally be cleared up with a change of diet and/or lifestyle.

There are those of you reading this that will never accept this fact. For you I am sorry.

For the open minded, this information can lead to a true epiphany and may just be your road to renewed health.

Some people ask: "What about diabetes, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc?..." Yes, they can all be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

And, 95% of the time (or more) all of these diseases can also be reversed with a proper diet (Primitive Diet) and/or a change of lifestyle.

If you are going to believe that some "wonder drug" is going to solve this sexual system problem, then you are never going to get well again.

You may force your system to work temporarily with those methods. But, eventually it will fail again and then it may be too exhausted to recover.

Personal Abuse

The entire problem is that people want to abuse their bodies with un-nourishing foods, alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, lack of sleep, huge stress, lack of exercise.... And then, they want some pill or magic treatment to make up for all this abuse and make everything right again. It's never going to happen. Never.

Sure, there is Viagra®, Cialis®, Levitra®, and all the other sexual system stimulants that exist. But, these drugs do not cure this problem. They do not reverse erectile dysfunction.

These drugs stimulate and chemically force your already exhausted system to perform a function.

Drugs do not address the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Each time you resort to these stimulants your system is left weaker and more depleted than it was before. Eventually, it will no longer function at all. Even with the drugs.

The Extreme Dangers
Sexual Stimulants

When using male sexual system stimulants

you risk:

heart attack, stroke, and blindness!

You will find that written warning packed on an enclosure with those products. Is a night in the sack worth that?

The male sexual system requires many specific nutrients to function properly. I am going to use an analogy to easily explain the cause of erectile dysfunction. An automobile. A sexy automobile! A Ferrari sports car!

If you owned a Ferrari you'd have one hot car!! It's true they are "chick magnets". But suppose you had flat tires, or no spark plugs, or no radiator? And, if you never replaced those parts, that beautiful car is not going to get you anywhere. Or attract anyone.

When your sexual system lacks any of the nutrients it needs, it's not going to take you anywhere either. Lack of adequate nutrients is the cause of erectile dysfunction for most men.

Now with a car, you'd know what to do. You'd go and get some fresh tires, or spark plugs, or whatever it needed, and be on your way. You'd be able to get the car running again.

With your own body, you were probably never really educated correctly on what you need to make it work correctly. So when the "spark plugs" are gone, you didn't even know what they were. And, you don't replace them.

You just continue on with your same old nutritionally deficient diet. You continue with your high stress lifestyle. Then, you wonder what is causing your erectile problems.

It's truly that simple!

And, it's just as simple to remedy!

The cause of erectile dysfunction is most commonly: lack of adequate nutrition.

Clogged Veins and Arteries
Prevent Erections

Clogged veins and arteries are rarely the cause of erectile dysfunction in men under 50.

But, clogged veins (poor circulation) are often the cause of erectile dysfunction in men over 60, men with diabetes and of course men with arteriosclerosis and weak hearts.

Now, lets look at the Ferrari analogy again. If the fuel line in your magnificent car is clogged you won't go too fast if you go at all. The engine just can not get enough fuel.

If your veins and arteries are clogged up enough, your magnificent body will not get a decent erection if it can even get one at all. Your penis just can not get enough blood.

The good news is: Arteriosclerosis is also reversible 95% of the time!

I know you've probably heard that clogged arteries are like clogged pipes in a house. But that's a lot of nonsense!

Veins and arteries are living breathing live structures that are capable of healing, cleaning and repair. When the diet is correct, of course. If you keep eating all the non foods that clogged them up, they will stay clogged and only get worse.

How do you clean them? A Primitive Diet, Fish Oil, and natural B Vitamins with some moderate regular exercise can reverse virtually any arteriosclerosis problem. Walking is a superb exercise for your circulation!

The process does take time. If the cause of erectile dysfunction is clogged blood vessels, look at 6 months to 2 years to see improvement.

Nutritional Deficiencies

the cause of erectile dysfunction is usually poor nutrition

The same holds true for nutritional deficiencies.

When you switch to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle your body can and will heal itself of virtually every degenerative condition including arthritis and cancer! This has been clinically proven over and over again.

There is just no big profit to be made in natural diets. No one can patent them or own them. So, you will never see them advertised for anything.

The fact is (and it is proven over and over again) that a primitive diet is the most powerful "medicine" that you can find for any degenerative condition.

The body was designed to work perfectly and be self healing. People just screw it up through indulgence and lack of knowledge.

Emotional Stress

the cause of erectile dysfunction for some men can be emotional stress

Some stress is normal, natural, and actually healthful and exciting!

Too much stress will literally destroy you. It is also a prime cause of erectile dysfunction.

If you are over stressed you must do 1 of 2 things:

1) Handle it.  That means find the source of that stress. Talk it through with whomever is causing it.Work out a way to eliminate it or at least reduce it to a comfortable level. If that is not possible:

2) Disconnect from it.  That could mean Leaving your job if you have to. Or your spouse if you just can not work things out. If it's your neighborhood, move. I know the answer to all that is, "But, I have responsibilities."

That's true. But, you've been responsible for your life so far and you will continue to be responsible in a new job, a new situation, a new neighborhood, etc..

If stress is the cause of erectile dysfunction for you, that stress will break you down in other ways as time goes on. Eventually it may kill you later. So, handle it now! This will improve your life and the lives of all those you love.

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs can be the cause of erectile dysfunction all by themselves. You can do everything else right for your body and mind. Still, prescription drugs can make you as impotent as a castrated male.

I truly believe over 98% of all drugs are unnecessary.

Very few people really need most of the prescriptions they consume, although they believe the drugs are lifesavers. And, if these people continue in a non healthful lifestyle, the drugs may help. Temporarily.

At times, drugs do save lives and are miraculous things. 98% of the time drugs are abused. Or, used because of lack of real health knowledge and understanding.

If you re-establish your health (and most people can) with a proper diet, exercise, adequate sleep, pure water and calm emotions, you will undoubtedly be able to wean yourself off virtually every drugs. That includes diabetic and heart drugs.

The reason is, you body will start to function normally again. Blood pressure normalizes, the heart takes a normal steady rhythm, the pancreas produces sufficient insulin, the sexual system rejuvenates, etc. etc. etc..

This will take time. Especially with certain medications that can not be stopped "cold turkey". If you are taking any of these types of medication, tell your doctor what you are doing and request his assistance in the process. If he will not help you, there are other qualified medical doctors who will.

Be patient and make progress slowly. Make your changes gradually and continuously. Slowly and steadily is the key to success!

People usually want the "quick fix". The "miracle drug". It would be nice. But, in reality, there is no such thing. There never will be.

You Need
Pure Water!

drinking plenty of pure water may help eliminate the cause of erectile dysfunction

You will also need to start drinking and cooking with only Pure Water.

What does pure water have to do with the cause of erectile dysfunction?

Water is what carries the nutrients through your entire body. Water is what removes the waste products and poisons from your body. Every function of your body is dependent on water.

So, drink plenty of it! Just be sure it is clean and pure.

There can be a multitude of chemicals that may be found in city waters. A number of them are known carcinogens.

Almost all city water contains chlorine. Studies show that people who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher risk of cancer than those whose water is not chlorinated.

There are also hundreds of other chemicals that can be found in city water supplies that can be harmful to your health.

If you think all city waters are just fine, I suggest you watch the movie "Erin Brocovich". It's quite a shocker! And, quite enlightening.

Your water supply may be good or not good. You can not taste everything that is in water. The only way to know for sure is to send it to an independent lab for a full analysis. The cost of this is approximately $150-$200.

You will need to check it regularly because the contents of water tables (where the water comes from) changes.

If you want to be sure you have the highest quality water in your home all of time, you will need to get a high quality filtering system. Not some cheap faucet screw on filter, but a real nice efficient one. They are easy to find on line.

You can get a very nice one for under $500.

When You Know
The Cause Of Erectile Dysfunction
Recovery is Normally Very Simple

most men can regain good erections when they remove their cause of erectile dysfunction

Recovery from this sexual malfunction is not necessarily quick or easy. But, it is simple.

Over 95% of men who suffer from this problem can heal themselves.

The cause of erectile dysfunction is not mysterious or difficult to pin point. Recovery does not require drugs. In fact drugs will only make things worse.

As you now know, outside of illness, the cause of erectile dysfunction is simply a depleted and/or clogged up system, high emotional stress, or prescription drugs.

You tune up your automobile regularly. If you don't, it eventually runs poorly or stops running all together.

Your body needs the same attention. Clean it and tune it and it will run and function beautifully! Abuse it, and you're in for a life of misery and pain.

The most wonderful thing about the human body is that it is completely self healing when given the proper care! All degenerative diseases are easily reversible if they have not gone too far. All of them! That includes this one.

So, Breathe A Sigh Of Relief!

You now know the cause of erectile dysfunction.

And, you now know what will almost always reverse this condition.

Be Well.....

~ William

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