Penis Enlargement
The Facts and The Fiction

last updated September 1, 2020
6:69 pm

penis enlargement

Is penis enlargement really possible? Absolutely!

However there are so many products out there that claim to do the job, yet really do nothing but take your money.

There are:

  • pills

  • patches

  • traction devices

  • weights

  • tubes

  • pumps

  • exercisers

  • exercises

  • and, surgeries

BUT:  Do these things really work?

Some do. Some don't.

Let's take a look at each method:


The most dangerous and I think the worst!

Why? Because it may totally destroy your sex life with the possible side effects.

Complications are common and include: A deformed looking shaft, loss of feeling and sensation, impotence, horrible scarring, lumps & pits, damage to the very intricate nerves throughout the shaft, painful erections, hideous appearance of shaft, loss of sex drive, poor circulation to penis & testicles.

Don't let anyone convince you it's a simple procedure.

The average cost is about $13,000 barring any complications.

The Pills

These are a gold mine for clever marketers.

Penis enlargement pills are almost always hormone stimulating herbal combinations. Basically an herbal "mini Viagra®" type formula.

They will generally help a man with a weak erection get a fuller erection. This give the impression of a bigger penis.

Men with healthy strong erections see no difference.

However after the 6 months of recommended use, your erection will not be measurably longer than it was before. And, you'll be out about $300. $500-$600 if you bought the full year's supply.

The more solid erections do stretch the skin more. So, you may notice an longer flaccid penis.

If that is your goal, these may be for you. Those results, however, are usually temporary.

An unfortunate side effect of stimulant pills is that after prolonged use, you may have a problem getting an erection without them.

The Patches

Another rip off way to take your money.

Penis enlargement patches are basically the same as pills except the stimulants are time released into your blood through your skin instead of ingested orally.

Patches are great if your quitting smoking. Sexually they're nonsense.

Because of their extended time release they will give you a more prolonged feeling of arousal than pills if you don't use them too often.

They are, however, very much a high profit gimmick. Another wonderful way to waste your money.

Pumps, Tubes, Elastics

Everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to penis enlargement. The ads are usually much more clever than the items.

Really making a cock bigger only comes from pulling the penis until the cells actually separate. New cells grow to fill these microscopic tears. The tissues then are microscopically longer and actually thicker.

This process must be repeated over and over and over again. This is the only way (barring surgery) to real and permanent penis enlargement.

All these unusual penis enlargement devices do this to some degree one way or another. But, usually not very well.

Most of them just are not really effective. Some are outright dangerous.

They are  just more ways for manufacturers to cash in on male vulnerabilities or egos. And, sell you yet another "unique" and disappointing product.

If you pull too hard or for too long a time you can cause permanent damage to the penis.You can even burst your blood vessels with a pump and have permanent damage and discoloration of your penis.

The Exercises

There are a number of exercises out there for "making your dick bigger". They actually work on the muscles of the prostate gland and urinary tract.

These exercises don't make your cock grow bigger because your cock is not a muscle. It doesn't grow from increased exercise.

You dick gets large and hard because there are two chambers in it (corpora cavernosa) that fill with blood when your body releases certain hormones into your blood stream.

These "exercises", however, may help you control your urine flow if you tend to drip.

Penis Weights

This is the original method of penis enlargement.  Men used to attach stones (with a cord) to the end of their penis and sit somewhere for hours every day while their dick was being pulled.

These really work. And quite well. They are the oldest method of penis enlargement.

BUT, you need to devote at least 2-4 hours every day to having some weights dangling from your penis.

Unless you do nothing all day long or live in some remote place where you have lots of empty hours every day, these are probably not going to fit into your lifestyle.

The Best Method
Safe Effective Penis Enlargement

penis enlargement, safe and effectivePro Extender

penis enlargement with quick extender proQuick Extender Pro

The traction "Extender" is the best and most effective method of real and permanent penis enlargement.

 "Used correctly, high quality extenders
are better than
any other penis enlargement method in the world."

They are so good that they are actually medically endorsed and recommended in 29 countries worldwide.

The units pictured above are the Pro Extender (top). The Quick Extender Pro (bottom). There is nothing better then these two brands.

Extenders have also proven to be the best and safest medically approved, and physician endorsed, method for straightening a curved or bent penis. Extenders work on the same principle as weights.

You are able to apply a steady gentle measured pull on your penis for hours at a time.

The best part is you don't have to set aside part of every day to use one. You just put it on and wear it!

You can wear a traction extender comfortably under your clothes and go about most of your daily activities while it works. This allows the use of the extender without altering your current lifestyle.

There are cheap ones and good ones. The cheap poorly made one are not always safe or durable.

Extenders range in price from about $99-$500. A far cry less than a dangerous $16,000 surgery. And, about the same cost as a supply of useless pills or patches.

Most of the quality extenders come from Europe. In Europe, they must carry the "CE" marking. This is a stamp of safety given to medical devices by European Health Authorities.

Do They All Work The Same Way?

I've done a lot of research on the units that are available on line.

The two best units, and best buys, I have found in high quality extenders are: the Pro Extender and the Quick Extender Pro penis enlargement systems. You just saw them in the two pictures just above.)

You can buy just the unit or the whole kit. The kit is fun, but the unit is all you really need. If you can't afford the X4 Luxury kit (the strongest tension spring they offer) the "gold" is almost as strong.

They both carry the important European "CE" safety marking. They are both physician approved and recommended. And, both companies have great customer service and support!

They are the best devices of this type I have found at any price. They cost about $400.

Both are reliable, durable and work well. Just click on each one to get the full story about it.

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on the absolute best penis enlargers available!

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It Takes Some Time to Make Good Gains

If you've been reading on the internet that you can "...add 3 inches to your cock in 3 weeks!..." and you believe that, you're going to be very disappointed when you try out their product.

That kind of real penis enlargement is impossible! Unless you have never had an erection in your entire life and you suddenly get one.

safe, effective, permanent penis enlargement is very possible

Here's what you can really expect:

You will need to use an extender regularly for about a year to make good gains. You don't have to use it every day. Just regularly.

Don't expect a 3" erection to become a woman mauling 9" weapon! This is not going to happen either.

But, you can look for 1/2" to 3/4" in new length and some nice added thickness.

Though size may vary, you will achieve permanent results because you actually add new living tissue to your cock.

If you really feel a need or desire for a bigger cock, the traction extender (used correctly) has proven to be the safest and best bet for real permanent results.

Remember to use your traction penis enlargement device gently, gradually, and regularly. Pulling too hard can cause you pain and penile damage.

Be Well.....

~ William

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