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You Really to Need to Try One!

last updated December 1, 2022
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The Prostate Cradle is a wonder ingenuous device invented by Adam McVay, a certified massage therapist.

It will not replace the traditional internal massage. But, it can be a real help in the road back to sexual health and in maintaining a healthy pain free gland.

And, for some men this little device is a real comfort!

What Most Of Us Don't Know

prostate cradle 2a

92% of modern men have too much tension in their pelvic floor. This tension constricts the blood flow and can cause all kinds of problems including prostatic pain, testicular pain, and pelvic pain. Using the Prostate Cradle can help reverse this situation and create a lot of relief.

What It Can Do

The Prostate Cradle works on the perineum (the space between your scrotum and your anus).

It also affects the acupressure point that leads to the gland itself. Using the Prostate Cradle can:

  • Stimulate the nerves that lead to this gland and all your sexual organs
  • Relax tension in the muscles of the perineum

which will:

  • Help increase blood flow to the gland

What The Prostate Cradle Can Not Do

Prostate Cradle 2

The Prostate Cradle will not massage the gland directly. This can only be accomplished with the traditional internal prostate massage or the External Massage Technique.

But, the Cradle can be a worthwhile aid in your massage program. And I recommend trying one out because many men love them and they only cost $50. And, how much have you spent on your prostate problem already? Right? 

This little cushion can be a very helpful tool in your sexual health program.

Why I Love This Little Product

Adam had his own prostatic issues before he developed the Cradle. And, the mainstream was just not clearing them up (like so many of us learned the hard way).

So, he set out to find out how he could really help himself.

A lot of time and research went into the development of this simple looking little object. A lot of personal sweat, labor, and expense.

Adam also didn't just bang out a product to try to make a quick buck as so many people do these days. He spent a lot of time getting the original design right.

And, it works! For many men.

You don't need to use it for months to know if you are benefiting from it and like it.

And, it's not the answer for every man.

But, if you try it once and you feel a bit better, than you know you have something that can bring you some relief. How many times would you have paid $50 for a single day of relief? Right?

Even though the original design was a winner, he has since made about 6 refinements and improvements on the materials so that you can get the absolute most benefit from it.

I think the new squishy one is the best one yet.

Using The Prostate Cradle

The device is EXTREMELY easy to use. You sit on it! It is shaped to fit the body just right. You can also move around on it a little for added effectiveness.

My only WARNING is this: Use it Gently!! Use plenty of padding over it to start. If you use it too aggressively (with no padding), especially at first, you can cause yourself the same problems that come from bicycle seats. This could mean a sore perineum or very sore testicles. And possibly some new pain.

If you apply too much pressure you can also bruise your perineum and that will hurt! That's why you use padding.

If you use it gently (with lots of padding) to start it should be a very pleasurable experience. It's nice! It can be very refreshing!

It can be ideal for men who travel and don't have the ability to perform an internal massage. Or for men (most of us) who sit too long each day and need to refresh the blood flow to their prostate and pelvic area.

Should You Buy One?

prostate cradle 3

I think so. I have four. Since Adam kept improving it, I kept trying the newest ones.

You only need one.

If you suffer from prostatic issues you know what one doctor visit costs. About $200-$300.

For about $50 you can have a tool that may bring you a lot of possible pleasure, comfort, and pain relief. Especially when you are not able to perform your regular internal massages.

And, it should last you for many years.

As I said, it will not replace the traditional internal massaging techniques. But, for only about $50, it's definitely worth a try. Some men think it is just the best!

The new model is made from silicon. I really like the new model a lot!

It is very soft and spongy and is so much better than the original, that if you have one of the original ones, I suggest you try out the new one. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

And get the cushion cover (carry case) with it. The case makes a wonderful pad to put over it (to soften and distribute the pressure) and you can get that for only an extra $6 when you buy them together

The case also makes your Prostate Cradle inconspicuous when you are not using it. That way everyone visiting your home doesn't ask you, "Oh what's this thing for?".

Tell Me What YOU Think!

prostate cradle 4

So try one out!

I'd like to know your personal experience with the Prostate Cradle.

And, after you've used one for a while, write to me: and tell me what you think of it!

Be Well.....

~ William

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