Anal Massage Has Solved Some Very Mysterious
Prostate Pain Problems

Anal massage is usually considered sex play. And, it can be very fun and exciting when used that way.

However, it can also often be of enormous benefit to men with prostate problems or hemorrhoids.

And, it will never replace what correct prostate massage can do.

But, when constricted muscles in the anus are what is causing the problem, correct massaging technique is often the only thing that can relieve the problem effectively.

Why Does Anal Massage Work So Well?

Anal massage sometimes can be the only effective method of relief for certain prostatic pain problems.

These are the problems that result from chronically tense muscles in the anus.

This is a very important point to understand. Even thought the anus seems to feel fine, chronic tension and blood constriction in this area can cause enormous pain in your male gland.

Anal massage can relieve that situation. And when this chronic muscle tension is the problem, pretty much nothing else seems to help.

It’s very easy to see if you have tension in these muscles. And, I will be explaining exactly how to determine that as we go on.

What Actually Happens?

When those muscles get chronically tight, they can be like a dam that is holding the blood back.

The pain that results in your gland is from suffocation and toxemia. It is your body screaming for help.

This is why anal massage brings such prompt relief to the pain issue.

More blood is allowed to flow. This brings more oxygen to the area and also enables the harsh toxins to be flushed out.

Then the nerves stop screaming and the pain seems to vanish as if by magic!

Anal Massage Is Very Simple to Do

This type of massaging is simple to do. Even by yourself. I have written an entire article entitled “The Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage” which explains, in detail, the correct way to loosen the anal sphincter muscles.

It is a very important article for men who suffer from prostatic pain.

The massaging here is not actually on the gland. But, it can have such a HUGE effect on the gland that I include it in the technique series.

Undiagnosable Prostate Pain

Pain here in men often baffles doctors because they can find no reason for it with their tests (which are designed to detect bacteria).

In fact 8 out of 9 cases of prostatitis (the technical term for prostate pain) are called “non specific prostatitis. “Non-specific” just means “cause unknown”.

Anal tightness is responsible for more undiagnosable pain in this area than you might imagine!


it’s such an easy problem to remedy

if you just know how!

Simple Things We Never Learn

In the western world we rely almost entirely on drugs and surgeries to try to correct any and all physical problems.

Unfortunately, that is like trying to use a hammer to correct every issue we have with objects that are not working properly.

Not that a hammer isn’t a great tool! There are times when a hammer is the best possible tool or instrument to use. Like when you have to nail a board up on a house.

But, a hammer will probably never help you fix your computer or your camera. Right?

Well or course, William. Duh..... We’re not stupid.

I know! :)

But, neither are most of us educated in what causes a lot of our physical problems and what corrects these problems

  • easily
  • safely
  • and naturally!

With no adverse side effects!

We are almost never taught simple natural methods of anything anymore.

Or the incredibly true principle:

“Remove the cause


the problem will disappear.”

So,.. it’s time to get a grip on reality!

Amazing Results!

Anal massage may do a number of wonderful things including and not limited to:

  • Relieve your prostate pain
  • Help you heal and reverse numerous male sexual problems
  • Clear up your Hemorrhoids
  • Soothe your entire nervous system
  • Make you more Calm and Relaxed
  • Improve your sleep


Yes, really.

And the results can often seem miraculous!

But, they are just the result of letting the blood move freely again and helping the body normalize so that it can take care of itself in a normal way.

Tension and stress in the anus seem to respond to massage amazingly well. And often very quickly.

If tension in the anus and rectal muscles is not a problem for you, then anal massage will simply be a pleasant experience for you (if you have no other medical disorders down there).

How Do You Know if You Need Anal Massage?

This is a great part. And almost infallible.

If you put your finger in your anus and gently press sideways in any direction, and it hurts, (if it is not a hemorrhoid or injury or tumor) , you can be almost perfectly certain your muscles are too tight.

Another almost always certainty for most modern men is: the muscles in your anus are probably too tight (unless you suffer from anal incontinence).

This is why kegel exercises are usually so disasterous for men. These exercise tighten the anus even more!

Anal Massage, Tension and Stress

Did you ever hear the expressions:

“He/she’s so anal?”

“He won’t ever let anything go. He’s so anal retentive.”

or “What a tight ass!”

Or any of the other expressions that deal with a person’s ass?

Well, one of the problems with stress and tension, especially for men, is we hold it inside. We brace ourselves. We tense up. Because “we must be strong all the time!” (another load of garbage...)

And where do you think a lot of that tension goes? Our sweet lovely asses! It’s a proven natural reflex action. Part of our “fight or flight” mechanism.

It is a natural human fight or flight instinct to tighten these muscles when we are in “fight or flight” mode. And, unfortunately, in modern society, that is most of the day.

Funny, huh?

But, it’s not so funny for all the problems this causes. Fortunately, the remedy is usually so very easy.

Why Your Prostate Suffers

If we only tightened those anus muscles and it didn’t do anything else, it would probably be only a minor annoyance.

BUT, as you now know, constant tension in any muscle causes a very serious problem: restricted blood flow.

Tight muscles in your anus will restrict the blood flow to ALL of your sexual organs also!

You can be experiencing a LOT of pain and problems in your precious male gland because it is suffering from malnutrition and suffocation due to diminished blood flow.

It’s often that simple!

Add a lot of extended sitting each day to that and no wonder most men have so many prostate problems.

NO amount of drugs will fix these types of problems. You have to relax the muscles manually.

Get you blood flowing normally and all the problems associated with this tension usually disappear rapidly. Almost miraculously!!

And, it’s so easy to do!

Are There Side Effects?

This type of massaging will also have none of the possibly terrible drug side effects.

In fact: the only really noticeable side effects you may (and probably will) experience are a more euphoric mental and physical state due to the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are the “feel good” hormones that make you feel so good. Like after a good run or other invigorating physical exercise. They create the “runner’s high”.

Anal massage, done correctly, will usually make you feel extremely relaxed and peaceful right afterward for three reasons:

1) Muscle and nerve tension is released

2) The natural high from the endorphin release

3) You have better blood circulation in the area

And, this soothing peaceful feeling can last for quite a long time!

Other Great Benefits From Anal Massage

Most people think massage (also called “body work”) is just a feel good treat. We just don’t realize, or were never taught, how much of a health benefit it actually can bring to our bodies.

Anal massage is no exception.

There are many other actual major benefits:

  • The muscles relax
  • Blood flow increases
  • The nerves and tissues improve, feel better, and get healthier
  • Overall health and Well Being improves

And, because of the larger amount of nerve endings in the anus, the relaxing and soothing effect on the entire nervous system can be much greater than in other areas where body work is done.


This is important: Anal massage needs some special care that most external body work does not.

Inside you anus the tissue is more delicate than your skin in certain ways. It is also always moist.

It is very important to use a proper lubricant and plenty of it to keep from damaging or tearing the wet internal tissue.

KY jelly works well for most people. But, for those who are latex sensitive, a non latex lubricant will be necessary.

Olive or castor oils can also work well for most people.

It is also important to work carefully and gently here.

Remember: Always be gentle when putting anything in your anus. It is very possible to do a thorough and deep massage in a gentle way.

And: if you ever feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately.

However, if it is simply tight muscle pain that you experience, then just be more gentle. You may even need to use a smaller finger.

For some people the muscles are so tight that in the beginning only a woman’s pinky finger will fit without real discomfort.

And, as I said earlier, just to be safe, get a check up by your doctor before you begin just to be sure there is no medical reason why you should not perform anal massage.

My Personal Results!

As you know, I don’t just glibly or randomly write articles on this site. Most everything on this website involves a lot of research AND very often a lot of personal experience.

For me the discovery of anal massage was life changing!

Early on, I was already doing correct prostate massages. And I would get relief, but sometime could not make my own pain disappear.

Then I read about the connection of anal tension and muscle constriction to my sexual system.

So, I tried my first anal massage.

Geeze Louise!!!!! My muscles were so tight! Like small steel bands. Even my first very gentle massage was really intense!

BUT: the relief I experienced was Amazing!

And the endorphin high afterward was quite wonderful too...

After my second massage, a few days later, I had a huge amount of pain relief. And, I found my general state of well being and feeling of overall health was much improved.

This happens anytime a blockage is released within the body.

After my fourth session, virtually all my remaining pain was gone.

Is Anal Massage All You Need?

Can it replace correct prostate massage?

NO! Definitely not.

Anal massage is for a very specific problem that can affect our male gland adversely. And, cause huge pain problems here.

The gland itself still almost always needs cleaning from toxic accumulation. And, specific direct correct massaging technique is the only thing that will do this effectively.

But, chronic tension in the anus is sometimes what is causing seriously painful problems to be created here or causing existing problems here to get much worse.

Anal massage is then a correct body work technique to add to your personal sexual health program.

How do you know if it is right for you?

Try one out! If you don’t have any serious conditions that prevent you from putting a (well lubricated) finger in your anus, it will be a harmless and possibly wonderfully pleasurable adventure!

The way to be sure you don’t have any conditions that will make this a bad idea is with a good check up from your doctor.

Anal Massage for Pleasure

Now, this is a fun part!

Once you learn how effective anal massage is for removing tension, and you practice it for a while, you find it becomes more and more pleasurable as your muscles relax.

Gentle anal massage can then also be a fun, healthful, and highly erotic addition to your bedroom play if you choose to use it that way. For both you AND your partner! Women love it too.

Gently experimenting with it during foreplay and intercourse can open you both up to a new world of intense erotic sensation and unbelievably powerful orgasms!

Even though most of us may have been mistakenly taught that play here is “dirty”, there is nothing “dirty” or wrong with enjoying or correctly caring for any part of our bodies.

Anal massage can be a wonderful, enjoyable, intensely pleasurable new health giving gift for you and for your special someone!

And, if muscular tension in your anus is the problem, anal massage may just be what puts an end to your stubborn chronic prostate pain.

Be Well.....

~ William

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