The External Prostate Massage
Help Yourself Become Pain Free!

last updated June 4, 2019
4:33 pm

External prostate massage is the refreshment you should begin each day with!

By increasing the flow of fresh blood:

This External Prostate Massage
Can Greatly Help
The Healing Of Your Pain and Problems!

This skin surface technique combined with the internal work can help you become pain free more rapidly! And, it can help you stay pain free!

This technique is not intended to replace the internal work. The deep direct internal work is by far the best technique for deep long term benefits.

External prostate massage is excellent for daily use and for maintaining your health in this area.

It Will Take You
Less Than 5 Minutes Each Morning

And, external prostate massage will greatly enhance the results of the internal prostate massage. Once you are feeling pain free, this simple method of deep rubbing can help you stay that way.

Do it at the end of your morning exercise or before you get out of bed. You can also do it before bed each night or after you have been sitting for too long a time.

O.K. Are you ready? Let's do it!:

Place your hands over your pubic bone. Finger tips should be facing and touching each other.

external prostate massage position 1

Using only your 3rd and 4th finger tips, push down gently into your skin.

Keeping your finger tips together, pull with the fingers of your right hand about 1 1/2 inches to the right. The skin on your abdomen will move with your fingers. Go as far as your skin will comfortably allow.

external prostate massage position 2

Then, with the fingers of both hand still touching, pull with the fingers of the left hand an equal distance to the left.

external prostate massage position 3

Now, just keep going back and forth in this way. Do this for about one minute.

After that, move your fingers about an inch higher on your abdomen.

external prostate massage position 4

Repeat the back and forth movements for another minute or two.

external prostate massage position 5

external prostate massage position 6

Then move up another inch and repeat.

external prostate massage position 7

Then another inch and repeat. Keep working up an inch at a time, until you are right up on your belly button.

external prostate massage position 8

After you have finished the area up at your belly button, start back down at the pubic bone and work your way back up again.


Be very gentle over the gland itself. You'll know when you are there. It is the most sensitive area midway between your pubic bone and belly button.

Our gland here does not like hard deep pressure. It is not like muscle tissue. It is more fragile tissue than the surrounding muscles and skin. You can hurt it and cause yourself more pain if you rub it too hard.


After you've done this complete process through twice, separate your hands and place all four finger tips of each hand firmly into the skin on either side of it.

external prostate massage position 9

Rub these areas with big deep circular motions. Again, the skin of your abdomen will move with your fingertips. Give these areas a nice deep rub! You can press in more deeply here than you did when right on top of your gland.

This last work will really get the blood moving!

The whole purpose of this is to bring some new fresh circulation and life to this area and keep it fresh, pain free, and healthy.

This short morning ritual will actually help your blood move better through your gland all throughout your day.

Prostate Pain Free

Use the external prostate massage daily as part of your complete prostate treatment program. It will help you become, and stay Pain Free!

Be Well.....

~ William

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