Testicular Pain
Achy Ball Syndrome - 2021

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testicular pain and achy ball syndrome

Pain in your testicles can really make you suffer!

Testicular pain can come from different causes such as epididymitis, or Orchitis, or after effects of a surgery.

But, it can also come when there is no medical disease at all. This is commonly referred to as: Achy Ball Syndrome.

When Your Doctor Tells You
"There Is Nothing Wrong"

It's really scary too, because your doctor will examine you and usually tell you there is nothing wrong with you. He may even do extensive testing and put quite a dent in your wallet. And, then he tells you "the good news is, that nothing is wrong with you."

AND, the pain in your testicles can be excruciating! And, chronic.

Let's See
What Might Be Causing Your Pain

Chronic testicular pain can be caused by a serious disease. But, it is more often caused by:

  • too much sitting
  • lack of exercise
  • a big fat stomach
  • sitting with your legs crossed
  • tight pants
  • tight underwear
  • horseback riding...

And, bicycle seats can cause you more pain than anything! They can crush and smash the nerves in your perineum. This can cause you not only testicular pain, but also intense chronic pain in your male gland, penis, lower back or lower abdomen. And, you'll never even see a bruise!

Anything that irritates, squeezes, or cuts off the circulation to your testicles, penis, prostate or perineum can cause testicular pain or achy ball syndrome.

Solving The Mystery

The first thing you need to do is become aware of your daily habits. What are you doing that's causing the problem? There is a cause. When you locate it and eliminate it, the pain will disappear.

The cause can seem a mystery because we all do things like: wear tight clothing, sit too much, ride bicycles, sleep with our legs crossed, sit with our legs crossed, etc...

Any man can develop this problem. Men who sit a lot during the day seem to suffer most. Truck drivers often get. Office workers, also have high incidence of it.

So the first thing you'll need to do is keep an eye on what's going on down there throughout the day and even when you go to sleep. Do you squash, squeeze, or put pressure on your testicles for any length of time? You'll probably be surprised to find that you do.

And, here's why you usually don't realize the source of your problem. The squeezing doesn't have to be a painful squeeze. It can be mild.

But a constant, regular squeezing of your testicles or the surrounding areas can cut the circulation. This can result in chronic "mysterious" testicular pain.

This is because the circulation gets reduced to a point where the testicles start to suffocate, or strangulate.

It can also happen if you have tight anal muscles from tension, sitting, or worrying. The anal peripheral massage can really loosen up those muscles and help get the blood flowing again.

This Is What

Causes The Pain

Let's look at a similar situation: When your foot "falls asleep" the same thing that causes testicular pain is happening. Only it is happening to your foot.

The circulation has been reduced beyond a livable level. Your foot actually starts to suffocate from strangulation. The sensations in your foot can vary from numbness and a sand-like tingling feeling to intense pain and the inability to move your foot. The foot is suffocating.

The testicles always seem to produce pain. And to get your attention, they often seem to scream with pain!

A small squeeze here and there won't hurt your testicles or cause you any real testicular pain.

But, continually squeezing them or cutting off the circulation to them can have you in agony. And you don't know why.

The really good news is that once you get the circulation normalized, the pain disappears.

If you have had chronic pain for a long time it may also take time for the tissues to heal before your pain is fully gone. Some men find great relief after only one massage.

The Benefits You Can Get
Correct Massaging

So, examine your daily habits for a few days. See where you are causing the pressure and possibly cutting off the circulation.

To get the blood moving again there is nothing better than the prostate massages: the external massage, the peripheral massage, and the anal massage. Also massaging your perineum is important.

Always massage thoroughly, but gently. Deep hard massage will only aggravate things. 5 minutes probably won't do the trick. 30-45 minutes is not too much.

The anal technique is one that most men are hesitant to try and yet it is often one of the most effective.

It Never Hurts To Touch
Healthy Tissue

You may find a lot of soreness in these areas when you work on them. The soreness indicates a lack of circulation. Healthy tissue with good circulation is never sore to the touch.

As you regularly work on these areas you will feel the soreness decrease. And, as the soreness decreases your circulation improves. As your circulation improves, notice how your testicular pain vanishes.

These "body working" techniques will also improve the circulation not just to your testicles, but to all your sexual equipment.

Also, the sitz bath has worked wonders for getting some immediate pain relief. The sitz bath is an amazing way to bring increased circulation and relaxation to your entire sexual area immediately.

There Are Stubborn Cases

Sometimes there is so much tension in the surrounding muscles that the muscle lock up. In other words, they stay tense. Even when you sleep. You may have experienced this in the muscles between your shoulders. You don't really know then tension is there until some kind person at the office gives you a little shoulder massage and it hurts like crazy!

The same thing happens around your male gland and testicles. Tight muscles cut the flow of blood and cause pain.

If you use these massages regularly, all the muscles in your sexual region will eventually relax and have improved circulation. But, sometimes you must be persistent.

You Can
Get Rid Of Your Testicular Pain

Testicular pain can come from a serious disease. So, a check up is always in order. But, most often, testicular pain is simply caused by the poor circulation and testicular strangulation (suffocation) we cause with our common modern living habits.

If you are like most men, correct massage and returning the blood circulation to normal (as well as staying off bicycle seats) can usually eliminate your testicular pain.

Be Well.....

~ William

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