Prostate Pain Relief

sitz bath for prostate pain relief

The Sitz Bath is a very old treatment for prostate pain. It's use dates back hundreds of years. It is one of the earliest prostatic treatments. And, it is still one of the most effective remedies for pain in this area.

It is very different from just taking a hot bath.

This special bathing brings a great flow of blood to a specific area of the body. The regular hot tub is pleasant and generally increases circulation throughout your body. But, a regular hot tub is not nearly as effective on a localized condition. Like prostate pain.

The Sitz Bath was originally performed in a large wash tub before there was indoor plumbing. That's where it got it's name. "Sitz" is German for sitting.

This was a specific treatment used for prostate pain as well as hemorrhoid, menstrual, and bowel pain.

It is highly effective, all natural, and very soothing!

A Sitz Bath is Easy To Do!

sitz bath in a modern tub

Today, with the modern bath tub, it is much easier to do. It is also extremely pleasurable. A Sitz Bath will increase the circulation to your tired uncomfortable male gland. And, it seems to just melt prostate pain away! Like Magic!

You'll need a deep bath tub. The one pictured above is very beautiful. But, any tub where you can sit and have the water come up just over your belly button will do the job.

You want hot water to cover the entire area where you are experiencing your prostate pain.

If your bath tub does not allow the water to get that deep (because of the overflow opening), get a flat rubber sink stopper at the hardware store. They look like a flat 4 or 5 inch round disk.

Unscrew the covering from the overflow. Place the rubber disk over the hole. Put the cover back over the rubber stopper and screw it back on (make small holes in the rubber stopper for the screws to go through). This will seal off the hole and allow you to fill the tub deeper. (Just be sure to keep an eye on the tub when it fills or it can overflow!)

Then fill the tub with the hottest water you can comfortably stand. Feel it, with your hand under the faucet, as it runs into the tub.

If it is not too hot for your hand it will not be too hot for your body. It should not cause you pain. If it does it is too hot and it will burn you.

But Hot! Not warm. Warm will not penetrate and do the job. You will see the skin on your hand redden after being in this water for a couple of minutes.

This Is The Reaction You Want!

The redness indicates a great stimulation of blood to the area. You want the blood to Flow!

Now, when the tub is full enough, shut off the water and get in it. It will at first feel too hot. That is only an initial reaction. If the water did not burn your hand while filling the tub it will not burn your body.

That is why you constantly feel the water as the tub is filling. You want the water to heat you, not burn you.

You can make this a bubble bath, a mineral bath, a scented oil bath, or just a plain water bath. Whatever makes you happy is the right thing!

I personally add a little pure pine needle oil to mine. It is a very relaxing and soothing fragrance often used in aroma therapy. It makes the whole room smell like a pine forest!

Lavender is also especially good. It is specifically used to release tension in the practice of aroma therapy. A small amount works wonders after a stressful day!

Now, This Is Very Important:

Once you are sitting in the tub, lean back against the end and take your hands and feet out of the water. Prop your feet up on the opposite end of the tub or the wall. Place your arms up on the side of the tub. You ONLY want the middle section of your body in the Sitz Bath. The area where you have the prostate pain.

This will concentrate the heat into this specific area and force the blood to flow there.

If you put your whole body into the tub, the treatment will not work properly. You want to make the blood flow heavily into just one specific area of your body. That is why you concentrate the heat there.

It's Time

Just relax and feel how good it feels in there. You'll notice the tensions start to loosen almost immediately. The prostate pain itself seems to relax. You don't rub or massage anything in here. Just relax and let the heat do the work.

sitz bath for prostate pain

After you do the Sitz Bath a few times you'll probably find it becomes one of your favorite things to do! It is so comforting and relaxing.

Take a pleasurable book in with you. Put on some soothing music if you want. If you just prefer to relax and enjoy the silence, that's good too!

Do not do work or conduct business of any kind while you are in the Sitz Bath. That will stress your system to a greater or lesser degree.

Your Own Personal
Spa Treatment

So, relax! The Sitz Bath is your own private Spa Treatment. In famous European Health Spas people pay as much as $150 for one of these baths. So relax and enjoy it. Not only will you feel better, you are saving $150!

You're going to be in the Sitz Bath bath for 30-40 minutes. Longer, if it makes you happy. But, 30 minutes minimum! Because, it takes a while for the heat to penetrate all the way in.

It has to pass through your skin, your fatty layer, and your muscles before it even reaches your prostate pain. But, it will get there!

Every once in a while, shift your body around a little bit so that the water moves (keep your hands out of the water. You want the heat going to only one area.).

You'll feel the water warm up a little as you move. That's what you want. It shows you, also, that the heat from the previous water was absorbed into your body!

That specifically supplied heat is what will make your blood flow better.

A Sitz Bath will make you sweat. The more the better. Keep some cool water by you to drink. Drink as much as you want.

After about 15-20 minutes, you will notice the water has cooled a bit. Let some water drain out of the tub and add more hot.

Always Keep The Water
As Hot As You Can Comfortably Stand

After 30-40 minutes (more if it makes you feel good) put you legs in the tub. Sit up. Pull out the stopper and let the water drain from the tub while you are still sitting in it.

Then, when the tub is empty, Stand Up SLOWLY. Your body will be hot and overheated.

If You Get Up Too Fast
You May Faint

So, get up slowly and carefully. If you feel light headed on the way up, Sit Back Down and wait until you have cooled off some before getting up again. There is no rush. Take your time.

Once you are standing, turn the shower on full force COLD only! No Hot water. If the cold is too much for you, then use the coolest water you can.

Direct the spray on your prostate pain area and rub the area gently for a count of 15-20 seconds while the ice cold water is spraying it.

That ice cold rinse after a hot Sitz Bath will be just like when you squeeze out a sponge! It will cause a short quick constriction of the blood vessels. That really squeezes out the old blood and toxins! The heat retained in the rest of your body will quickly open them up again.

Circulation will increase Dramatically! You will see your skin has turned red! That's perfect. How is your prostate pain now? Is it feeling better?

Once you're used to this cold rinse, it will feel GREAT! You'll look forward to the end of your bath and the refreshing cold spray. The first time you do it, it will be a real shocker!

Don't stay in the cold water too long. You don't want to get chilled. But, 1-3 minutes will not be too much. There is lots of surplus heat in your body after a Sitz Bath.

Now, if you want, take a pleasantly cool shower. Then, dry off. Or skip the shower and just dry off. Whatever makes you feel best. You've completed the Sitz Bath!

Notice How Much Better You Feel!

Not only is the prostate pain greatly reduced. Notice how nice you feel all over! More relaxed, calmer, happier. Isn't that Amazing?!

It's your own private prostate pain spa treatment! Although a Sitz Bath two or three times a week is usually plenty, you can have a Sitz Bath anytime you feel the need or desire.

Also keep in mind, your prostate pain most probably did not develop in just one day. So, it probably won't totally disappear and never come back again after just one Sitz Bath. That would be nice! But, it is most probably not reality.

However, the Sitz Bath can be very very soothing and make you feel much better NOW!

The Sitz Bath Can Have
A Remarkably Soothing Effect
On Your Prostate Pain

The whole idea is to feel better. Day by day. Right now you just want to reduce the pain. But, in the long run you want the pain to go away completely. You're going to have to work on that. Day by day. The other chapters in this site will show you how.

sitz bath for prostate pain relief

After your Sitz Bath, try not to sit in a chair right away. Sitting in a chair is the most injurious thing to our prostate circulation that we do every day. Instead, lounge on a recliner or the couch. Or, sit cross legged on the floor.

Be sure to drink 1 or 2 large glasses of water. You've sweated a lot. You need to replenish your system. And, you also want to move those old toxins to the kidneys and out of your body.

The Sitz Bath is a wonderful and healthful old fashioned remedy for immediate relief from prostate pain.


Be Well.....

~ William

Yolanda Frade - "Thank you very much for your guidance through painful times in that area of my body."

Noah Timms - "Wow this site cheered me up because I have had testicular pain today and I didn't have any crysts or swelling in my testes and this site persuaded me that i just had achy ball syndrome."

Eric Jameson - "Definitely helps, along with the lower back. I did find I had trouble keeping it up in the coming days after, not sure why. Maybe it numbs you down there."

Abbas Khosrow Haj Hariri - "This sitz bath is a good idea, thanks a lot."

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