Prostate Milking - 2024

You Can Overcome
Prostatitis Pain and Impotence!

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by William Zmachinsky

last updated January 19, 2024
6:28 pm

prostate milking

Prostate Milking, performed correctly, can bring you great relief if you suffer from pain or impotence! The best way to milk is with a correctly performed, but slightly modified, internal massage.

Seemingly Miraculous Relief!

Using just enough (and NOT too much!) pressure, squeezes your seminal (prostate) fluid out. Your gland is "milked". It is that simple! But, this practice can bring almost miraculous benefits and relief!

*special note: Prostate milking should always be done gently. Sometimes, no fluid will appear to pass. You may not have enough in there to see any come out. Do not keep pushing harder and harder.

Glandular tissue is much more delicate than muscle, skin or intestinal tissue. It tears more easily. Too much pressure you can damage your gland and/or even tear the connecting urethra. So, always be gentle! I can not emphasize this enough.

Now, the best instruments I have ever found for prostate milking are the Aneros devices. They are highly effective and inexpensive. If you don't already have at least one, you should. The HelixSYN  is my first choice for myself because it is the most comfortable massager I have ever found. And, it seems to be the right size for most men.

Every man I know of, who has used an Aneros with the techniques I teach, has found the relief he was looking for. And that's saying a lot!

Prostate Milking Can Reduce
Pain, Inflammation, and Swelling

prostate milking giving pain relief

First, for health in this area (or anyplace in your body), it is very important to keep the blood moving. And, it is also important to have a regular release of your seminal fluid. This practice achieves these goals.

Both of these things are necessary in keeping you healthy and Pain Free!

"Non-Bacterial" Prostatitis
Hidden Cause of Pain

Your gland is built of tiny structures called acini, or sacs. When the fluid inside is stagnant or unhealthy, bacteria can grow in these sacs. Once that happens, the acini can become inflamed and swell. This swelling can cause the sacs to close off.

When the acini close off, these bacteria do not "shed". That is why they may not show up in normal medical testing. However, the tests often do show that your body is producing antibodies for bacteria that "do not exist".

As more and more of these acini close off, your gland swells. This can eventually cause you lots of pain, as well as urinary and sexual problems.

But this incredible technique brings fresh new blood to the acini. It helps you to pass the seminal fluid accumulation in your acini. The movement and repeated pressure/no pressure helps the acini to open and release the bacterial content. And this enables your body to perform its own cleaning and healing processes.

Pain is simply the body's indicator that something is wrong or damaged inside.

When your gland is Healthy, you have no pain.

If You Are Suffering From

Releasing semen this way has major benefits over ejaculation if you are suffering from painful swelling due to prostatitis! As you already know: swelling hurts! It can hurt a lot!!

Ejaculation can cause it to hurt a lot more! The reason is: ejaculation is caused by muscular contraction. These muscles basically get a "workout" every time you ejaculate. Shortly afterward this "workout" these muscles swell. This extra swelling can increase your pain significantly.

feeling better from prostate milking

Prostate Milking, on the other hand, empties the seminal fluid without exercising the muscles. That emptying relieves the "need to ejaculate" and does not cause the muscular swelling.

It also, for some reason, keeps your gland (or brain) from thinking it needs to work hard to recharge again. So it does not overwork or swell afterward either.

It is the internal pressure from the fluid inside your gland that makes you "horny". Your body is basically saying it is full and it is time to have sex.

When you release the fluid inside, that need is fulfilled and your system relaxes. The "need to ejaculate" or horniness, goes away.

Cutting out all sex is not normal, natural or healthy. Sex is very good for you. But,

Too Much Sex
Will Cause You Pain!

Be kinder to your body. When you are suffering from prostatitis and you feel a real need for sexual release, try Prostate Milking. It can help give you both the release and the rest you need in this area. And, it will bring fresh new blood and fresh oxygen that help your body in its own healing processes.

Self Prostate Milking is also easy to do. In the privacy and comfort of your own bedroom when you use the proper device(s).

The Importance of Milking During

Prostate milking is a must for you if you are suffering from impotence and you are going to keep your seminal fluids moving. If you don't keep the fluids flowing you are increasing your risk of inflammation, swelling, pain, disease, and cancer here due to accumulated toxicity.

The same holds true if you are unable to have sex because of Peyronies Disease.

Doing this regularly during impotence can be extremely beneficial. It can help to keep your sexual system toned and as healthy as possible while you are working on building and regaining your sexual health.

If you currently have no serious disease or if you have had no surgeries down there, Prostate Milking, rest, proper nutrition and rejuvenating sexual health supplements will undoubtedly return your sexual function to you.

Good news! Right?

Almost all impotence (that is not a result of disease or surgery) can be traced back to neglect or abuse (overuse). Even when that neglect or abuse is unintentional. And normally that means this type of impotence can be reversed with proper care and lifestyle changes.

A Healthy Man

Can Have
Enjoyable Pain Free Sex
Into His 80s And 90s!!

regain sexual strength and health

Regaining Sexual Strength

Milking the prostate is usually done instead of regular sexual activities (intercourse or masturbation). You do it in a slightly lesser frequency than you were normally having sex. This gives your sexual system a chance to rest and recuperate more quickly.

Before using this or any kind of personal treatment, please consult with your doctor. Make sure you don't have any pre-existing condition that would make this practice unsafe for you.

Enjoying the Benefits

Prostate milking, done correctly, can help you toward having a:

  • Renewed Sex Life

  • Urinary Control and a
  • A Pain Free Gland

Be Well!....

~ William

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