The Premature Ejaculation Cure
Simple and Easy

It Just Takes Some Time And Patience...

is there a premature ejaculation cure?

There are no drugs for a premature ejaculation cure

With the thousands of drugs available for every condition under the sun, there is not a single drug is approved by the FDA to cure premature ejaculation. And, there never will be.

That is because:

There is Nothing Physically or Mentally "Wrong"
With the Premature Ejaculating Male

This problem is simply undesirable. Especially for your partner.

To "cure" premature ejaculation you have to learn the cause. The definition of premature ejaculation is just: "Ejaculation before one wants to or before his partner is satisfied".

So for this article, let us redefine the word "cure" in: premature ejaculation cure. For our purposes here, "cure" will only mean: retraining. Or, as it says in the Wiktionary: "solution to a problem".

For us here, it means: retraining the body to respond differently. That is the entire solution to this problem.

It simply involves changing a conditioned response from fast, to not so fast, to completely controlled.

A man who ejaculates prematurely is often given the false stigma of being "less manly". This can lead to loss of self-esteem, marital difficulties, and may be a factor in depression with its obvious consequences.

Cumming too quickly has nothing to do with being "less manly".

But, immediately he's made to believe he is!

Well, a premature ejaculation cure is no more a "cure" than correcting a speech accent on a foreigner.

Premature Ejaculation is Correctable
In Virtually Ever Case

So, how exactly, can the problem be "cured"? First, we have redefined our use of the words "cure" in this article. For us, premature ejaculation "cure" only means: "change of response". And that is all it is.

Remember, there is nothing wrong with you to begin with.

That is the most important point here: There is nothing wrong with you. You just respond in a way you don't want to. Always remember that.

All you will be learning is how to make you body respond (ejaculate) later rather than so soon. You actually "create" your own premature ejaculation cure through persistent retraining of your own physical response mechanisms.

I can not emphasize enough: There is nothing wrong with you. You are just going to train your body to perform differently. That is the premature ejaculation "cure".

Know that you are OK! If you hold on to the ridiculous stigmas attached to premature ejaculating, it will hinder your progress. It will make your progress take that much longer.

The stigmas are false.

The Key to Gaining Control

The first step in a premature ejaculation cure is knowing why you even want to cum (ejaculate).

Now, the reason your body wants to ejaculate (making you feel "horny") is the reservoirs of semen in your prostate are full. This makes your body want to ejaculate just the same as a full bladder makes you want to pee.

The more pressure you have in either of these places, the more urgent it becomes!

When the prostate is low on semen it is more difficult to ejaculate. Ejaculation requires much more stimulation. And that is the key to gaining control! 

So, the first step to your premature ejaculation cure is to reduce the semen in your prostate just before intercourse. You can do this either by masturbating or by prostate milking. Both are pleasant and can be done with your partner or by yourself.

Doing this with your partner is the best way to prepare. It makes great foreplay and you both get to enjoy it!

If you are a younger man or highly sensitive to stimulation, you may have to masturbate twice. Or, milk for a longer period of time.

If you are an older man you may have to do it the day before in order to be able to get erect again.

Your goal is to get "the edge" off. You want to be less "horny". You will be after you discharge some semen.

Also, after ejaculating, there are a number of chemical changes that happen in the blood stream (hormonal secretions) that decrease your desire and ability for sexual orgasm. These chemical changes make it more difficult to ejaculate again immediately.

For many men, this one step is enough to achieve their full premature ejaculation cure.

Others need more. So, let's continue:

The Second Step

After you have "cum" this way. Get another erection as soon as possible.

Coat the tip of your penis with a desensitizing cream (any kind of benzocaine product will work) and apply a condom. The condom will also desensitize you a bit and it will keep your partner from getting desensitized.

The Third Step

Then have intercourse immediately!

Notice how much less urgency there is.

For many more men these three steps provide their entire premature ejaculation cure!

But, let's go further. Let's learn to become masters at lovemaking!

The Fourth Step:
Getting ALL The Control You Want

Now that you can remain in the vagina for a while, you want to learn to control your orgasm.

The best way to do this is to learn to recognize where the point is that you know you are going to cum. Pull out of the vagina just before that point.

Do not stimulate your penis in any way. Just let the feeling subside. You can kiss and caress, but have no penile stimulation. Sometimes you will just have to be still and smile!

When your penis begins to relax, reinsert it into her vagina.

Repeat this process as many times as you can. It is the most exquisite torture for both of you!

When you decide you want to cum, let yourself cum.

If you miss the point of being able to hold back and you come, DO NOT beat yourself up mentally. Just pull out a little sooner the next time.

You made a mistake. That is all. There is nothing wrong with you. You are still learning about yourself. And for some men, that takes a longer time.

Be patient and persistent. You will win! Absolutely.

To SPEED UP Your Progress:

Practicing with a partner can sometimes be difficult and humiliating. There is always the possible feeling of embarrassment while learning. We all have egos and a certain amount of healthy self esteem.

For this reason, you may want to use what I call the "Virtual Vagina". It is the Fleshlight.

If you're really serious about getting rid of your problem, get one of these and practice with it!

Nothing will help you solve your problem as much as this device will.

The reason the Fleshlight is so perfect for assisting you is that it feels more live a human vagina than anything else available!

And, by using a Fleshlight you are actually entering something outside of your own body. You are not just touching yourself. The visual psychological connection is extremely important to your success!

When you buy a Fleshlight you will actually design your own! That's the best part for men who need to learn to control their own orgasm. You get to control the amount of stimulation your penis will receive.

This makes the entire process much easier!

You choose the orifice (vagina, mouth, anus).

And, most important: you choose the interior. The actual sensation to your penis. Smooth and mildly stimulating to very textured and very stimulating!

The Key To Success

For achieving your own premature ejaculation cure this is the most important feature! You get to have success soon! This continued success is what builds your confidence and  your control.

I suggest starting with the smooth interior (lightly stimulating). As you become able to control your orgasm, move ahead to a lightly textured, then heavily textured interior.

You can use the Fleshlight in privacy. You can practice as often as you like. This makes success easier and faster! You will soon surprise you partner with your greater and greater stamina.

The Fleshlight is the greatest aid to becoming the lasting lover you wish to be in the shortest possible time!

Lasting Longer and Longer

You're going to fail a lot in the beginning. Everyone does. Retraining our bodies takes time and patience. Just keep practicing and you will succeed.

At first, when you practice, maybe you can only hold back one or two times. Try to work up to four to six cycles before you let yourself ejaculate. When you can do that, you will be well on your way to your full premature ejaculation cure.

Sometimes it is important to not let yourself cum at all. Just let yourself go limp and wait until the next day.

This will really help you master self control. You will soon find it is not too difficult to do.

Desensitizing Cremes

A desensitizing cream or ointment can also be a great aid in your premature ejaculation cure!

The best desensitizing cremes come from the Asian countrys.

The most famous formula is called SS Cream. It's a combination of 9 ingredients that are mostly herbal.

SS Cream desensitizes the penis, it decreases the vibratory threshold, and significantly enables men to delay their ejaculatory response significantly. It is sometimes referred to as the Asian premature ejaculation cure. SS Cream, unfortunately, it is not approved by the FDA in the USA.

And, alone, it is not a satisfactory premature ejaculation cure. But, it can be very helpful.

However, over the counter products made with benzocaine or lidocaine can be used with similar results as long as you are not allergic to them. Most supermarket toothache remedies are made with benzocaine. Many men can  use these effectively where SS cream is not available.

Benzocaine does almost the same job as SS Cream. It just doesn't have all the beautiful mystery and myth attached to it.

So, if you use it, have some fun with it. Rename it. Call it Master Sex God Cream or whatever name appeals to you.

Making sex too clinical can ruin it for anyone. So, have some fun with it and you'll find your premature ejaculation cure happens sooner!

Another Helpful Technique

When your body is about to ejaculate your testicles rise up. By GENTLY pulling them down right before you ejaculate, you interfere with the ejaculatory mechanism. This can stop you from cumming.

If you wait until you are already in the process it's too late. You have to catch it just before.

If you hold them down the entire time it may delay the ejaculation, but will probably not stop it.

Just remember to pull down GENTLY! The boys are delicate!

There Are No Drugs

There is absolutely no premature ejaculation cure to be found with drugs.

Anti-depressants have been used on men in hopes of a premature ejaculation cure. Specifically selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have been tried as a premature ejaculation cure. These anti-depressant drugs are known for interfering with a man's ability to climax.

The studies show that only about 45% of the men (who used SSRIs) said they achieved "only fair to good control". And SSRIs chemically alter a person's mental state. Not necessarily favorably.

Plus you can get all these lovely side effects: nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, insomnia, and headaches. Not very fun or sexy stuff!

And what good is a premature ejaculation cure if you screw up your health?

Remember, there is nothing really wrong with you. Don't take dangerous chemicals. You don't need drugs. And, even the FDA doesn't approve anything for a premature ejaculation cure.


Regular practice of these techniques is essential to the success of a premature ejaculation cure.

If you practice these techniques consistently, you will find your ability to "last" getting longer and longer.

an effective premature ejacuation cure

As you gain more control, you won't need to masturbate or milk your prostate before intercourse.

You'll lose the need for a desensitizing creme.

After a while, a condom may be all you need.

Then, you'll need nothing at all!

You will have created your own premature ejaculation cure!

You'll be a great lover!

That's all there is to a premature ejaculation cure. A premature ejaculation cure doesn't happen overnight. It's like playing the piano. You have to learn. And you have to practice.

Be Well.....

~ William

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