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Is self prostate stimulation safe and/or beneficial? Definitely YES!

In fact doing it yourself can be much safer and more effective than if even the best health care provider does it for you!

The reason for this is, if you do it correctly, you are the one in control. You will never over do it or push too hard because you know immediately (by pain response) that you are doing it too aggressively.

Self prostate stimulation is also referred to as self prostate massage or self prostate milking

Self prostate stimulation also includes any type of exterior massage done to the prostate gland.

You Can Get
Superior Results

prostate exam

Can you remember the last time you had a prostate exam? Always unpleasant. The Doctor puts on his rubber glove, lubes it up, tries very hard not to look you in the eye. Then he has you bend over and he RAMS his finger up your butt and prods your prostate unmercifully! It's like out of a bad movie!

Did you notice how uncomfortable or even painful your prostate felt after that. The discomfort can last for days.

((*note: It is OK to ask your doctor to proceed gently before he begins. He may not be more gentle, but, it may help.))

Now, would you ever inflict that pain on yourself on purpose? I hope not. And that is the first reason self prostate stimulation or self prostate massage is superior.

The second is: you can do it as long as you want to or as short as you need to.

The third reason is that you can reach all the accessible areas of your prostate most easily because you can feel exactly where you are at any given moment and adjust accordingly.

Your Prostate

Your prostate gland has organ/glandular tissue, muscle tissue and fascia (the tissue that connects and covers the prostate gland.

Muscle and fascia are generally pretty tough tissue. Glandular and organ tissue is always much more delicate and more easily damaged. Doing self prostate stimulation or self prostate massage helps prevent damage to your prostate gland because you are able to be more careful than someone else might be. You know immediately if you are being too aggressive (pain).

Prostate massaging and prostate milking can cause severe damage to your prostate if done too hard. In extreme cases, it can even cause death.

Now, if you want to actually see the difference in tissue strengths for yourself, try these three things:

Pull on a piece of raw chicken skin (fascia). Pretty strong?

Squeeze a slice of raw steak (muscle) between your fingers. It moves but stays together. That's why we have teeth. We need something sharp and strong to tear rip it apart.

Now squeeze a slice of raw beef liver between your fingers (glandular tissue). You can feel it breaking apart and then see the whole where you pinched it. It's delicate. So is your prostate gland.

That's also why impact to the testicles is so painful. The testicles are organ/glandular tissue. Pain indicates injury.

Reduced Risk

Self prostate stimulation can greatly reduce the risk of injuring or bruising the glandular tissue.

Self prostate stimulation is also more convenient because you can do it in privacy, when and where you want.

When you perform self prostate stimulation you're really going to need an instrument of some kind. Because, unless you have an extraordinarily long finger, you just can't fully reach your prostate gland yourself.

The best and safest instrument that I have ever found is the Aneros prostate massage device.

This device can be used for therapeutic self prostate massage, self prostate milking, or just healthful pleasure.

The Health Giving

Self prostate stimulation is very beneficial to the health of your prostate. It greatly increases the circulation of blood in the whole prostate gland area.

This increased blood circulation helps clean, nourish and strengthen your prostate.

Your prostate is, among other things, a filter. It purifies the fluid of the semen so that the sperms stay healthy.

Toxic overload is why prostate cancer is so prevalent in men. Their prostates accumulate so much poison and toxicity that cancer results. Like cigarette smoking.

Some authorities believe that regular self prostate massage along with healthy nutrition and pure water will rebalance the normal ph (acid alkaline balance) in the prostate enough to reverse and prevent prostate cancer.

We Need Self Prostate Stimulation

Self prostate stimulation (self prostate massage) is really a necessity for most men in our modern societies.

  • We sit too much and this cuts the blood flow to the prostate.

  • We eat too much crap. This poisons the blood.
  • We allow too much stress in our lives (yes we do that to ourselves). This causes too many metabolic poisons to form.
  • We are bombarded with pesticides on our food, and bombarded with chemical pollutants in our air and water.

All of this makes your prostate a toxic stagnant waste dump!

Your prostate has to filter out all of these things to keep the sperm healthy.

Unless your prostate gets good circulation and plenty of clean pure water, your are creating a Major Toxic Dump Site in your body. A place for all kinds of disease and discomfort to manifest.

Can you now understand why there are so many men with prostate problems?

The same holds true for a woman's breasts. They are also filter the blood. That is why so many women contract breast cancers.

You can help keep you prostate clean and healthy with regular self prostate stimulation.

Safe Self Prostate Stimulation
Is Easy!

You can perform self prostate stimulation with a large number of different items. HOWEVER, some of these items can injure you seriously.

The Aneros prostate massagers are specifically designed for safe effective self prostate stimulation. Once they are inserted, they are hands free! The natural contraction of your anal muscles operates the action.

They come in a variety of sizes. I have found the HelixSYN (smooth silicone Helix model) to be the absolute most comfortable massager ever. And, it fits most men just right.

Before doing any kind of internal self prostate stimulation, get a check up by your doctor. Make sure you do not have any kind preexisting condition that will cause danger or injury from prostate massaging. Dangerous preexisting conditions are rare. But, it's always wise to check first.

Then, if you're OK to go, enjoy all the great health giving (and pleasurable!) benefits of self prostate stimulation!

Be Well.....

~ William

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