Most Impotence
Easily Reversible - 2023

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most impotence is easily reversible

Impotence, or the currently politically correct name, "erectile dysfunction" ("ED"), are relatively simple to cure 98% of the time.

The surprising thing for most men to learn is, if you suffer from the inability to have sexual intercourse (or what is now politically correctly called: erectile dysfunction), you do not need some pill, drug, injection, medication, special remedy or treatment. The fact is, all of those things can make the condition worse in the long run.

There are many that would like you to believe that some special treatment is necessary because there is HUGE profit to be made here. Huge!

But, impotence is one of the conditions that has one of the best historys of clearing up completely with simple natural lifestyle changes.

Outside of a major disease,

There Are Only Three Significant Causes
Of Impotence Or Erectile Dysfunction:

  • Inadequate Nutrition

  • Chronic Stress
  • Prescription Drugs

All psychological causes of impotence also stem from those three causes.

98% of all impotence can be cleared up when those three sources of impotence are addressed. And, that holds true for clearing up 98% of the diseases that cause impotence and every kind of erectile dysfunction.

Does this all sound too simple? Surely there must be something much more to it! Well, there isn't.

Every pharmaceutical company and even every major herbal supplement company has developed at least one product designed to give you an erection. They tell you it is what you need.

They make loads of money on these products because sex is the #1 best selling commodity in the world! Everybody wants it. Erectile drugs are a multi-billion dollar business!

The crime in all of this is, all sexual stimulants weaken your sexual system by forcing it to perform when it is already weakened and depleted.

NONE Of The Commercial Treatments
Cure Impotence

They simply stimulate a system that is too weak or clogged up to perform on it's own.

When you get an erection from some pill you are not cured. You are one step further on your way to complete sexual exhaustion and possibly physical death from heart attack or stroke. Not to mention possible blindness.

All those side effects are listed by the manufacturers of the more potent pharmaceuticals.

So, you better really enjoy that chemical erection! It's a potential time bomb.

Why do you think the possible listed side effects of the major drugs are heart attack, stroke, and blindness?

It is because you are forcing a tired weak system to perform. If you push it harder than it can stand, blood vessels literally explode from the pressure. Literally causing stroke, heart attack, blindness.

But there is fantastic profit in sexual enhancement drugs!

The Cause

Outside of disease, the cause of impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is that your body is not recharging adequately. Or, the blood supply is not sufficient. Or, you're being impaired by prescription drug side effects.

That's all there is to it. Those three things account for about 98% of all impotence.

This condition is currently epidemic.

It is estimated that approximately 40% of the male population over 40 year of age suffer from erectile dysfunction. That's absurd! But, true.

The drugs and stimulants are not a cure for impotence (or sexual fatigue). They do not eliminate the cause of impotence.

Over Time,
Erectile Stimulants
Make Impotence Worse

If you continually whip a tired horse to make it run, it starts to require harder and harder whipping to run. Eventually, when the horse has no energy reserves left, it hemorrhages and dies. The same can happen to you.

98% of Impotence
Totally Reversible

You just have to stop doing all the things that caused your problem here and start nourishing your body as nature intended. It's really that simple.

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, "ED", is sexual chronic fatigue.

Let's take a look at some sexual reality: Immediately after ejaculation, do you desire sex again? Of course not. Your sexual energy is spent. Your body needs to recuperate.

That may take you 20 minutes, a day, 3 days, a week.... Then you want sex again!

But, there was that period in between ejaculations when you were indifferent to sex or didn't want sex. Maybe you could not even get an erection during that time. Even if you tried.

When your body was recharged (with more semen and sperm) you were ready to go again!

Were you impotent until then? No, your body was just in normal recouperation. Like after a swim or a run.

Do athletes compete 24hrs. a day? Of course not! Everyone knows they need time to rest and recouperate.

When you think About It,
Really Very Obvious

You sexual system needs time to recuperate also.

But many men think they are supposed to be able to ejaculate at any given moment. If they can't, they feel impotent. Not true.

As I've mentioned, when you really are impotent, one of three things (outside of disease) is happening:

One, your body is simply not recuperating. It can not produce enough semen or sperm (or any) no matter how long you rest.

Two, you don't have adequate circulation to get an erection.

Three, prescription drug side effects are making you impotent.

The reason your system does not recouperate is that there are not enough nutrients in your body to make the all the hormones, fluids, sperm, semen, etc... that are necessary for ejaculation.

It's just like my Daddy used to say: "You can't build a brick house if you don't have bricks."

If you don't have enough of the essential nutrients to replenish your sexual system, you won't be having sex.

If you are impotent for this reason, you are either not ingesting enough nutrient rich foods, or, your stress level is so high that you burn them all up.

If you have advanced arteriosclerosis, not enough blood (and nutrients) may be reaching your sexual organs.

Want to Know
Is To Blame?

It's what most people eat these days!


The modern diet is a travesty! So many non-foods (highly processed and "refined" foods). There is no way those things can keep you healthy or sexually active.

Why could you eat all that garbage and function fine when you were young? Because you were young! You hadn't used up your reserves yet.

Here's the Proof:

Even today, in some of the more primitive societies the diet is all natural meats, vegetables, and fruits. Their life demands physical work and activity. In these societies there is virtually NO impotence!

Men are known to conceive children in their 80's and 90's and even at 100 years of age! (The Hunza people)

Women go through menopause when their egg supply runs out. They are no longer able to produce children.

Healthy men, on the other hand, continue to produce sperm (however slowly) until they die!

Unhealthy or malnourished men get erectile dysfunction and become impotent.

The Reason
Men Usually Stay Impotent

The reason men usually stay impotent is that they keep doing all the same things that made them impotent in the first place.

Impotence is also Nature's way of protecting future generations of children. If the body can not make good healthy sperm, Nature shuts the process down.

Pure and Simple!

You CAN Get on The Road Back
Vibrant Sexual Health

  • First, return to a Primitive Diet. Supplement with natural vitamins, Vitamin C, and fresh vegetable juices. Give your body the material it needs to heal and rebuild itself.
  • Start practicing regular correct prostate massage. Correct prostate massage will increase the blood flow to your prostate gland. This will greatly increase the speed of your progress.
  • Get some regular physical exercise! At least 30-40 minutes a day 3 days a week.
  • Eliminate all unnecessary stress from your life. (The exercise will help!) There is always some stress in ever life. And some is normal and actually healthy. But too much stress will kill you sexually and can kill you completely!

       Quit your job if it is killing you! It's just a job. Get a different one.

       If that means moving into a smaller house or an apartment, it will be           a happier healthier one!

       If you're in a terrible relationship, say goodbye! It will be better for         you both.

  • Eliminate every prescription drug possible. You may have to do this gradually. After 6 months to a year on the primitive diet, you will probably be able to eliminate them all! That includes heart drugs and many diabetic drugs. 

       Prescription drugs kill erections.

  • Stop using sexual stimulants. The more sexual stimulants you use, the longer you will have erectile dysfunction.

If You Have
Circulation Problems

Red cayenne pepper (the kind you cook with) is the best and safest blood vessel dilator on the market. In herbology it is often used to enhance the power of an herbal formula.

Red cayenne pepper delivers greater blood flow to all your sexual organs as well as your heart.

The herbologists recommend starting slowly and working your way up to 1 - 2 teaspoons per day.

If you start off with too much you can have some unpleasant gastrointestinal experiences (cramps, diarrhea, and bowel movements that feel like fire!).

If you start with maybe 1/4 teaspoon a day and work up gradually, you'll only experience some pleasant warmth. It will also improve your digestive powers! And, red cayenne pepper is magnificent for your heart!

Red Cayenne Pepper:

- Increases the circulation throughout the body (including the penis!)

- Strengthens the heart

- Regulates the heart beat naturally

- Cleans the blood vessels of plaque (cholesterol deposits, etc...)

- Helps normalize blood pressure

Many men who have had erection problems have found that red cayenne pepper alone (naturally increasing the blood flow) did the trick all by itself!

Feeling Better
Every Way

If you return to living and eating naturally, there is little doubt that you will soon be finding yourself feeling better all over (mentally too!). And, you will soon be finding yourself eager to have sex again with your fully functional hard penis!

Impotence is a condition that responds fantastically well to a natural life style.

It is not an overnight process. It took you 30 or 40 or 50 years to create the problem. It will take time to correct itself. It could be 6 months to 2 years. Maybe sooner. It depends on your current condition.


For most men: impotence or erectile dysfunction ("ED")

does not have to be permanent.

No matter how long you have suffered with it.

Care for your body. Care for yourself, the way nature intended. Your sex life will blossom!

reversing impotence naturally

Be Well.....

~ William

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