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Best Male Sex Toys

What are the Best Male Sex Toys?

I’m willing to bet most of you, even the very experienced, don’t know. And, you’re in for a most wonderful surprise!


What are the best male sex toys?

Did you know there are a lot of sex toys for men as well as women?

Sex toys are popular. They can be highly stimulating and erotic. Especially when going solo.

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Today, however, we're going to be talking about only the very best male sex toy.

Why Use
Sex Toys?

The whole point of sex toys

is to have better, more erotic, and bigger orgasms.

A man can quickly get dissatisfied with erotic toys because they aren’t getting the mind blowing orgasms they want.

The reason they don’t is this: Most men don’t really know where their orgasms are coming from. They think they come from their erection. So, they buy penis stimulators and fake vaginas thinking life is now going to be spectacular. Disappointment….

These toys are good. And, can be lots of fun. BUT, they are not the best male sex toys. The ones that increase the intensity of the orgasm.

Yes, stimulating a hard shaft is what causes the orgasms to happen. BUT, the intensity and strength of orgasms comes from your G Spot.

So, let’s see which sex toys can make them even stronger.

The BIG “O”
every time!

The most popular male masturbator sex toy.Fleshlight
the most popular
Male Masturbator

First, if you’re sex toys are not stimulating the G Spot directly during orgasm, you’re not getting the biggest and best orgasms possible.

Almost all of the male sex toys most men know about, and see advertised, are for masturbation by penile stimulation. They usually look like Vagina lips at the end of a tube and come with all different kinds of inserts for different kinds of stimulation.

The best and most realistic feeling of these is the Fleshlight. It's the best masturbator. But, it is not the best male sex toy you can get.

The best male sex toys stimulate the male G Spot directly. That is what will produce the biggest, most powerful, mind blowing orgasms.

The Male G Spot

This is the male G Spot.

The prostate is where the magic happens for men. This little walnut sized gland is “The Male G Spot”.

This little item is what sends your cum shooting out. And, what causes ALL the great and powerful sensation.

“Doesn’t our cumming happen because we stimulate our erections?”


BUT: The actual orgasm is not in the shaft. It’s in the “G Spot”. The more stimulation this spot gets at the moment of orgasm, the greater the orgasm will be. That is what the best male sex toys will do.

How to
Reach The G Spot Effortlessly

A man’s spot, however, is not right out front as it is in a woman. It is instead, inside his abdomen. Just below the belly button. Right next to your rectum. So, how do we reach up in there?

Prostate massage and G Spot stimulation from a woman.

There are two choices:

#1)  You’ll need either a lady with nice long fingers


#2)  A specially designed sex toy that perfectly reaches and stimulates the spot without being too aggressive.

Why not aggressive?

Because this is a gland. It is delicate. It can’t beat to a pulp without some very serious after effects.

You can, however, reach it easily and stimulate it perfectly with one of the specially designed devices we’re about to show you now.

How to
Stimulate The Male G Spot Directly?

If you are one of the fortunate few who has a lover with long fingers, and have already learned that she can put her finger up inside and massage the spot while you're together, it's pretty amazing! Right?

It’s pretty easy to locate this spot as long as her finger is long enough. The gland is about the size of a walnut and the shape is easy to recognize when touched.

How can you stimulate the male G Spot?

However, it’s not very easy for a woman to reach it unless her fingers are long (hopefully with short finger nails). Shorter fingers will not reach far enough and all you wind up getting is an anal massage. It’s not the same. Not nearly.

An anal massage is not a bad thing. Definitely pleasurable. But, it’s not going to knock your socks off the way direct prostate massage can.

To get the type of perfect contact we're talking about here, the kind that creates the most powerful climax, really requires special sex toys especially designed for this purpose.  Ones that have hands free stimulation (you don't have to manipulate them once they are in). These massaging-stimulating devices have proven, without question, to be the best male sex toys in the world.

Using a properly designed prostate massager,
with a partner or solo,
will create the most powerful orgasms
you’ll ever experience.

An Important

Now, before we go any further, first a necessary and serious caution about G Spot massagers:

***Warning:   If you have or suspect a heart condition of any kind, do not attempt this kind of stimulating massage during sexual activity. With a partner, or, solo. The kind of intense orgasm and extreme sexual release they can create may have disastrous consequences for a weak heart.

Yes. Seriously.

We’ve all heard of older guys (with young lovers) who die during the act. Well, that’s the reason why. Orgasms are very energy intensive.

The stronger the orgasm, the more strain is put on the heart. Not all, but, most younger guys have plenty of strength. However, many older men (and even a number of middle age men) do not. So, leave this practice for the young strong fellows.

OK. Back to achieving ultimate orgasms, and the only male sex toys that help create them:

The Best Male Sex Toys
Touch the G Spot Directly

There are lots of sex toys for both men and women. Both genital and anal. It’s almost overwhelming sometimes to check out some of the websites that are selling these.

Women’s sex toys are more well known to both women and men. They have vibrators and dildos and all kinds of hardware to achieve their pleasures.

Most people only know about masturbators and sex dolls for men. However, only direct G Spot stimulation will increase the orgasm.

The only male sex toys that can increase the intensity of orgasms,
with a woman or with other sex toys,
are prostate massagers.

Now, there are a variety of other items that can be used to reach the prostate gland during sex. Dildos are used. Cucumbers. Even metal cigar tubes have been used for decades.

But, these things are not as highly stimulating as a specially designed prostate massager. One that targets the G Spot directly and exactly. And, one that is easy to use. Hands free.

These massagers are designed especially for Male G Spot stimulation. The intense orgasms they can help produce are what this entire article is about. And, helping to produce these high intensity orgasms are what the best male sex toys can do.

The best prostate massagers are made by a company called High Island. Their products are the Aneros line of massagers. These are the best and the most well known Male G Spot stimulators in the sex toy industry. We have been recommending them for over 15 years.

For Therapy and Play

The best male sex toys for play and for therapeutic assistance.

Few things we buy are both for fun and/or therapeutic use. The prostate massagers are good for both.

On this website, we normally write about the Aneros massagers as a tool for men who need some prostate massage for therapeutic reasons. Correct prostate massage has been proven highly effective for many men’s conditions.

The Aneros massagers we talk about in our articles were originally designed for sexual pleasure. For astounding male orgasms.

When trying out one of these prostate massagers during sexual activity, with a partner or alone, you’re going to be incredibly surprised at the increase in intensity they give orgasms. It's major.

These are not like simple butt plugs that provide only anal sensation.

These devices are specifically designed to stimulate your Male G Spot, hands free, and give you the most powerful orgasms possible. With a partner, or, solo. That is why they are the best male sex toys: Ultimate Orgasms.

Why Aneros?

There are other companies making similar G Spot sex toys. We’ve frequently been asked why we recommend the Aneros massagers above all others.

Well the first reason is this: Aneros developed the modern prostate massager about 15 years ago. Their design is patented. We have researched them right from the start and have been recommending their products since their inception because of their high quality.

The second reason: Every other shaped prostate massager out there is a knock off (copy) of these, and, is just not quite as effective and easy to use.

The nicest Aneros models are made with silicone. They contain the word "SYN" in their title so they are easy to identify. With a bit of lube, they slide in effortlessly and are extremely gentle.

These wonderful devices also come in various sizes.

Just like fingers, and penises come in different sizes, so do the Aneros massagers. So, there is one that will be right for you.

Which Aneros Model
is Best?

In this article we are discussing the best male sex toys for achieving the ultimate orgasm. The male sex toys that help create the strongest most powerful orgasms possible.

Most of our readers who use these great devices have said the Progasm models are the best.


Because: these are the thickest prostate massagers. They provide the most and the deepest contact. Therefore, giving the deepest stimulation.

The Best Male Sex Toys are the Aneros PROGASM massagers. They help you achieve the most powerful mind blowing orgasms. With a partner, or, solo.The ANEROS PROGASM massagers.

Want to start out a little more gently? From our surveys, we have found the Helix is the best sized all around stimulator for most men of average size. It’s often the best one to start with if size is a question . You can always try another size later on.

Compare the sizes of these three models. The Progasm above, the Helix and MGX below. Notice the difference in shape and thickness.

The Aneros Helix is one of the very best male sex toys.

A smaller guy is most likely going to want try something not quite as large. This is when MGX can be just right.

The Aneros MGX prostate massager is more than just a male sex toy.

There’s an extensive selection to choose from on their website. But, don't get overwhelmed by the large selection. One of the three above will enable any man to get started happily with a comfortable size.

Again, we recommend the silicone models (SYN) over the standard models because they are so velvety smooth and more erotically comfortable to use.

The Best Male Sex Toys
that vibrate

Now, when talking about the best male sex toys, what about vibrators for us men?

We all know women have used vibrators as sex toys for generations. Right? It’s so easy for a woman. Anything that vibrates can be placed on their clitoris (female G Spot) and send them to orgasm heaven.

But, a man’s G Spot is inside. So how do we reach that with a proper male vibrator?

Men have been borrowing their wives vibrating dildos for decades. But, dildos don’t have the same ability and ease of use that the Aneros Vice 2 has because dildos are not shaped to give the proper consistent contact on our G Spot like the Vibe 2 does.

The Aneros Vice 2 is the most effective vibrating male sex toy you will find.The incomparable

At some point, the vibrating prostate massage is something you’re probably going to want to try out also. Why? Because they are uniquely erotic. They are soothing and stimulating at the same time.

These vibrating models have been around for only a few years. And, they are growing rapidly as a favorite.

They can give you a most wonderful orgasm all by themselves. No partner required. And, no work at all. Just insert one. Turn it on. Lay back and enjoy! Another reason these are the best male sex toys in the world.

With a partner, they bring male climax to an all time new high.

Competitive companies are selling their vibrating devices for $200+. The Vice 2 from Aneros is just $149. It has the patented Aneros design for maximum effectiveness. And, it is the leader in this category.

If you’ve never used one, the vibrating feature is something many men won't go without.

It’s Not a Gay Man’s Toy

Yes, the Male G Spot can only be reached through the anus. And, that is where the best sex toys for men need to be placed.

Unfortunately, there are many heterosexual men who think any kind of anal contact is “gay. And, they are afraid to approach G Spot stimulation with the proper sex toys for just this reason. That’s a belief many of us were educated with and grew up with.

It’s just not true.

The fact of the matter is this: For those who receive therapeutic prostate massage as part of a regime for a variety of male sexual problems, through the anus is the only way this direct highly effective prostate massage therapy can be applied. It's not gay. Or, straight. It's massage therapy.

Remember: Prostate massage (and stimulation) is not “gay” or “straight”. It’s massage. Just like a back massage, or, a foot massage.

Don’t be afraid to try one of these Male G Spot massagers.

Male G Spot Massage
Can Be
Very Good for You Too

Correct prostate massage has enabled tens of thousands of men worldwide to alleviate and remove prostatic problems that had been plaguing them for years.

High quality massagers, used correctly, have been proven to be an amazing device to assist with a sexual wellness program.

Take a Look at
The Aneros Massagers

Here you can take a closer look at ALL the Aneros massagers:

Aneros male sex toys are rated #1.

Just click on this picture to go directly to the Aneros website.

You can read about each one there and choose the one you think looks best. But Remember: It's pretty hard to pick the wrong one if you read our descriptions above. One of the three we showed above will take care of most any man just right.

Again, the Progasm is the most popular choice of our readers. And, when you try yours for the first time, you’ll know you’ve found the best male sex toys.

Be Well….

~ William

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