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Where can you get the best CHEAP male sex toys?

That's a great question. Did you know 95% of male sex toys can be had for a fraction of the retail cost. There are only a few that you should ever pay full price for.

Yes, this is a website devoted to male sexual wellness. But, many of my younger and middle aged adult male readers have asked me where they can get the best male sex toys inexpensively.

So, the staff and I have researched all the major shops online as well as many of the smaller shops.

As with everything on this website, we try to get the best products for our readers, because we value you.

And, we found the absolute #1 place to get the best CHEAP male sex toys at the best prices, from a reputable seller who treats you nicely and delivers quickly.

The best, most dependable, sex toy shop on the internet that has a huge selection of safe CHEAP sex toys for men is:


Why EdenFantasys?

We at chose EdenFantasys as the #1 online store for the best CHEAP male sex toys for many reasons.

Here’s what determined our choice:

Hi. My name is William. If you are not familiar with me already, I am the editor at

When I buy on the internet, just like you, I am often buying from someone I don’t know and have never met.

Shopping at EdenFantasys is like shopping at a local corner store where you know the people there, they know you, and they all treat you right.

Instead of trying to push some product toward me and telling me how much I can save in the next 24 hours if I BUY from them right now, etc, etc….

Here’s the kind of email I get from Amy over at EdenFantasys:

“How are you doing, dear? It’s me - Amy - from EdenFantasys, and I wanna make you feel happy and safe…. First comes the “happy” part. I have a mystery gift for you…..”

Doesn’t that just make you want to read more?

And, then she ends her letter with:

“Please don’t hesitate to get back to me with any questions or queries - I’m always happy to help. Lots of love, Amy - from EdenFantasys”

Can you see why I recommend buying the best CHEAP male sex toys from her? Fantastic.

“Can I Trust Them?”

You bet.

EdenFantasys was started in 2002. The whole idea was to have an online shop for smart, sexy, and independent women and men interested in exploring their sexuality.

They created a safe shopping place for men, women and couples with the best toys at the best prices and none of the usual sex shop sleaze.

Unlike other online stores, they don't transfer your order to the third party for processing. Your order stays in their system until shipped. It’s very private.

Your order is shipped within 24 hours.

Orders over $50 get free shipping!

Are They Really Cheap?

Their prices are the best you’ll find on almost every item.

For example, most men who are familiar with sex toys know the prices of the best masturbators. $59 - $199. Right? Take a look at what EdenFantasys has for you:


Nice. Right?

Now, take a look at their section just for men and see all the discounts you’ll get on every type of male sex toy.

Just for Men

EdenFantasys is an online store with all the best and favorite sex toys for women, men, and couples.

We usually see mostly sex toys for women in most shops. Right? But, EdenFantasys has an entire section devoted just to men (the text link right above).

This section just for men has:

  • Masturbators

  • CockRings

  • Penis Extensions

  • Penis Pumps

  • Lubricants

  • Your favorite Condoms

  • and more….

And, of course you can shop for the best toys for your lady’s pleasure also.

On top of all that:

Their prices are CHEAP. You get the most pleasure for your dollars.

What About Shipping?

Most people who shop online for the best cheap sex toys have reservations about delivery. You’ll never have to worry here.

Here’s what you get at EdenFantasys:

  • Safe toys
  • Discreet billing
  • Discreet shipping packages
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fast reliable Shipping
  • Free Shipping over $50

Of course. You’ll never have to worry about anyone else knowing what you’re buying. Even if you live with others.


Your package comes addressed from Web Merchants. Nothing saying EdenFantasys or anything like that.

Even your credit card statement will read WM8003509050NJ or simply Web Merchants Inc., so again prying eyes will not know where you were shopping or what you’re buying.

With your user account (that you can create at checkout or after ordering) no email or phone number is required.

Need More Info?

You can learn all about EdenFantasys here: A Sex Shop You Can Trust

The #1 Male Sex Toy in the World
is for

The Male G Spot

As you know, or are about to find out, there are a huge amount of toys for men and women.

Most men don’t know

that to achieve bigger, more powerful orgasms,

the kind that really knock your socks off,

you need to be stimulating the Male G Spot

(often called the “P Spot”).

If you buy only one male sex toy, this should be it.

This is the #1 make sex toy. Do you know why?

There is a special patented device designed just for Male G Spot stimulation. It’s been around for about 15 years now. And, it’s so good that it’s patented. You can learn all about it here: The Best Male Sex Toys

Note: There are a number of copies of this wonderful device. They look very similar, but, they are not the same and they do not create the same resulting massive orgasms. These cost a bit more, but, are totally worth it.

You won’t find the real ones on any “Cheap” sex toys websites. Not even our favorite sex toy shop. You’ll only find the copies.

Most other types of sex toys are the same wherever you buy them. So, you might as well buy them for the best price.

But, the #1 male sex toy? You'll really want the original one with the patented design. Why? It's just better. And, you get stronger orgasms than with the imitators. Nothing else works quite as well. You’ll find it here: Aneros Progasm Stimulators Yes, they cost a little bit more. But, you’ll never regret buying this one instead of a cheap imitation.

One Caution: Be Careful
When You Travel

Be careful where you travel with sex toys. They are forbidden in some countries.

Going on vacation? Want to take your toys with you?

Not every place in the world is very open minded and you can get into some pretty severe hot water if you have sex toys with you. Yes, serious trouble. I'm not kidding.

You have to be careful when traveling. So, check the laws before you take the toys with you.

There are certain countries in the world where sex toys are illegal. If you have them in your possession (even in you luggage) you’re in for a really terrible experience.

This even applies here in the USA in the state of Alabama. It may apply in other localities also.

If you're in doubt, leave them home.

The Best CHEAP Male Sex Toys

Here's where you get the best male sex toys at the best prices.

If sex toys are something you already love, or, something you want to try out, there’s no need to overpay for them.

You’ll always find the Very Best Cheap Male Sex Toys at EdenFantasys.

Be Well…..

~ William

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