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all about prostate health

Prostate Health is generally simple to achieve. But, it usually takes some time and patience. There is no one thing alone that keeps this gland of yours in a healthy condition. Just like there is no one thing that makes your car run properly.

Your gland requires:

  • Adequate nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest
  • Good blood circulation
  • Oxygenation
  • A clean blood supply

There are numerous diseases that can occur here. But, virtually all of them can be traced back to one or more of the above.

There is no mystery to creating prostate health and maintaining it. The same holds true for your body in general.

The problem is that most people are just not willing to do what they need to, to reverse the problem(s). Or, are not willing to give up the things that caused the problem(s). Or, they just don't really know what is actually causing their problem(s).

The "Quick Fix"

Most people want a quick fix. "Pop a pill and get all well again." It is actually what we are taught to believe. And, hope for.

You might as well hope for pigs to sprout wings and fly. But, that is NEVER going to happen either. Not in this lifetime. The body doesn't work that way. It never did. It never will.

A pill may relieve a symptom. But, the condition will continue to deteriorate and get worse in time.

If you have no incurable disability and you care for your body properly, you have more than a 99.99% chance of having a healthy gland and sex life  again. As well as excellent general health, for the remainder of your life.

The only reason we are such a sick society is that we abuse our bodies daily by doing things nature never intended. Intentionally or unintentionally.

We also get sick or break down from constant overdoing.

When you have a problem here you need to care for it specifically. AND, you need to care for your whole body. Your body operates as a whole. If one part is sick or injured your whole body suffers to some degree. And, so does your mood and mental health.

Truly healthy people are also almost always positive happy people.

If your prostate health is poor, you can be easily upset, grouchy, irritable, cranky.

So let's take a look, one at a time, at the factors that create prostate health:

Prostate Nutrition

For prostate health you must have adequate nutrition. It doesn't matter how much correct massaging you do. If you don't nourish your body properly, your prostate health (as well as the rest of your body) will fail.

The problem is: most people have no idea what proper nourishment is. Fad Diets are just that. Fad diets. They are mostly just a way to sell products and make money. Will you lose weight? Maybe. Will you get revitalized? Only if your previous diet was worse.

For example: we hear all about the "low fat" fad these days. The low fat diet is actually one of the most harmful diets you can use. And, it is ruinous to prostate health. It may feel fine for a year or even 2 (even though the food is not too tasty). Then your body will start to have problems.

The proof of this is overly obvious in the women who use low fat diets to lose weight. Their skin becomes dry, leathery, and aged before it's time.

In an attempt to look slimmer, these women wind up looking much older than they are. Even worse: the same thing is happening inside to the organs, veins, and arteries.

Saturated fat is necessary to keep the veins and arteries strong. The low fat diet actually increases your chance of heart attack and stroke.

This is seen in the the Asian community where there is often a lack of saturated (meat) fats. They have the highest incident of strokes.

I know that is totally against the modern western medical thinking. But, modern western medicine is wrong. The statistics prove that out.

There are infinite other common modern dietary errors. Too many to list.

But, if you want real wellness, use the original primitive diet. The primitive diet is best for prostate health. It diet the human body developed on. It was the diet that kept humans in perfect condition for hundreds of thousands of years. There is no disease that will not succumb to it.

The primitive diet is simple. Meat, Eggs, Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts are the basis. Hard unprocessed cheese is OK. This is simple food. As nature intended. It is also easy to follow this diet. And, it is dramatically less inexpensive than any drug. It can improve the bodily functioning of everyone who follows it.

If your ancestors have a long history of eating a certain grain, some of that grain is also usually acceptable. For example, Chinese and rice, Russians and rye....

Unfortunately most modern commercial wheat has usually been so altered that it is a health hazzard. Bummer, right? We all love our pastas, cookies, breads, pizzas, etc. But, for many of us, OK, most of us, they are compromising our health to a greater or lesser degree. Do you know how many people have their arthritis and back pain "miraculously"  go away when they stop eating all wheat products?

If you currently have male sexual problems, you may need some supplements, or silver water to help bring your prostate health back up to speed.


prostate exercise for health

Prostate health also requires general physical exercise and often some specific exercise for this area.

The body can not function properly unless you use it. Plain and simple.

Adequate Rest

Adequate rest is absolutely essential. Exercise and rest work harmoniously together to build and maintain your body and to restore your prostate health.

If you don't sleep enough, if you have sex too frequently, if you are "burning the candle at both ends", your body just does not have enough time to rebuild itself. It will eventually break down. The health of your prostate can be ruined.

The older you get the more time for recuperation you need. It's a fact. So, don't expect to perform at 50 the way you did at 20. It will not happen. So, be gentle with yourself and take the time you need to rest.

Also, no 2 people are the same. So some will recuperate faster than you. Some slower. If you listen to your body, your body will let you know how much time YOU need to rest.

Blood Circulation

Every day, men are literally killing this gland by cutting off the circulation to it. This is one of the main reasons for problems here. It is also why correct prostate massage has been able to remedy so many of the problems in this area.

If you are to regain and maintain good prostate health, you MUST have good blood circulation in this area as well as your whole body. Prostate massage greatly increases the blood circulation to the gland.

The most efficient way to cut the circulation here is to sit too long in a chair at one time. With all the sitting we do each day it is no wonder that we have more male sexual problems now than ever before in history.

So, if you must sit all day, be sure to get up regularly. Do the Miracle  Exercise throughout the day. And do some correct specific massaging to keep the blood moving in this area.

Even the 10 hour a day executive and cross country truck driver can maintain prostate health if they regularly take time each day to get their blood moving and refresh their glands.


Prostate health requires oxygenation of the cells.

Every cell in the body requires oxygen to live. And more than a minimal amount to be healthy.

Good circulation is the key to this. So exercise well, do the Miracle Exercise, some correct massage, breathe deeply (especially when you do your massages and exercise), eat clean food, drink plenty of pure water, quit smoking, and see how your gland (and general health) takes a turn for the better!

You Need
Clean Blood Supply
Prostate Health

Clean blood? Most people don't even know what "clean blood" means.

Prostate health requires clean blood. Often the first organ in a man to be injured by toxins is the prostate gland. The liver also. Then the kidneys and lymphatic system. These are your body's filters and purifiers. When they get overloaded, you get disease.

If your blood is overloaded with all kinds of toxic residue you just can not expect to feel well anywhere in your body. 

If you eat a garbage junk food fast food diet. Or if that is even a large part of your diet, forget about prostate health or feeling well in general.

Junk food poisons your blood. Instead of being a clean free flowing river, it becomes like a polluted swamp.

Did you ever smell a swamp? Did you ever encounter someone who apparently bathed, but smelled terrible or had really bad breath? Same thing.

And, all that decaying and toxic material will cause you infinite physical and mental trouble.

A meal of fast food won't kill you. Or even really hurt a normal body. But, a constant diet of fast food is pure suicide for anyone!

The primitive diet will clean you up. You may also require some intestinal cleaning in the beginning.

Constipation will always eventually cause problems here also.

All that decaying material in your bowel is only about 1/2 inch (or less) from your precious male gland.

This special gland of ours is a super fine filtering mechanism. Just like your liver and kidneys. It filters the blood so the semen is clean and the sperm cells are healthy.

When your gland has to filter too much, it can get inflamed and cause severe prostatitis. If the toxic overload is too heavy, cancer can result.

Why do you think prostate cancer is more epidemic now than ever before in history? Once you understand the human body and modern life style, all this disease becomes easy to understand.

The Importance
A Peaceful Mind

You're not going to regain your prostate health if you constantly harbor lots of negative emotions and are angry or worried all the time. With all kinds of constant negative emotions and tensions you'll also destroy your ability to be well in general.

It's OK and totally normal to get upset, or intensely angry, or very sad once in a while. It's totally human and natural! It's part of living.

But, when a person hangs on to these negative emotions, all kinds of physiological changes take place. Large amounts of toxins are created in the body.

Protective substances produced by your body, like DHEA and endo-morphines, do not get produced sufficiently when you are constantly in a negative mental state. Your immune system is impaired. Then, you statrt to get all kinds of sicknesses. Both physical and mental.

Pleasant and loving emotions do just the opposite. They strengthen your immune system. They cause those rejuvenating substances to be produced inside your body.

"Gratitude and appreciation are the words that describe the feeling that sends the optimal signals to our brain to tell our brain to give us the powerfully enhanced immune system and DHEA levels that are sky high. And this is what's been documented under laboratory conditions."  - Institute of Heartmath

No, you will not be peaceful all the time. This is life. Things happen. But, handle them, then let them go and move on with a cheerful optimism. This alone can produce seeming miracles in a man's life. This is also the road to prostate health.

Remember These Things:

It is really quite simple to regain prostate health, though it may take some time and a lot of personal discipline.

1) Keep your blood clean and well nourished.

2) Do some correct massage to get plenty of good blood circulation and oxygen to your gland.

3) Breathe deeply on a regular basis.

4) Drink plenty of pure water.

5) Moderate your sex life.

6) Get enough sleep and rest.

7) Reduce and eliminate all unnecessary stress from your life.

Then see how dramatically your prostate health improves!

Be Well.....

~ William

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