Regaining Your Prostate Gland Health

last updated January 7, 2019

regaining prostate gland health

Achieving prostate gland health should not be nearly as difficult as it seems to be.

So why is this area such a problem for most middle age and older men?

And, why is it so difficult for most men to regain a healthy sexual system?

Getting Healthy Again is
Usually Not as Difficult as it Seems!

We live in a cause and effect Universe. That is abundantly true when it comes to this area of a man’s life.

We wind up with all kinds of painful problems and malfunctions for a number of reasons.

The main reasons being:

  • Malnutrition
  • Toxemia
  • Suffocation
  • Internal Poisoning
  • Sexual Overindulgence

It’s very interesting to note that not a single one of these if a communicable disease.

Every single one of these conditions/diseases is brought about by the way a man lives.

The Tragedy of Modern Living

Prostate gland health is not the only thing our modern way of life has been destroying.

Sure, most of us live in decent homes or apartments, and, our way of existing is far more comfortable than it used to be only a couple of hundred years ago. These are things to be enjoyed and be very grateful for.

But, we have changed normal simple living into this complicated, highly manufactured, highly processed world that robs of us many simple life needs and pollutes many others.

And it is making us a sicker and sicker world as each decade goes by.

"We now suffer from more diseases

than at any other time in the history of mankind.”

That is a statement of fact!

We also suffer from diseases that didn’t even exist 100 years ago.

Prostate gland health is more the exception than the norm.

We are not getting healthier and healthier as a nation. Rather sicker and sicker.

The average longevity is said to be longer. But, that is only because there is far less infant mortality and because people wind up on all kinds of life support for years.

"In the last 100 years, the overall quality of life has declined, and, the amount of degenerative disease has increased as has the decline in prostate gland health."

Eliminating the Cause(s)
of Your
Prostate Gland Health Problems

I gave 5 main reasons for the decline of prostate gland health above.

The wonderful part is: for most men any and all of these issues can usually be improved. Usually to a very acceptable and comfortable/pain free level.

In the process, most men find their entire level of health and well being is improved.

EVERY prostate gland health problem has direct causes. Very few are genetic.

So let’s take a look at those 5 main causes one by one and see what problems they cause and how eliminating them can improve your prostate gland health remarkably!


“This doesn’t affect me. I eat great!” Do you know how often I hear that one?

Eating a lot and being overweight does not mean you “eat great” and are not malnourished.


Just that fact that you are over weight is usually a sign of malnourishment. Your body is craving certain nutrients that it’s not getting so it makes you just keep eating in hopes of getting those nutrients!

Most men (and women) are malnourished in certain specific nutrients.

Concerning prostate gland health, that occurs primarily with certain fatty acids, plant sterols and minerals (primarily zinc).

This is the cause of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

BPH requires patience to reverse and can take quite some time to accomplish. But, getting on a proper supplement protocol usually does the trick.

Adding some correct massage to that normally always seems to increase the speed of recovery.

Malnutrition is often also responsible for impotence, low sperm count and various degrees of ED (erectile dysfunction).


Toxemia is without doubt the #1 cause of cancer in this specific area.

You can not really talk about cancer, especially in this area, without taking toxemia into account as a probable cause.

This specific gland is one of the finest filters in the world. It filters virtually every toxin from the blood stream so that the semen can be pure and the sperm stays live and healthy.

The big problem is we have so many more toxins in our blood than every before because of environmental pollution, chemical agriculture, impure water, and impure air.

We also are very sedentary are a culture and the kidneys, skin and lungs do not remove as much as they should.

On top of that we eat so much crap that we accumulate stagnant fields of pollution in our colons. The colon is right next to this male gland of ours and the toxins in the colon go directly to it.

So you can see how so many men suffer and unknowingly begin their own death right here. I believe the first step here, that will achieve the quickest results, is doing some correct massage technique and drinking more pure water so that the massaging can really do it’s work.

These two steps alone could save many men’s lives from immense suffering.


Suffocation and strangulation occur here when you sit too long at one time.

Prostate gland health is almost impossible for the man who sits a lot all day and does nothing to compensate for it.

Sitting too much makes the circulation sluggish. When you sit all day you also pinch the blood vessels that supply this specific area with vital oxygen, nutrients, and cleansing blood flow.

Soon, you’re not getting enough oxygen for optimal well being. But, all the metabolic processes continue. And more and more waste products (toxins) form.

The circulation is diminished and all these toxins start to accumulate.

Now you don’t have enough oxygen there so your ability to function becomes weakened......

It’s a viscous cycle. The best remedy for counteracting that cycle is getting up regularly to move around, breathing deeply as you do, some regular correct massage, and consuming plenty of water to help keep things cleaned out down there.

Can you see now why you may be experiencing problems here instead pain free fully functioning vitality?

Internal Poisoning:

Suffocation is the first step in internal poisoning.

Now combine that with a dirty clogged up colon that is pouring toxins into your bloodstream and directly on to this area 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

And add to that impure water. Food preservatives, artificial flavors and colors, etc.....

To that poison add air pollution, emotional stress, etc...

Your precious prostatic system is filtering ALL of this poison every hour of every day! And when there is more than it can handle the poisons accumulate and can cause severe and even life threatening problems!

Is your lack of prostate gland health, lack of general well being, and other assorted chronic problems, mental unrest and depression any wonder to you now?

The most efficient first step in moving this poison and toxic waste out and regaining normal well being is regular correct massage technique.

That is why this site was created. To help you learn what has proven most effective in creating and maintaining excellent prostate gland health by Natural methods.

Still, you will also need to take a hard objective look at your own life practices.

You will have to make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle and health/internal hygiene habits to take care of your physical problems throughout your body and have real prostate gland health.

On this site I am dedicated to helping you learn the same effective Natural ways to achieve the wonderful results that I and thousands of other men have gotten.

Sexual Overindulgence:

This is big one!

Sexual overindulgence can totally ruin sexual function in any man no matter how clean and healthy the rest of his lifestyle is.

Yeah, I know, when we were kids our dick was our favorite toy. You just could not play with it too much. And NOTHING ever was a problem down there.

We could pee like race horses and were always pain free!

ALL of that changes for every man as we age.

It’s a very delicate system, and once the resilience of youth wears off we all start to pay dearly for our errors and abuse down there.

Some men will get messed up in their early 20s some will get messed up after 40.

But, if you constantly overdo sexually you will definitely pay dearly eventually. It may be pain. It may be ED. It may be BPH.

Combine that with all the toxemia and poisoning I mentioned above and your life can become a living hell.

You Can Reverse Those Problems

Wake up call: If you think there is any drug on the market that will counteract all of that abuse and give you prostate gland health you are in for an even worse eye opener.

You can’t clean something up by continuing what caused the mess AND adding more toxins to your system.

If you think I’m talking nonsense, then don’t pay any attention to what I say and come back and read this again when you feel even worse. It will make a lot of sense to you then.

You create prostate gland health, or any kind of health, by removing the factors that caused the pain and disease and by implementing all the factors that create health. It is that simple!!

Simple, yes. Always easy, definitely not. But always definitely worth the effort.

Getting very specific on what creates prostate gland health is not going to fit in one article.

But, you have an entire website here that is devoted to prostate gland health. If you read it, you can probably learn how to reverse ANY prostate gland health problem(s) you now face.

But, you won’t reverse anything by just reading. You’ll have to start doing.

Learning How to Know What Works

Health education in this period of civilization is generally totally lacking. “Eat chicken and broccoli and exercise.” is not usually enough information.

PLUS: there is a lot of False information out there that is simply profit motivated and will make you even sicker.

How do you tell the difference? It’s actually very simple:

What seems Naturally correct to you?

What do the wild animals do? And what do primitive societies (who virtually never suffer from all these problems) do?

Copy those things as much as you can and you will probably get well and live long and happily.

Wild animals and primitive peoples NEVER suffer from all the ailments we do.

Animals sleep when they are tired. Eat when they are hungry. Eat only natural unprocessed foods. Have sex when motivated and not for sport.

In the mean time I have written hundreds of pages here to help you find your way back to prostate gland health.

If you study the pages on this site and apply what you learn it is almost impossible that you will not improve your prostate gland health.

Be Well.....

~ William

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