The Miracle Prostate Exercise - 2023

Without This Prostate Exercise,
You May Never Achieve Complete Prostate Health

Medically reviewed by Leonard N. Zinman, MD, FACS, FRCS
Written by William Zmachinsky

last updated December 17, 2022
2:40 pm

the miracle prostate exercise

This one single prostate exercise is so effective, it may do more good for your prostate health than any other exercise known!

Keeping the muscles in your abdomen toned is a must if you are going to have radiant health. All the organs are favorably affected by the strengthening of the surrounding muscles and the increased blood flow that results.

Combine this prostate exercise with correct prostate massage , and you are going to notice some

Major Improvements
In The Way You Feel!

Unless you are a confirmed bodybuilder, sit ups, crunches, and television advertised ab machines will eventually bore you to death and you will stop doing them. They are not even the best way to create superior internal circulation!

The Miracle Prostate Exercise is far more effective! The exercise actually exercises all the muscles around your prostate. This is a lot of muscular area! This is what will dramatically effect the blood flow to your prostate. Much more so than trying to exercise just the tiny prostate muscles themselves.

Your prostate itself will be getting a gentle massage during the exercise. And, because of the large amount of muscles in your abdomen, the blood flow to your prostate will actually be enhanced much more than trying to exercise just the prostate on its own.

The fresh oxygen rich blood is what we want your prostate to have. That is what brings the new life energies and nourishment to your prostate. That is what revitalizes you and makes you feel good!

"Miracle Prostate Exercise"

Simple And Easy

You can do this prostate exercise anytime, anywhere. You won't build up a sweat or even wrinkle your clothes. And, it will have a rejuvenating massaging influence on all your abdominal organs as well as your prostate. And, if that is not enough, if you are overweight you will probably lose 2 or more inches on your waistline. Without cutting calories from your diet!

WOW! That's so good there should be an infomercial for it!

But, this prostate exercise is FREE! You simply have to do it. Regularly. Every day.

Just because this prostate exercise is simple and does not take much time, that does not mean it is not Highly Effective!

Bodybuilders are known for exercising 6-8 hrs every day in the gym trying to make their muscles be the best they can be. However, recently, the Mr. Olympia (king of all bodybuilding competitions) was won by a man who spent only 45 minutes a day, and only 3 days a week training.

In that time he created the best built body in the world! He simply knew what exercises were most effective! And, now you will too!

That is what you are going to learn here. What the most effective prostate exercise is.

Because this prostate exercise is so simple and easy

There Is No Excuse
For You Not To Be Feeling Better!

prostate exercise for improved sexual health

So let's get to the exercise!

Stand up. Take a few deep breaths. Then exhale until all the air is out of your lungs. When the air is out, don't breathe in. Instead, suck your stomach in and UP as high as you can into your chest. Use your hands to help lift UP. In and Up.

Up is most important. You will be reversing the negative effects of gravity here. Too much gravity squashes your organs. Your prostate is on the bottom of that pile! So pull UP!

Remember, with this prostate exercise, your are exercising all the muscles in your abdominal area!

Give your sides a squeeze or two. There are a lot of blood vessels running through there. Refresh them too!

Don't breathe in yet. Pull up some more. As hard as you can! Feel the muscles all the way down to your pubic bone lifting.

Feel the muscles in your lower back and side tighten and help lift. CONCENTRATE! It's very important that you feel what is happening.

Then, INHALE DEEPLY! Hold it for a count of 5. Then exhale. And, relax.

Do you feel the oxygen rush?

Amazing! Isn't it?

Your body loves this.

The Entire Process Will Take
Only 60 Seconds
or Less!

That is long enough. Don't overdo it!

Wait about 1 or two minutes. Then repeat the prostate exercise. It is very important to take the little break in between the exercises. It gives the muscles time to recuperate and fill with fresh blood and oxygen again.

After doing this set of prostate exercises, notice the immediate feeling of refreshment! That refreshment is also happening deep within your abdomin and all the internal organs, including your prostate. New fresh blood with life giving oxygen has replaced the stagnant tired blood.

You have moved the blood. Exercised all the abdominal and lower back muscles. You've given a gentle massage treatment to all the abdominal organs. Brought fresh blood and life energy and stimulation to your prostate and the lower organs.

When you have prostate pain, do this prostate exercise 10 times throughout the day. Every hour or so.

Your body needs fresh healthy blood to heal itself and keep itself well.

Then through out the day, don't just let your belly sag. This pinches off the blood vessels and puts extra pressure on your prostate and causes problems.

Instead, just gently keep your belly pulled in and up. Gently! In and Up. Remember, UP is most important. That's where you want your belly. (It looks real nice, too!)

This will help your circulation immensely! You will probabally find your mind feels clearer also.

Fresh blood and fresh oxygen helps the entire body! The body functions as a whole. Not as separate parts. When you correctly and naturally work on making one part healthier, the whole body benefits!

The first day, all of this will be great fun and highly refreshing. About day 2 or 3 it will feel exhausting! That is because all those muscles you are now using are drastically out of shape! Just stay with it. In a couple of weeks it will be so sweat!

Once you are feeling good, doing the Miracle Prostate Exercise 3 or 4 times a day will be fine. And,

That Will Be Enough
To Maintain The Good Feeling

In my own life, whenever I start to feel Really Good, I get Really Lazy! Oh yeah!! I forget to do all the things that made me feel so good. Then, after a while, the discomfort and pain start to bother me. Immediately I return to this wonderful and powerful prostate exercise. Every Hour. In a day or two, I am back to feeling well and usually pain free again!

You Alone Create Your Condition

I wish I could blame it on someone else. I really do. But, it is YOU! What you do each day creates your life. Good or Bad.

Do the things that create good health, you feel good! Do the things that injure your body and/or destroy health, you feel bad! There is no mystery to it! It sounds like childish advise, but it is not.

The problem is, most of us do not even realize the many things to ourselves each day that we don't even know are harmful. Like sitting in a chair all day. Who would guess that sitting in a chair all day is:

One Of Our Major Health Hazards

Why do you think there are so many prostatic, lower back and digestive problems? No, sitting in a chair for long periods of time each day is not the only thing that contributes to these problems. But, it is a major contributing factor!

All that sitting puts 2 1/2 the pressure on the lower vertebra as standing! That pressure pinches the blood vessels and nerves so that the life energys can not flow normally. It specifically pinches the nerves in the lower vertebra #5 and #6 which send all the messages from your brain to your prostate!

When you do that for 8 or 10 hours a day, how is your prostate supposed to feel? Or, function properly?Then you go home to sit down for dinner.

We are a sedentary society. We no longer have to chop wood, gather water, hunt for food. All those activities are natural to our bodies and kept us healthy for thousands of years.

Movement is healthy. Most of us have slow stagnant blood and weak vessels. How do you think a body like that is going to feel?

By doing the Miracle Prostate Exercise every day,

You Can Feel Infinitely Better
Than You Do Now

prostate exercise that works
prostate exercise that works #4
prostate exercise that works #2

Stand up regularly (if you sit a lot each day) and take 3 or 4 minutes to refresh your body with this Miracle Prostate Exercise. Try it for just one day. See what a difference it can make! You'll never want to give it up!

Be Well.....

~ William

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