The Deer Exercise

Help or Hindrance?

the male deer exercise, tao deer exercise

An Ancient Exercise

The Male Deer Exercise is an ancient Chinese exercise designed for male sexual health. It is one of the most simple, natural ways to maintain prostate health.

But, only if the muscles in your pelvic floor are in a normal relatively healthy condition. Unfortunately, aboubt 92% of modern men have some degree of pelvic floor problems already. Even if they

have no current sign of pain or prostate problems.

If your body is in a normally healthful condition, this is a fine natural exercise. If your body is not, this exercise may be very wrong for you.

If you find this exercise causes you more discomfort than you already have do not use it. Discomfort from using this exercise often indicates that you may have a condition called pelvic myoneuropathy.

With pelvic myoneuropathy the muscles are normally already in spasm and further tightening of them is not what you want to do. Doing the Male Deer Exercise can make this condition worse and even more painful.

What Is The Deer Exercise?

This exercise was actually developed as part of the Taoist health culture system. There is the male version and the female version. We will be discussing the male version.

It originated in ancient China and is still a part of Taoist health care. It is sometimes called the Tao Deer Exercise. Before the time of Confucius, the Chinese people were very open about sexuality. Sexual pleasures were actually honored and revered.

The health care system back them was entirely different from what we now know. There were no pharmaceuticals. People used only natural treatments and expeienced a much higher state of health than is generally experienced today.

Besides using natural herbs and acupuncture, the ancient Chinese used exercises. Many of these were taken from observations of the wild animals. They found that wild animals seemed to live in a state of perpetual health.

Three animals: the deer, the crane, and the turtle were known for their longevity. Of these three, the deer was noted to have the strongest sexual and reproductive abilities.

The deer is a very prolific and sexual animal. So when the ancient Chinese were looking for the practices that created sexual vitality, they studied the habits of the male and female deer. This amazing exercise was derived from that study and observation.

When the Taoist sages observed the behavior of the deer, they saw that the deer exercised it’s anal muscles when it wiggled its tail. They adopted this anal flexation and modified it for human use.

The Original Tao Exercise

This Tao exercise was the original natural "prostate massage" prescribed for prostate health and male sexual health.

It was so effective that it traveled down tens of thousands of years to modern times and is still used today in the Taoist Healing System.

The formal Taoist Deer Exercise is rather ceremonious, time consuming, and complex. You need to set some private time aside twice a day to practice it. It can be quite wonderful.

But, following the ancient Taoist exercise program is not necessary to obtain the incredible benefits that this exercise can bring. I am going to teach you a modified version (much more like the deer actually do it), that will give you all the benefits of this simple yet miraculous exercise.

What The Deer Exercise Can Do

The deer exercise will not replace correct prostate massage or prostate milking as a prostate treatment.

But, if your prostate is in relatively good shape, the deer exercise can tone it, strengthen it, and help to keep it healthy.


Personally, after considerable research, I DO NOT recommend this exercise for the modern man.(That means most men.)

The reasons are: We sit too much each day. We live high stress lives. We worry too much these days.

ALL these things contribute to tension in the anus and the entire pelvic floor. This is why the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage is so effective for so many men when nothing else works.

The anal peripheral massages relax and increase circulation in the entire anal and prostate areas. More than 92% of the time this is what the modern male needs. Not more anal muscular contraction to make them tighter.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to using the Deer Exercise if you are wanting to maintain an already health sexual system.

The Deer Exercise:

  • Rejuvenates and refreshes the prostate gland
  • Strengthens and builds the tissues of the sexual organs
  • May help shrink a swollen prostate due to BPH or congestion

  • Increases potency and fertility
  • Diminishes or eliminates premature ejaculation
  • Can prevent and reverse incontinence
  • Strengthens digestion

The Hazards

If you already have pelvic myoneuropathy continually contracting your pelvic muscles will:

  • Make the muscles tighter, causing less blood flow
  • Cause more nerve irritation
  • Cause more pain

The Healthful Combination

If your muscles are generally healthy, combining the Anal Peripheral Prostate Massage and the Deer Exercise (especially while using an Aneros can:

  • Strengthen and Tone the entire male sexual system
  • Massage your prostate gland
  • Prevent overtensioning the pelvic floor muscles (which can cause pelvic myoneuropathy and prostate problems)

Here's How You Do It

If you decide to try this exercise out, this is the simple version:

Step #1) Squeeze you anal muscles closed. At the same time feel that squeeze go into your perineum (the space between your testicles and anus) and into your prostate gland.

Hold this squeeze firmly for a few seconds. It will feel like you are trying very hard to stop urinating mid stream.

Then release and relax all the muscles. Take a deep breath.

Step #2) There is no step #2. That was the entire exercise!

It's a very simple exercise. And very healthful if your muscles are in "normal" condition.

But, since most of us suffer from too much anal tension rather than too little, most of us need the Anal Peripheal Prostate Massage to relax these over tensed muscles. Not The Deer Exercise.

So you can play with it. There are no hard and fast rules. And, just like any exercise, it doesn't pay to overdo it!

One good squeeze, done a few times throughout your day, will do the trick.

You can do it standing, sitting, or lying down. Anytime you want. The Male Deer Exercise takes only a few seconds to do.

Be Well.....

~ William

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