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Without Drugs or Surgery - 2023

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shrink prostate BPH without drugs or surgery

All men who live past 40 will get BPH. An enlarged prostate.

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) is only a problem when your prostate gland grows too much. Then it can cause you all kinds of urinary troubles. But, you know that already.

That's why you're here!

From about age 50 there are tens of thousands of men who have had their lives permanently changed by incontinence, impotence and infertility due to BHP drugs and surgery.

Drugs and surgery have their time and place. Unfortunately too many men have resorted to drugs and/or surgery(s) when there are much more simple natural remedys for BPH.

Over and over again, in clinical testing, these natural remedies have:

Proven To Be More Effective
Than Drugs Or Surgery

These natural food remedies both stop the progress of and REVERSE Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. And the only side effects seem to be better health and a more youth feeling!

Your body chemistries change somewhat as you age. In a nutshell, your body starts making more of this and less of that.

BPH occurs when testosterone starts getting converted into dihydrotestosterone.

Dihydrotestosterone makes your prostate grow. Dihydrotestosterone is formed from testosterone by a chemical catalyst (produced by your body) known as 5-alpha-reductase.

By inhibiting the formation of 5-alpha-reductase, dihydrotestosterone is not created and cells in this gland are not encouraged to over grow.

When the cause of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia was identified, the drug companys jumped right on it. They knew that if they could make a drug that inhibited the formation of 5-alpha-reductase, they could make billions from the millions of men who suffer from BPH.

Let's look at the drugs.

Let's look at the surgerys.

Let's look at nature's way.

BPH Drugs

Finasteride is a chemical put out by Merck & Co. It came out in 1992 and is sold as Proscar®. This drug actually can cause a lot of decrease in BPH symptoms. And, it was advertised as doing so.

What was not advertised was the terrible side effects of Proscar®. They never mentioned the VERY high incidence of impotence, decreased libido, and ejaculatory disorders in men taking the drug. Is that somethings that sounds good to you??

Now, Proscar® is used by over 650,000 men in 25 different countries for BPH.

The drug costs a man about $80 per month. This means all these men are adding more than $500,000 (a half Billion Dollars!!) to Merck's bank account. Pretty lucrative business! Don't you think so?


The Drug Is So Toxic, It Contains A Warning
That Pregnant Women Should Not Even Touch It!

They go on to say that only that much contact with the drug (simply touching it) could seriously injury their unborn baby's health. They also advise pregnant women against having sexual intercourse without a condom if her man is taking Proscar®. WOW!! I find that scary!

Another common drug for BPH is terzosin hydrochloride. It is from Abbott Labs. It is sold as Hytrin®.

Side effects from Hytrin® can include sever low blood pressure, erectile disfunction, heart palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and sinus problems.

The worst part of all is that:

These Drugs Only Relieve Symptoms.
They Do Nothing To Help Reverse BPH.

While taking these drugs BPH continues to progress.

By the time you read this I'm sure there will be other drugs for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. And I'm sure all of them will have similar results and come with their own special consequences (every drug does).

For most men, none of this horror has to happen.

BPH Surgery

When your gland gets even bigger and you can not pee, surgery is usually recommended. You could be in such misery by then that you may even beg for surgery. How sad. When in all likelihood the whole problem could have been avoided.


The most commonly known surgery is called transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Long term side effects of TURP can include:

  • reduced fertility

  • persistent urinary incontinence
  • trouble emptying your bladder completely
  • erectile dysfunction
  • ejaculate fluid is caused to be projected into the bladder instead of through the penis

Getting older is really not supposed to have all these problems. Really. It's not.


Transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP) is a BPH surgery similar to TURP but less radical. It, however, can only be performed on smaller glands of certain configuration.


Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) is a BPH surgery done with a Holmium laser. The results are similar to TURP, but with fewer complications. There is a shorter hospital stay, shorter need for a catheter, and shorter recovery time.

Green Light PV

The Best
The Surgeries

Green Light PV: --This has proven to be the best of the surgeries!-- And, by far, the least invasive. If your gland is just too big to shrink, this method of treatment may be what you need.

Green Light PV stands for Selective Photo Vaporization of the Prostate. This procedure is done with an 80-watt laser. In the procedure the laser is used to vaporize some of the excess tissue in the gland which is blocking or holding up the flow of urine in the urethra.

The operation is done through a catheter using a tiny laser. Approximately 2 millimeters of the gland's tissue that surround the urethra is vaporized. This removes the pressure on the urethra that causes urinary problems.

A five-year study by physicians at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn., published in the U.S. Journal of Urology in April 2003, found the Vaporization procedure resulted in virtually zero post-operative pain, bleeding, incontinence or impotence.

The Major Benefits of Green Light PV:

  • It is an outpatient procedure that takes only about 1/2 hour!

  • Usually provides profound and long term relief
  • Without the drastic side effects of a surgical reaming out of the gland (TURP)
  • There is almost no risk of infection
  • Nothing is cut. The problems of impotence, incontinence, nerve damage, etc. are virtually eliminated!

A Note Of Caution:

Research your Urologist. Make sure he is skilled and experienced in Green Light PV.

BPH Green Light PV is an excellent but relatively new procedure. There are not a lot of experienced practitioners yet. All that is required of a Urologist is a weekend course on the procedure. That is it. They are then allowed to perform it on anyone they choose.

I have received reports of men having terrible complications from this procedure by Urologists who took the course, but have no real history of experience performing the operation. Complications as bad as the ones from TURP, and worse!

Talk to your Urologist. Do not be afraid to offend him with questions. It's your body and your future health that is at stake.

Ask him how many successful procedures he has done. It should be at least 60. Preferably 100 or more. Then, ask how many had complications afterward.

Don't let anyone brush you off like this is a simple minor procedure. It is still a surgery. Done incorrectly it can be a nightmare.

Done correctly, Green Light PV can be a magnificent procedure and a real blessing for advanced BPH sufferers!

For more information, click here: Green Light PV for BPH. They also refer doctors who do the procedure.

It is also important to note:

After The Surgery
Further Surgeries And Treatments May Be Required

Your gland can and probably will continue to grow from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia despite previous treatments IF you do not change the living patterns that caused your BPH condition in the first place. That only makes sense, doesn't it? If you keep doing what causes a problem you will keep having the problem.

It follows with the classic statement: "If you continue doing the same things, you will continue to get the same results".

Therefore, you now must learn how to take care of your gland so that BPH reverses and does not return.

Now, here is Nature's Simple Way to Prostate Health:

Nature's Way:
Natural Nutritional BPH Therapy

These natural nutritional BPH therapies have been clinically and empirically tested time and time again. The results continually show that these natural foods are:

Safer And At Least
50% More Effective
Than Drug Therapy

I'm not preaching a religion here, but, in the Christian Bible it states that "there is every herb on this earth to heal every disease of men".

The great Thomas A. Edison said, "Let your food be your medicine".

Two pretty good sources! Well, here's where you'll find the studies that show this to be true:

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto:

First, you must know about a plant named Serenoa Repens. It is commonly called Saw Palmetto. The berry is used.

Saw Palmetto is the oldest male urinary treatment known in the herbal pharmacia. It was used effectively by the American Indians long before there were any drug companys or drug stores.

Pharmaceutical companys produce BPH prescription chemicals (drugs) that try to stop the production of 5-alpha-reductase (the catalyst that transforms testosterone into dihydrotestosterone). These chemicals can cause the terrible side effects outlined earlier.

Saw Palmetto
stops the production of 5-alpha-reductase
With Absolutely No Side Effects

Let me repeat that: With absolutely no side effects!

Miraculous? Yes!

Simple? Yes!

Inexpensive? Yes!

As Nature intended? Yes!

At least 16 scientific, double blind studies comparing a placebo with Saw Palmetto have been conducted.

Every Scientific Study Has Shown That
Saw Palmetto Reduces Prostate Size!

Saw Palmetto was also shown to improve urination, urine flow, and reduce pain!

I know it did for me, and, it still is working for me after 30 years! It is still part of my personal daily prostate supplement program.

The clinical studies on BPH by Merck & Co., for the drug Proscar®, resulted in less than 50% of the men evaluating it as effective.

Similar studies conducted on BPH, for Saw Palmetto, found that 90% of the men taking it were completely satisfied with the results. Saw Palmetto is not fast acting, however. It may take 6 months of daily use for you to notice changes. So you have to be patient and persistent.


Pygeum is another wonderful and famous herb that has been used around the world to treat BPH. It was found that:


REVERSE BPH Successfully!

Yes, reverse BPH! You didn't think that was possible without drugs or surgery, did you?

Men have noticed improvement with pygeum has been noted in as little as 30 days.

Here's how to get even greater benefit:

In both American and Chinese herbalogy herb combinations are found to be superior to and generally more effective than herbs used by themselves. Pygeum is traditionally used together with Saw Palmetto.

The combination of Saw Palmetto, Pygeum, and Zinc is considered the Premier herbal combination for BPH. I personally use this combination.


You've probably already heard of Zinc.

This is the famous "Male Mineral". It is why oysters were considered such an aphrodisiac! Oysters are very high in natural zinc.

Zinc is involved with your male hormones, your seminal fluid, and sperm production. A zinc deficiency can cause impotence and prostatic enlargement.

Your gland requires Zinc more than any other organ in your body. It also prevents the formation of dihydrotestosterone.

This one is also one of my own personal daily supplements.

Glycine, Leanne, Glutemic Acid

These are three amino acids (basic proteins).

In clinical study, these three amino acids were used alone to treat BPH symptoms. No other treatments were used.

The men studied found they had 80% less night time awakenings. More than 70% of the men said they had a reduction in the need to urinate.

The amino acid combination does not cure or reverse BPH, however. They are mentioned here just for the comfort they were found to give.

Vitamin B6

This is part of the B complex group. It is often referred to as the universal carrier or catalyst vitamin. Among the many things it does, B-6 has a direct effect on prolactin levels. It reduces them them safely naturally.

Reducing prolactin prevents the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. And, it is the dihydrotestosterone which causes your prostate to grow.

B vitamins work together. That is why they should always be taken together. They come as a B complex vitamin supplement.

Taking only one B vitamin can cause an imbalance and/or deficiency of the others.

Essential Fatty Acids

We commonly call these "Fats!" Healthy natural fats are not only good for you, healthy fats are necessary for your survival.

Contrary to modern myth, fats are NOT the cause of heart disease and stroke. It is trans fatty acids (hydrogenated oils), and a body's inability to metabolize fats correctly, that cause the clogging in your veins and arteries.

This metabolic inability is usually caused by sugar consumption and poor nutrition. Stress can also play a part in this.

The Eskimo people consume a diet that is 70% fat. Before the introduction of sugar and alcohol to their diet, arteriosclerosis and cancer were unheard of! Unknown! These people had no "health education". They simply had radiant health!

Fish oils contain Omega 3 EPA and Omega 3 DHA. These are prime nutrients for your gland as well as your circulatory system. Fish oils are highly anti-inflamatory! That means fish oil:

Soothes Your Entire System!

They provide nutrients in abundance that you do not get elsewhere.

Fish oils also promote a general feeling of well being. In Scandinavian countries, where the diet is high in fatty cold water fish, clinical depression is nonexistent!

Shortly after my first couple of teaspoons of fish oil, I noticed a really nice feeling of general well being! It works that well.

And, fish oil contains "the good fats" that are necessary to your overall health.

Carlson's Fish Oils have proven to be the finest quality you can get.

Real Prostate Tissue

In ancient cultures, when a person was sick with a weak heart, the fed him animal hearts. If he couldn't breathe well, they fed him animal lungs. If his sexual powers were weak, they fed him testicles.

This makes so much back to basics sense to me that I also include it in my daily supplement.

Think about it for a moment. The perfect nutrition, something with all the exact necessary elements for an organ, would be the exact same organ from another animal.

Some people say, "Oh No! If you eat the prostate gland of other animals yours will grow even bigger." False as false can be.

What will really happen is your gland will grow healthier with proper nutrition. Then it is able to normalize itself (reduce it's size) because it has all the natural necessary nutrients to do so.

Does that make sense to you?

Here's How to Speed Your Progress

Correct Prostate Massage: To get the most from your nutritional supplements you need good circulation. Good blood flow.

The best way to directly increase the blood flow to your gland is with correct prostate massage. With correct massaging techniques you can expect to:

See Results 2 to 4 Times More Quickly!

Yes, I'm not kidding with that statement.

The more important good sexual health is to you the more you should learn about correct massaging techniques.

The desire for men to know these specific techniques is how this site got started. And these techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of men since this site began. I believe they will be of enormous value to you too.

You'll probably be interested to know that these correct massaging techniques have also been found effective in:

  • Reducing the constant need to urinate
  • Lessening the frequency of night time trips to the bathroom

Most men tell me these massage techniques are valuable beyond words! So please, take the time to check them out. Learn them. And see what they can do for you.


What makes the most sense? What appears to be safest and most effective way to handle your BPH condition?

With all the evidence from history and scientific clinical studies, the conclusions must be left to you.

BPH caused by nutritional deficiency

Advanced BPH restricts urine flow

In my own case, I suffered from almost unbearably from prostate swelling and pain, impotence, and overly frequent urination at the ripe old age of 33. Drugs never had much appeal for me. I searched out all the natural healing methods I could find (before the internet, that was no easy task!).

Today, I am 68 years of age. I am virtually pain free! And, I haven't had a single issue in this area for many years. I enjoy regular sex. I sleep through the night. And, I pee 24 ounces at one time!

My own daily BPH nutritional support includes:

- Saw Palmetto extract 320mg
- Pygeum 100mg
- Bovine Prostate 500mg
- Pure Fish Oil 2 teaspoons
- Zinc 15mg

I hope this BPH information will be of help to you as you find your way back to excellent prostate health!...

Be Well.....

~ William

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