Stinging Nettle
For Prostate Health

stinging nettle for prostate problems

Stinging Nettle is actually a food. Like spinach! Generations ago it was considered a poor man's vegetable. It grows wild and it often considered a common weed. Just like the dandelion (which is one of the finest liver tonics in the world!).

This herb is still quite a popular food in rural farm areas where it grows quite freely. People continue to eat it as any other green vegetable because it is delicious!

You can eat the young leaves freshly picked. Once it starts to mature the protective little spines start to develop. Cooking totally softens and neutralizes the spines. You don't even know they were there!

The Medicinal Properties Of Stinging Nettle
Were Only Discovered By Accident

If you study herbal treatment history, you will find that:

  • People with kidney and urinary problems who ate Stinging Nettle regularly found they felt better. They could pee more easily and fully.

  • People with rheumatism, who ate it regularly, found their joints moved more easily and freely.

  • People with gout, who ate plenty of it, found the gout felt easier or went away.

  • People with asthma and colds released phlegm more easily when they ate it.

Why did they used to eat it so much of it? First it tastes really good. Second it was easy to find! Those who ate it were mostly farmers or poor people who gathered their own wild vegetables to save money.

If you live in the country, you can just go pick some. You should try it just for the pleasure of enjoying it! But, you're not likely to find it walking down a street in Los Angeles, California or New York City. So, we mostly get it in capsule form.

It is a comforting herb. It is an anti-inflammitory.

In clinical study it was also found that it:

Helps Men Urinate More Easily and
Empty Their Bladder More Fully.

So, they had less night time awakenings.

As a prostate treatment it has not been found to reverse BPH. It is simply used to provide more comfort. It has no known side effect when taken internally.

Medicinally the root is used in preference to the leaves. The reason is: most plants hold their chemical properties in greater concentration in the roots.

You normally do not have to buy Stinging Nettle separately. If you look, you can often find it in combination with Saw Palmetto and Pygeum in prostate supplement formulas. I include it in my own prostate health routine!

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