Colon Cleanse
Prostate Health

A colon cleanse can be extraordinarily helpful in improving prostate health. And, it's very easy to do.

Most men, especially men in mid life or older, don’t realize just how many problems their bowels may be causing their prostate.

Your prostate gland is sitting right directly next to your bowel. If you have a lot of rotting, decaying, residual, food poisoning your prostate, of course you're going to be having problems there? Make sense?

Prostate Problems from constipation

colon diseases

In fact, 90% of adults (male and female) are troubled by some health problem because their bowels are a mess and harboring accumulated poisonous putrefying waste matter that may have been stuck in there for years! And even decades!

This is a FACT. Just because you have bowel movements does not mean everything that went in is coming out. That’s a big surprise to most people.

Don't Poison Yourself to Death!

We always figure whatever goes in comes out. WELL, not necessarily. And in modern society, not usually.

Cadavers have commonly been found to have 5+ POUNDS of this disgusting life robbing mess stuck to the walls of their large intestine.

Why Prostate Cancer Is So Common

Why do you think colon cancer is the #1 cancer for men and women? The colon in most people is being poisoned day after day with accumulated rotting, decaying, bacteria breeding waste and mucous.

And this toxic nightmare in the bowels in responsible for most of the #2 caners: Breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men!

It’s a toxic nightmare down there for most people!

Now here’s why this toxic mess causes so much prostate and breast cancer:

Your prostate gland is located right next to your bowel. Not an inch or so away from it. Right next to it. It gets ALL the poison that the unhealthy bowel is pouring into your bloodstream all every minute all day long.

Male Prostate and Female Breasts
Getting Poisoned to Death Every Day!

As you know, the male prostate gland and female breasts are both involved in creating and taking care of the new born and young.

One of the things Mother Nature included in these organs is an extremely fine filtration system. These organs filter all the blood that comes into them so that the sperm and milk will be clean and healthy.

Genius! Don’t you agree!? And something you may never have learned before.

The problem is: we now consume so many toxins in our food, air and water (not to mention all the drugs we use) that our systems can no longer eliminate them all effectively.

Compound this with the fact that most people in civilized worlds eat so much junk and foodless food (sugar, white flour, processed oils, etc...). Small amounts of this pasty residue from this “non” food gets stuck in our intestines and starts to rot within a few days.

constipation problems and diseases

Now some of the 100s of layers of this mess has been stuck there for years and even decades. Yes decades!

Autopsies have found waste from foods in peoples intestines that they have not eaten for over 20 year! Ughhh!! Disgusting.

Prostate Cancer and Breast Cancer

And we wonder why there is so much prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. It’s not a mystery!

These 2 organs have to filter out all the poisons in the bloodstream in order to make healthy sperm and healthy milk.

The BIG PROBLEM is, the prostate gland and the breasts often store a lot of these toxins. More than they can handle.

When the cells in these glands accumulate more poison than they can handle cancer often develops.

That’s really all there is to it! No one ever told you that before, did they? And that is why colon, prostate, and breast cancers are the main cancers people get and die from.

It’s really that simple. There’s no great mystery to it. The same holds true for most migrane headaches.

And now, you are one of the tiny minority that knows you can do something about it!

If you want to clean up your body, have more energy, be healthier, have clean fresh breath, and never want to worry about prostate cancer, breast cancer, or colon cancer: COLON CLEANSE for colon health.

Conditions That Can Come From a Filthy Clogged Bowel

Here’s a partial list of things that can result from an unclean impacted bowel:

  • Constipation
  • IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Bad Breath
  • Colon, Prostate, and Breast Cancer
  • Prostatitis and Prostate Pain
  • Headaches
  • Low Energy
  • Mental Confusion
  • A Feeling of Being OLD! and tired most of the time
  • Diseases of every nature that are a “mystery” and just can’t be diagnosed or cured

Your First Colon Cleanse

colon cleansing smells and stinks

The first time you colon cleanse it will stink to high heaven! It can be the most disgusting thing you’ve every experienced your body doing.

You know why it smells SOOO BAD? All that material coming out is rotting and decaying. Some has usually been in there for years. It’s just like a swamp.

And all that stink and smell and poison has been going into your blood stream. Every Day!

AND it goes DIRECTLY to your prostate gland as it leaves the intestine. Then it travels through the bloodstream to the wonderful filters in a women’s breasts.

When your have those first few purges PLEASE be aware that that horrible, toxic, cancer causing material is no longer in you.

And: it will no longer rob you of your energy or even your life!

Every time that horrible stinking mess fills the room with an almost unbreathable stench you should smile and thank God that it is no longer sapping your energy and life from you.

When see how much better you feel

in the days that follow,

you will be so anxious to do your next cleansing


get rid of the rest of that mess!

No More Bad Breath

The stink from the rotting decaying material in a bowel can be so bad it comes out in a person’s breath. Now you know where chronic bad breath comes from. The kind that mints and mouthwash just can not fix.

When you colon cleanse and your bowels and blood are clean you will never have bad breath again (unless your teeth are a disaster, or chewing raw garlic is a favorite for you).

Young People Don’t Stink!

Did you ever notice it is not young people that usually stink? Ever? It’s always older people.

And did you ever hear of a 10 year old who needed to take a laxative every night before bed? NO....

Hmmmmm.... Why is that true?

This is because after years and decades of abuse most bowels are a mess of morbid putrefying matter. Kids just haven’t had time to accumulate all this mess.


You’ll feel better all over. You’ll smell good. You’ll think more clearly. And you’ll enormously reduce the risk of cancer in your lifetime. And you’ll feel A LOT younger!

YES! ALL of that is FACT! It has been proven over and over again in hundreds of thousands of cases.

Colon Cleanse: Learn How to Do It Properly

The colon cleanse

One cleansing is probably not going to get rid of all the mess in your bowels.

I mean, after all, it took years and often decades for all that horrible stuff to accumulate in there. And it is stuck to the intestinal walls. Like glue!

Most people need to do a few colon cleanses. Spaced about a month apart. A series of 3 to 5 colon cleanses is the normal program.

But the first colon cleanse,

if done correctly,

will eliminate

at least 50% of the poisonous mess!

And it will give your body a fighting chance.

And I can Guarantee: You’ll notice a greater feeling of well being in the days that follow.

However, if you’re too lazy or grossed out by the whole process, no problem! Just go along with the masses and live a life with low energy and endless aches and pains, take a wide variety of drugs (that compromise your liver) to try to combat the mess you’ve caused, and have a probable painful early death.

It’s entirely your choice....

Just don’t blame me or anyone else for your problems. You don’t have to have a clean colon. There’s no rule. You just feel a world better if you do. You’ll get healthier, you’ll smell better, and you’ll GREATLY reduce your risk of the most common cancers.

Why NO ONE Ever Told You About This

You never learned about this because there is no real profit to be made in teaching people to clean their colon!

AND: If you had a clean healthy colon A LOT of health practitioners would go out of business!

They’d have nothing to make you feel better from!

Have you ever thought about how good it would be to feel that way again?

Colon Cleansing: What You Can Expect

A New Life!! Yes, REALLY!

  • A life with renewed energy! (even if you’re 60, 70, 80 or 90!)
  • A clearer mind
  • A happier optimistic disposition! Cleaner breath and a good smelling body

ALL of that often happens after cleansing. Or a short series of colon cleanses.

Never cleaning your bowels is like never changing the oil in your car. Or to be more graphic: never flushing your toilet. You would never do those things. Would you?... Of course not! So, why do it to your body??

Get rid of that life robbing disease causing mess. Clean your colon!

How to Colon Cleanse The Right Way

It took a long time for all that poisonous mess to accumulate in your bowels (probably years!).

But, you can get rid of a lot of it relatively quickly. I mean in DAYS or A COUPLE of WEEKS with a high quality colon cleanse!!

There are endless colon cleanses on the market. Why? Because there is HUGE need for them and because MOST people need them. They just don’t know it.

At last count I found 61 different colon cleanse products on the market. Wow! The problem is: they don’t all work the same.

A Colon Cleanse That Really Works

The absolute best colon cleanses are obtained with high colonics. These are done by professionals and will cost you $250- $300 a pop.

The next best is the coffee enema. Using a clean organic (no pesticides) coffee, you can clean your bowel and large intestine quite nicely all by yourself. And, in the process, help detoxify your liver as well. These are what I personally used. And, they are marvelous!

Next, there is a relatively simple way to start cleaning. It the Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse.

They use simple natural ingredients have been used for thousands, yes thousands of years, to keep the bowels clean and functioning well. Not as powerful as the coffee enema. But, a good start for men(and women) who want to get started.

The chemical laxatives many people use today will make your bowels move. A good start, but these laxatives won’t get rid of the accumulated mess effectively. The mess, gunk, slime, what ever you may want to call it,   sticks to your intestinal walls. You need some rea (and natural) cleaning power down there.

Here' What a Colon Cleanse Can Do

Here’s what you can expect from your colon cleaning program:

  • Colon Cleanse: Will clean out and regulate your bowels
  • Colon Cleanse: Will invigorate your digestive system
  • Colon Cleanse: Can let you lose some unwanted weight (and if you are underweight it can help you gain and normalize your weight!)
  • Colon Cleanse: Will make you feel better physically AND mentally
  • Colon Cleanse: Will greatly reduce your chance of ever getting cancer

Fantastic! Right?

To good to be true? Ha!! Try it and like tens of thousands of others you’ll see!

How Can Colon Cleansing Do All of This?

The reason the colon cleanse has such remarkable success and results is very simple:

When your colon is clean,

you stop continually poisoning your body

with decaying putrid waste material


accumulated intestinal poisons.

Your body can now spend it’s energy living! Instead of trying to get the constant poison out of your system.

Poison that sickens ALL of your organs and all too often causes various forms of disease. Including prostate cancer.

Add to your colon cleans program the natural beneficial bacteria you need down there, and it would be impossible for you not to feel better!

The Most Amazing

Here’s where the colon cleanse magic really begins!

When you feel really and truly healthy again (how long has that been? 20? 30 years? More????) you feel really alive again. Like you used to.

Remember when you looked forward to each day? (instead of dreading the all the stuff you Have to do??)

Remember being generally happy and joyful? Just because?

Remember your body being your friend instead of something you had to deal with and medicate each day?

Can all this really happen from something so basic as a colon cleanse program? YES! It can!

A clean colon

can change your life for the better

more quickly
than any other thing

you can do

for your body and mind!

The Products That Will Work Best

I have a HUGE following on this website for a couple of very important reasons:

1) The articles I write tell of all natural methods that REALLY WORK!

2) I ONLY recommend products that do what they say and are the BEST in their field.

This is why I only recommend Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse.

This extremely simple set of ALL NATURAL ingredients can work wonders. It’s not just some laxative that angers your colon. This Colon Cleanse formula is a comprehensive blend of all natural ingredients that cleans gently and effectively.

Please:  Don't wind up feeling bad because you wanted to save a few dollars. For best results, I suggest getting the full 5 month supply. And use them until you notice a difference! They’re not expensive and they will do the job correctly.

Most People Get Even Better Results
Than They Thought Possible!

feeling happy after colon cleanse

If you start cleaning your colon, you will without a doubt, see results you never even believed to be possible!

Now: It's pretty rare, but some people can not use colonics or enemas due to some pre-existing condition. So, as always, check with your doctor first to see that you have no existing conditions that would make these things unacceptable for you.

A colon cleansing program is simple and pretty darn easy if you do it right! And, if you stick to it!  Do your colon cleanse regularly, and see how if feels to really live again!

Be Well.....

~ William

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