Finding a Colon Cleansing Kit
That Really Works

a secret to greater prostate health

choosing a colon cleansing kit

What is the best colon cleansing kit?

Which One Do I Choose?

OK. You’ve started your prostate massage program and are seeing results!

Now that your ready to take the next big step and clean out the years of accumulated intestinal mess, improve your sexual health, and your general health, what is the best way to do it?

There seem to be so many products out there!

Do they all do the same thing?

If you don’t know anything about them or how to tell what they will do by reading the ingredients, the choices just become overwhelming.

And all “colon cleansing kits” are NOT the same:

- Some are very good.

- Some are just laxatives and will not do much at all.

- Some will cause you a LOT of unnecessary discomfort.

- A few will do a great job efficiently and comfortably.

Why You Want a Colon Cleansing Kit

Your goal with a colon cleansing kit is not to see how much you can poop, because that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re cleaning your intestinal walls.

Stuff sticks in there and it needs to be removed.

Laxative can make the loose material pass right through and never even affect the hardened decaying masses that are actually stuck to your intestinal walls.

Your First Goal: with a colon cleansing kit is to remove the old rotting hardened materials without injuring yourself in the process.

These toxic material poison your male gland and your whole body every single day they are in there!

They don’t all do this.

Your Second Goal: is to replace the good and benefial flora (bacteria, microorganisms, etc..) that are actually beneficial to your health.

Very few do this.

Your Third Goal is to keep your insides clean and healthy and functioning normally and properly for the rest of your life.

That comes from how you eat and live after your cleansing.

Colon Cleansing Kit Results

The results you can expect from using a good colon cleansing kit program are:

  • A greater sense of well being and happiness!

  • More Energy
  • A clearer Happier mind
  • Clean breath and less body odor
  • Improved digestion
  • Better Sleep
  • Less joint and muscle pain
  • Less Headaches (or none at all!)

And that is just a partial list of the improvements you may see in your life.

Pretty Good, huh?

Can all this really come from just cleaning out my bowels?

Yes. Yes. And, Yes again!!


Because: Once you clean out all that stuff that is literally poisoning you each day, you can’t help but feel better!

When I Needed A Colon Cleansing Kit

colon cleansing for a healthy bowel

I have done a LOT of research in bowel cleanings over the years. Probably because chronic constipation was my first real health problem way back when I was a teenager.

It made me abnormally weak and sickly.

And no “standard” (common) treatment ever helped fix my problem.

Oh sure, I was given laxatives, and stool softeners, etc...

But, I didn’t feel much better. And didn’t get any stronger. The “remedies” often gave me terrible cramps and sometimes explosive painful diarrhea.

But, as soon as I stopped taking the “remedies” ALL my symptoms returned.

And something inside me knew:




So I started to study and explore natural means of healing myself.

My First Colon Cleansing Kit

a good colon cleansing kit can help you aviod disease

Colon cleansing kits weren’t really available when I was a young man. All I could find available was laxatives. Harsh awful chemical laxatives.

I had to research deeply into old Natural Healing Texts to find the materials I would need to become healthy again.

I started using what these old volumes had to offer and my life changed dramatically for the better!!

I developed my own colon cleansing kits from these old formulas. And Boy did they work!

I started to feel like a brand new body was given to me!

My health improved so much that now I never need them any more. I haven’t for the past 30+ years.

The reason is: Once you clean out your bowels and start putting in the the things they need every day in the form of natural foods, vitamins, and fiber,



And never come back!

That's how it worked for me....

My Favorite Colon Cleansing Kit

So what colon cleansing kit is best? Like I said, there are a few really good ones out there. But, the one I like best meets all my needs and requirements for:

  • Cleaning
  • Nourishing
  • Rebalancing
  • Ease of Use

With the combination of their ingredients in the kit and the probiotics they offer separately (beneficial microorganisms, bacteria....) you get the SIMPLEST and EASIEST colon cleaning kit you can find. Adding their chia product can be very beneficial also.

Together these products really do the job!

The Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse

The Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse is my personal choice because it does the job well in all the important ways AND it is easy to use.

If you just clean and don’t properly nourish yourself and rebuild the flora afterward, you’ll probably end up in the same terrible place in a short period of time and think the whole thing was not your answer.

The thing is, once you clean out the toxic mess you have to strengthen your intestinal tract, nourish it back to robust health, eat correct foods, AND, very important, replace the natural bacteria that normally live in a healthy intestine so that everything can function properly and normally again. So don’t forget your probiotics after your cleanse.

It's Like Having a Whole New Life!

Even more important is when you clean out the toxic mess and poisons, you get a lot of energy back. You feel happy to be alive again!

Once you stop poisoning your body with these toxins you feel so much better!!

And when you clean all this poisonous mess out with a proper colon cleansing kit:

- You can get your zest for life back.

- Your skin can take on a new healthy glow.

- Muscle and joint aches and pain usually diminish drastically.

- That terrible chronic fatigue caused by filthy bowels disappears!

W O W!

Don’t believe it?

Try it. See for yourself what a really good colon cleansing can do for you.

Returning to Normal
Feeling Great Again!

An effective high quality colon cleansing kit gets your body cleaned out and ready for new life.

But remember this: A good cleanse will clean out most everything. The mess, the bad bacteria, and the good bacteria.

After your cleanse you have to start nourishing it properly. It’s just like a garden down there. It needs special care each day.

And you have to “replant” the good microorganisms (beneficial bacteria, etc...).

The Great Bacteria Myth

The biggest myth about bacteria is that are ALL harmful.

That’s CRAP! Pure Crap!!

MOST bacteria are just part of the natural order of things and don’t affect most people one way or the other.

Most bacteria are simply part of the natural recycling process. They change the form of materials so that they can be broken down and recycled.

That’s it!

And most “harmful” bacteria won’t affect a normally healthy person in normal circumstances.

Here’s an interesting little known fact:

The FACT is:

"People who use the most antibacterial products
have the weakest immune systems
and are susceptible to the most diseases."


Because their own immune systems never get a chance to build enough natural antibodies.

Good Bacteria vs Bad Bacteria

These days bacteria have such a bad reputation that we no longer even realize that bacteria are a necessary part of life’s cycles and that there are some that are VITAL to our health.

YES! There are bacteria that keep us healthy.

We only hear about the harmful ones because many people have products to sell us that kill the harmful ones.

Planting Your Healthy Internal Garden

After our colon cleansing kit has done it’s job we need to replant our internal “garden” of health building vitamin producing "friendly" bacteria. These are called "probiotics".

That’s right, the good bacteria down there actually manufacture a large amount of health building B vitamins. These B vitamins give you energy and protect your body.

First: We clean our colons with a good reliable thorough colon cleansing kit.

Second: We “replant out garden” with the friendly health building microorganisms that are in a normally healthy intestine

Third: We eat real foods with plenty of fiber and drink plenty of water so that future accumulations do not form

This third step is very important for continued well being.

Foods That Clog Up Your Intestines
Stick to Your Intestinal Walls
Make You Sick!

- Dairy products will gum up most intestines if used too frequently.

- All refined (white) grain and flour products.

- Refined sugars weaken you intestines so that foods do not pass through as efficiently.

- A diet of all highly cooked foods will leave a mess inside.

Cooked vegetarian diets often do the same thing. This is why “health conscious” vegetarians so often find themselves needing a cleanse every 6 months or so.

You need plenty of nice raw fiber in there.

Also vegetarians also very often don’t get enough high quality protein in their diet to have really good strength and health. This means their intestinal muscles may also be weak and sluggish.

If You Have Dental Problems

If you have bad teeth or no teeth: get a good quality blender and let it “chew” up (grind up) a nice amount of raw fruits and vegetables for you each day.

A nut mill (electric coffee grinder) is also good for “chewing” up your nuts and seeds.

Can a Colon Cleansing Kit Help You?

For 95% of adult Ameicans, I believe using a high quality colon cleansing kit could change their life radically for the better.

Cleaning out the colon:

  • Improves Energy
  • Improves Mental Ability
  • Gives a Greater Sense of Well Being and Happiness
  • Reduces the Chance of Many Serious Chronic Diseases (including colon and prostate cancer)

So, do you think using a colon cleansing kit can help you? Why not try one and see? I think you’ll be happy you did!

Be Well.....

~ William

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