Does Colon Cleansing Work
Prostate Problems?

does colon cleansing work?

Does colon cleansing work on painful prostatic problems?

Sometimes it can. In a very big way.


Because your male gland sits right next to your bowel. And, a filthy colon can poison your gland and cause severe prostatitis. It can even be the cause of prostatic cancer.

What’s Rotting In Your Body
Poisoning You?

Did you ever sit next to a sewer when you were a kid playing outside?

Ecchh! They stink!

Ever drive by a swamp?

They smell disgusting. Right? Uuuuugh... Ever hold your nose and say that at those moments?

They stink because that mess has been rotting there for months and years.

Did you ever even imagine that could be happening inside of your own body? Does colon cleansing work to remove this mess from your body? Yes!

What Happens
When Waste Gets Stuck In Your Bowels?

Not necessarily.

There can be waste that has been stuck to your bowels for years. Rotting, decaying, and poisoning your bloodstream day after day after day.

Your bowels are the sewer of your body.

Most of your daily waste material sits in your bowels for anywhere from hours to a couple of days. We all know that.

Here’s the problem:

That bowel of yours if not as smooth as you may think.

Modern refined and processed foods don’t clean and scrub your insides the way natural vegetables, fruits, and whole grains do.

It has little pocket like shapes.

Very often, with refined modern foods, some waste gets stuck in there. It adheres to the inner walls of your colon and bowel.

does colon cleansing work for prostatitis?

And, it rots there. Creating all kinds of problems and bad odors.

It can get stuck in there for months and even years, while all the new waste is passing by. So, you think everything down there is normal. But, it can be there causing you all kinds of problems that you can't figure out.

Does colon cleansing work to remove this horrible rotting material that is stuck to your intestines? Yes!

Bad Breath, Body Odor, Nagging Aches And Pains

Where do you think chronic bad breath comes from?

It can come from rotting teeth and/or diseased gums.

But, even more often, it can come from all the decaying rotting material inside your colon and bowel. This putrid decaying material also creates chronic body odor.

The colon’s function: “...its function is to reabsorb water from digested food and concentrate solid waste material, known as stool.” ref:

This decaying poisonous material in the reabsorbed water passes into your blood and comes out through your skin and your breath. It’s no mystery why so many people literally stink.

Does colon cleansing work here too? Yes!

Stop Poisoning Your Body!

Where does all the disgusting rotting material that may be in your rectum enter your blood stream? Right next to your prostate gland.

does colon cleansing work for the prostate gland?

You are literally poisoning that gland of yours every minute of every day when you have old decaying, putrefying material in your lower bowel and rectum.

Does colon cleansing work to relieve this problem? Yes again!

Doesn’t Everything Come Out With The Poop?

No. Not if it’s stuck.

Some smooth foods can stick to your intestinal walls. That includes the walls of your bowels.

Here’s something disgusting to ponder: During colon cleansings, decayed material has come out of bowels that has not been eaten for 20 years. So horribly gross.

Do you have any idea how much toxic poison that stuff has created? Or how much certain parts of the bowel have been suffocating because of this stuff that is stuck in there?

Do you know how many headaches, body aches, diseases and even cancers that stuff has caused people?

Does colon cleansing work to relieve these problems? Yes, if they were cause by these toxins.

The Devastating Consequences

Here’s where you male gland gets into trouble:

Your male gland, among other things, is a very fine filtering mechanism. So are the female breasts.

Your male gland filters the liquid/water in your blood so that the sperm you make is not contaminated and poisoned by toxins in your blood stream.

The problem is: Very often this gland can not get rid of these poisons fast enough. They accumulate. This can have devastating consequences. Varying degrees of prostatitis and even cancer can be the result.

With fouled toxic blood, from the modern “foods” we eat, stress, alcohol, tobacco, environmental poisons, preservatives, color additives, air pollution, water pollution, etc... etc... Not to mention stress... Embedded rotting fecal material...  Is it any wonder why both prostate cancer, breast cancer, and colon cancers are at the top of the epidemic list?

Are you starting to get the picture?

Does colon cleansing work to reduce toxicity in your body? Yes!

Clean Out Your Sewer!

Is it pleasant to sit by a swamp? Or, a sewer?

How about a lake full of fresh water? Or, a sparkling stream?

Which one makes you nauseous?

Which one makes you feel refreshed and full of life?

If you clean that rotting decaying mess out of your lower intestines, and start eating only clean natural foods with plenty of fiber (enough to poop at least once or twice a day), can you imagine how much cleaner your blood will be?

Can you see how much less poison you will be delivering directly to your suffering gland? Can you imagine how much healthier it will feel?

And, how much healthier you will feel all over?

Does colon cleansing work to reduce these poisons in your blood stream? Yes!

Cleaner Feels Better!

With a cleaner healthier gland, can you now understand how much less inflammation and irritation there will be down there?

How much less chance of infection and disease you will have there?

How much less pain you will experience there?

Does colon cleansing work to reduce different types of inflammation? Yes.

Why Don’t They Teach Us This In School?

I don’t know.

But, anyone with even half a brain can understand how a filthy intestinal tract, that makes disgustingly putrid smelling blood, can make us all kinds of sick and painful.

There is no medicine in the world that can offset a filthy intestinal tract. You have to clean it up. There are a number of ways to do it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to wait months for a natural diet to do the job. There are some ways that are very efficient, quick, and very easy to do. I found Digestive Science to have the best kit out there.

What Can Colon Cleansing Do For You?

Does colon cleansing work?

Oh, yeah. It does.

Here are some things you can look forward to with a cleaned colon and bowel:

  • More Energy
  • Less Fatigue
  • A Clearer Mind
  • Chronic Bad Breath Disappearing
  • Less Aches And Pains
  • Less Health Problems
  • A Healthier Prostate Gland

“Some of the most famous doctors and

health practitioners believe:

Over 95% of ALL disease originates

from unclean bowels.”

Can You Eat Anything You Want?

Does colon cleansing work if you eat junk food all day long?

It helps.... It will remove a lot of the mess.

But, no, you can’t go around eating junk all day long and expect to feel great no matter how often you clean up down there.

If you will eat good natural foods, sleep a sufficient amount, drink plenty of clean water, exercise (even just moderately) each day, back off the excess stress, get some regular sunshine on you skin.... You’re going to see some major changes in the way you feel, the way you look, and how your gland feels.

Does Colon Cleansing Work For Everybody?

Does colon cleansing work for everybody?

I would have to say, it will quickly do wonderful things for everyone who needs it.

For a healthy person who eats well, and lives a healthy life style, it is most likely unnecessary.

However: If you have prostatic pain, general fatigue, chronic bad breath, poor sleep, poor digestion, hemorrhoids, aches and pains for no reason,..... You probably need some help.

“Will This Relieve All Of My Aches And Pains?”

Does colon cleansing work to relieve all aches and pains?

No. Of course not.

But, it can be the most effective first step in turning miserable health around. And, it can get your new health program off to a fantastic and quick start.

Does colon cleansing work?

It works very well.

Here's Something to Remember:  If your prostatic pain is from inflammation, toxic overload, irritation, etc... cleaning your colon, followed by some regular correct prostate massage, and good nutrition, may be just what you need to clean things up down there and have you feeling pain free again.

colon cleansing works
colon cleansing and prostate problems
does colon cleansing work for prostate pain?
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Be Well.....

~ William

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