The Best Colon Cleansing Foods

- regain your energy
your zest for living! -

Colon cleansing foods can also be some of the most delicious and nutritious things you eat.

They need not be those horrible cardboard tasting things that are advertised everywhere as “healthy”. Ha! Forget about that stuff! You don’t need it. It's garbage.

The real natural rejuvenating foods are also an important part of your prostate health program.

A clean bowel makes for a much healthier prostate gland.

colon cleansing foods can clean you up inside

Natural Colon Cleansing Foods

It’s funny how our dear Mother Nature puts things together so perfectly.

Natural colon cleansing foods are very nutritious. And, they taste really good. Most people just don’t know what they are.

These days, we get so lost in advertising hype that most of us no longer know that the best colon cleansing foods are easy to get.

When we good natural colon cleansing foods we become healthier. When we are healthy, we no longer have a need for all those colon cleansing remedies.

They’re Right in Your Local Supermarket!

Colon cleansing foods are so easy to find. And they are available at your regular old supermarket.

fresh natural colon cleansing foods

We often take these great colon cleaning foods for granted. And we often think fresh vegetables and fruit are boring or take too much time to prepare.

Not true. Once you get out of the “fast food lane” and away from overly processed foods it’s almost impossible not to consume a good amount of healthy colon cleaning foods every day.

Make Them Delicious!

And, with just simple cooking and the smallest amount of know how and effort, it is easy to prepare these wonderful colon cleansing foods in the most delicious ways.

Some simple good quality Olive Oil, Butter, yummy balsamic vinegar, and good sea salt is usually all you need to please even the pickiest eater.

Yes, butter and sun dried sea salt are Wonderful Health Building Foods!

butter is healthy food

Forget the myth that butter clogs your arteries. It is a lie. And has proven to be so time and time again in clinical trials.

The healthiest races of people in the world eat these wonderful natural foods all the time. And they value them with high esteem!

A good quality sea salt and butter (fat) actually increase the amount of minerals you will be able to absorb and use from the vegetables you use them with.

Clean Up Inside
Feel Better!

Colon cleansing foods and cleaning up your intestines means one basic thing: You will create a healthier better life for yourself.

This means you can have:

  • More Energy
  • A Greater Feeling of Well Being
  • A Longer Life
  • A Happier Life
  • Less Disease


They even can help your prostate health!


Because all the old rotting material that is stuck to your intestines from years of nutritional mistakes pours poisons into your blood stream every hour of every day. So of course that is going to give you fatigue, headaches, irritability, etc.... And, it can ruin your prostate health!

Added to this, when your intestines are all gunked up you can’t absorb all the wonderful nutrients in your food that create good health.

All this mess is also a breeding ground for disease and harmful bacteria that kill the beneficial flora in your intestines. These flora produce a lot of the natural B vitamins we require for good health.

Can you see now how accumulated intestinal gunk can be ruining your life and taking the joy out of it?

Worse, if that mess gets too bad and too toxic it is the set up for colon cancer. The #1 cancer in America.

A Laxative Won’t Clean Your Colon Up

Colon cleansing foods and laxatives are two different things.

A laxative will give you bowel movements, yes. BUT, it will not loosen, dissolve, and clean out the awful stuff that sticks to your intestines and causes chronic misery and disease.

Colon cleansing foods will. Little by little.

And, you can greatly speed the process with a high quality colon cleansing system. The best one I have found is the Digestive Science Intensive Colon Cleanse.

“I Hate Healthy Food”

“But, I hate most healthy food.” I’ve heard that so many times from friends.

So often I invite these friends over for dinner or lunch and I cook.

“You’re a really great cook!” Is what I usually hear. “Thank You!” I say. “And all of that food is good for you. Healthy food.”

“Get out of here!” is often the response. “It can’t be. Not with all this meat and butter. I feel so guilty eating it....”

Surprise! Meat and butter are two of the healthiest foods you can eat. Add some nice vegetables, made with that butter and some fine sea salt, and you have your colon cleansing food mixed right into your delicious dinner and lunch!

Salad of ANY KIND of raw vegetables with some nice balsamic or apple cider vinegar (raw vinegar is best) and some pure olive oil is one of the BEST colon cleaning foods.

In natural health clinics raw salads are commonly called “the intestinal broom”.

But, unlike that cardboard tasting crap (and it is true crap!) that people try to sell you (which gives you no nourishment), this real food is not only colon cleansing food it is also food to:

- Heal your heart

- Lubricate your joints

- Give vitality to your whole body

- Strengthen your mind

Nice, huh?

Stay Away From Packaged Processed “Foods”

Most of the things in packages are far from healthy.

In fact it is these “foods” that have caused almost all intestinal waste formations that stick to your intestines and become toxic from sitting there and literally rotting inside of you.

Did you ever smell how disgusting some garbage cans can stink? The exact same thing is happening in most people’s bodies. Especially older people.

When what we eat gets stuck in our intestines it rots and stinks just like it does in a dirty garbage can.

Fiber supplements are a joke. A sad joke. You might as well eat cardboard. You’d get the same result.

Yes, fiber supplements and laxatives can help make your bowels move.

And sometimes you will need these if your diet is terrible, your intestines are weak and all gummed up, and constipation is making you uncomfortable and sick. But:

"Laxatives and fiber supplements will never fix your problem because they lack essential nutrients."

Good healthy colon cleansing foods, on the other hand, can fix your problems down there quite nicely. And permanently! AND: natural colon cleansing foods will nourish and strengthen your entire body!

Colon Cleansing Foods:

Eating From The Perimeters
Of The

finding colon cleansing foods

That's where you'll find all the good stuff!

Just eating foods from the perimeters of the supermarket will usually give you all the colon cleansing food and high quality food you want and need.

The perimeter of the market is where you will find almost all the natural real foods.

You’ll want to add a good B complex vitamin to your diet (at least in the beginning) to give your intestines the energy vitamins they need to function again and get healthy and strong again.

Once you regain your intestinal health, you’ll think laxatives are a very bad joke.

Finding The Good Stuff

The perimeters of the market are where you find the fresh meats, fresh fruit and vegetables. The dairy foods like fresh butter cheese and cream.

That is where you’ll find the really nutritious things to eat. AND, all the colon cleansing foods you will ever need.

In the isles is where you’ll find all the food that makes you sick.

Get all your food from the perimeters and you’ll never have to worry about colon cleansing again!

About the only exception to that is finding the good Olive Oil. Olive Oil is usually in the isles with all the other oils and salad dressings.

Olive oil is also the only oil of any real value in a super market. Stay away from all the others. Even the ones that get all the praises right now, like canola oil, are not really good for you. Some of them can actually do you real harm.

SYMPTOMS of Intestinal Problems

If you’re a mess inside you’ll have at at least a vague idea about it. And, you do because you are reading this page.

You probably have a number of these symptoms:

* Constipation
* Bad Breath
* Regular General Fatigue
* Headaches
* Joint problems
* Problems concentrating for Long Periods
* Irritability
* Gas
* Indigestion....

The list goes on and on.

Even if you’re 50 or 60 and notice you just don’t have enough energy, something is not right.

60 is NOT old. Not if you’re healthy! Heck, I turned 64 last October and I dance 3 nights a week sometimes for 4 hours at a time.

I ride a motorcycle. I hike with my dog. And I have more energy than most friends half my age.

And you can too. You just have to stop eating all the common crap you see advertised almost everywhere and eat only real foods, get some nice exercise (it does NOT have to be strenuous), find things you enjoy and DO THEM. Practice regular prostate massage. And, keep your colon clean!!

Then, you’re going to have a new life!

You’ll also have the energy to enjoy it!

colon cleansing foods for great health
colon cleansing foods that really work

now, be sure to continue on to: The Best Colon Cleansing Foods - Part 2 to learn which ones you should choose. AND, which are my 2 favorites!...

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