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Vibrant Prostate Health

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From the time we are very young we are taught that keeping clean is important.

We are taught to shower and bathe. Brush our teeth. Wash our clothes. Clean up our rooms. Wash the dishes. Wash our hands before eating. etc. etc.

Why? Probably because keeping clean feels better and is much more pleasant for you and everyone around you. And because it is healthier. Both physically and mentally.

And you must must admit, it's a lot more fun to walk into a clean sparkling kitchen and make a meal than it does to walk into a dirty kitchen where dirty dishes are all piled up and the floor is filthy. It also feels better!

And we almost always wash our hands before eating, don't we? God forbid we should eat any germs!

Keeping clean outside our bodies is something we have all learned to practice daily.

What About Keeping Clean
Our Bodies?

We are usually never taught about keeping clean inside our bodies. We assume everything inside our bodies is already clean. Right? We do have kidneys for that reason. Correct?

What ??? What did he just say? Isn't everything inside clean and pure and safe in our bodies?

NO! To the contrary. Most people carry a large amount of internal filth around with them every day. And it makes them sick! It causes many more problems than germs ever will.

You recognize the really polluted ones easily. Horrible BO and amazingly bad breath!

It can also show up as skin conditions like eczema, shingles, psoriasis, etc... (the skin is trying to throw off too much toxin).

And in men it can show up as prostatitis: Prostate pain and discomfort.

Historic Successful Healing Institutions

If you look back in history, you'll find that ALL the famous European health sanatoriums in the 18th and 19th centuries were very aware of this concept: keeping clean inside.

"Treating internal toxicity
was always one of the very first steps in their
recovery programs.
Often, it was the first treatment.

These recovery programs were usually successful, yes successful, in curing every disease when medicines had failed. Tuberculosis (TB), pneumonia, heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, arthritis.... All these diseases would reverse and disappeared.

The fact is, millions of people still die each year from auto intoxication (internal filth).

Their cause of death will be recorded as liver failure, heart disease, kidney failure. It was simply too much toxicity and clogging within the body. So much toxicity and clogging that a necessary organ chokes to death or is poisoned to death.

If these people had kept their internal systems clean, their organs would have lasted much much longer. And so would their lives.

The same holds true for prostate health. To be healthy it must be kept clean!

Why Your Prostate Gland
Suffers So Much

The reason so many men suffer from prostatitis is this: your male gland (besides it's other functions) is a major filtering mechanism.

This particular gland is one of the finest filters ever designed!

It is it's job to makes sure the liquid in the semen is a clean and healthy environment for the sperm cells so that they can live in perfect health to fertilize a female egg.

Now, with all the chemical pollutants in out environment today, your prostate has a big job. Every day.

But who cleans out it's filters??

The Curse
Modern Life Styles

Normally, in a natural environment, your entire body is a self cleaning and self healing mechanism. Natural physical exercise and movement are supposed to do the job. Supposed to.

But, these days we have enormous environmental pollution. Pollutants in our air, our water, pesticides all over our foods, food additives and preservatives, etc...

And in our "civilized" societies we are usually too sedentary (we sit too much). So our blood does not flow strongly and freely through our prostates for a large part of the day.

Keeping clean inside requires a conscious effort.

This "civilized" life style causes the blood in our special gland to stagnate and become like a swamp or sewer. And, it is a swamp filled with toxic chemicals besides. All this mess is a severe hazard to our prostate health.

"This stagnant blood
becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. And, it can cause inflammation and sever pain
all by itself."

8 times out of 9 when a man goes to the doctor with prostatitis pain, a doctor can find no bacterial infection. There is simply too much filthy here. It has become toxic and inflamed.

Keeping Clean And Healthy
Correct Massaging Techniques

So, how is a man supposed to maintain health here?

Prostate massage is the fastest and most efficient way to clean this special area. In fact, this is the only way to really get the blood moving deeply and easily through this area.

It is the fresh new blood that cleans and nourishes it. And, this abundant constant flow of healthy blood is what enables it to clean and heal itself.

Typically, when a man starts doing regular correct massaging here and eats a healthy diet, the "mysterious" prostatitis disappears. Even if has been going on for decades.

We Live In
A Cause And Effect Universe

Every disease has a cause.

Same with every ache and every pain. Pain is Nature's way of telling you something is wrong.

When you eliminate the cause the disease and pain will disappear.

Prostatitis is most often caused by just 4 things:

  • Poor blood circulation
  • improper diet
  • chronic sexual overindulgence
  • bacterial infection

For most men, poor blood circulation is the primary problem. Toxins and metabolic byproducts accumulate and poison this area. Inflammation and swelling are nature's way of trying to clean itself up.

Keeping clean inside is critically important if you wish to have vibrant health here.

To clean the poisons out and get the circulation moving again, nothing works better or faster than some correct prostate massage!

Be Well.....

~ William

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