Reversing Adult Incontinence
Correct Exercise

"Getting Rid of The Problem"

Most of the Time You CAN Reverse This Problem

Adult incontinence usually can be remedied with proper exercise and nutrition. Yes, most of the time it is a reversible condition.

And, a great many men and women can regain full control of their bladder and bowels.

To regain control, the primary muscles that need toning are the anal sphincter muscles and all the muscles that controllable muscles that contract with them.

Most exercises for the sphincter, if you concentrate, will also effect the bladder control muscles and prostate muscles.

This page will be very helpful to your wife is she is also suffering from this urinary or bowel problem.

Try This and Feel It!

When you contract or squeeze your anal sphincter muscles (like when you hold a bowel movement), you normally contract and squeeze the other muscles that control your urinary flow at the same time.

Try it right now............... Did you do it?....... If you didn't, do it again! I want you to feel it!...... Can you feel them all working together?

It's one of the ways Mother Nature makes life easier for you. All the shut off valves work together. It's pretty difficult not to squeeze them all at the same time.

These are also the same set of muscles you squeeze when you are ejaculating.

So when you want to strengthen them, you can tune up the whole shop all at once with a single simple exercise!

The Adult Incontinence Exercise

*note: This adult incontinence exercise is effective for both men and women.

The main and most important exercise for getting rid of adult incontinence is to squeeze your anal sphincter muscles closed (just like you're trying to stop a bowel movement). Concentrate on closing them as far as you can.

Then, as you hold these muscles closed, concentrate on closing you bladder muscles as far as you can at the same time (just like you are trying to stop urinating mid stream).

Continue to squeeze and tighten all the muscles as well as you can for about 3 - 4 seconds. Then release and relax. That's it!

Does that sound too easy? Well, it's effects are powerful and it can change your life.

Do this exercise a few times in a row. Release for 5 -10 seconds in between each squeeze.

Gradually work up to 5 of these squeezes in a row. And work up to doing this about 5 times a day. You can do it anywhere: driving, in a meeting, when you're on the phone, in an elevator, sitting, standing, laying down...

Anywhere. It doesn't matter where or when. No one will ever know you're doing them.

Besides being the best exercise for adult incontinence, this exercise will also recharge your sexual energies. In ancient Taoist medicine this is called the Deer Exercise.

Remember:  Keep doing it daily. That is the key to your success here. If you give up after a few days or a couple of weeks, the exercise will never help you with your problem.

Adult incontinence is normally reversible.

It took years for your body to deteriorate to it's present condition. Give your body enough time and regular exercise to get strong again.

You will never regret it.

Correct Prostate Massage
Has Often Eliminated Male Adult Incontinence!

Now, here's how us men can get double the benefit.

This Wonderful and Amazing exercise is naturally incorporated into correct prostate massage when using an Aneros prostate massager. I personally find the Helix model works best.

With an Aneros you get double benefits:

1) Correct prostate massage can often work like a miracle in cleaning up and strengthening a prostate with either prostatitis or BPH. As your gland gets healthier, it becomes easier to control your urinary flow.

2) Correct massaging using an Aneros (which I always recommend) also serves to strengthen all the sexual, bladder control, and anal sphincter muscles (bowel control).

In fact, men who use an Aneros regularly often report that their "bladder problem seems to have disappeared"!

The reason for this is: The Aneros was designed to be used "hands free". It performs it's massaging action when you squeeze you anal muscles. So you massage, cleanse, and strengthen your system all at the same time!

Correct prostate massage and anal exercise with an Aneros can clear up  adult incontinence problems for most men.

A Very Special Device
That Will Help Speed Up Your Progress

The Aneros company also makes something called the Peridise Massage Set. If you or your wife are experiencing adult incontinence you may also want to get a set of these right away.

aneros peridise for male incontinence exercise

This set of anal massagers was originally developed to help clear up stage 1 and stage 2 hemorrhoids. But they do wonders to help strengthen bladder and bowel control!

Can you imagine a life with no bowel or bladder control problems. No urinary aids or incontinence products. AND, no problems from hemorrhoids?

Yes, for most men and women, this is possible.

Because the Peridise are so pleasant to use, these massagers soon became one of the most popular anal sex toys (you have more nerve endings around your anus than anywhere else except your penis. Or in a woman, her clitoris). So you know these will be pleasant to use.

But make no mistake, a properly used Peridise Massager can greatly help you to regain both bowel and urinary control in a remarkably short period of time!

You should consider these Peridise massagers as valuable pieces of exercise equipment. You use them just like the Aneros massagers, but they specifically target the anal area and anal sphincter muscles.

They can be an enormous aid in ridding yourself or your love one of adult incontinence.

Here Is What They Do:

  • The Peridise massagers massage and refresh the anal muscles much more thoroughly and deeply than with squeezing alone.
  • They make it much easier to measure your progress. They come in a set of 4 different sizes. You start with the largest one, when your muscles are the weakest. As your muscles gain strength you move on to the next smaller one. This smaller ones require more muscle control and strength....
  • Strength improves more rapidly. This means better bladder and bowel control.This happens because you can feel the massager and squeeze more effectively than a "dry squeeze" (a squeeze without the Peridise). You know when you are squeezing hard enough and not getting lazy with your exercises.

For regaining anal and bladder strength, these are the best things I have ever found. I can not say enough good things about these simple tools. They are simply the best there is.

Of course you wouldn't use these 5 times a day. But, once a day at the end of your day should easily double or tipple your progress.

How Long Will It Take?

How long it will take to regain enough strength for complete control of your bladder and/or bowels is totally dependent on you.

It depends on how bad your condition is and on how quickly your body gains strength. But, if you keep exercising, you will get stronger. And if you are like most people, you will regain control of your bladder and bowels again.

But, just like getting the rest of your body physically fit, getting rid of adult incontinence does not happen in one day. Or overnight. You must make your exercises a part of your daily life.

Remember: As long as you are still breathing and able to flex your muscles, you can strengthen them! It doesn't matter if you're in your 90s! You can get stronger.

"Why Isn't This Common Knowledge?"

That's a really good question. Especially since some degree of adult incontinence is so prevalent in so many older men and women.

It's probably because common adult incontinence is very embarrassing and not really a medical question. Therefore it is not usually discussed. So most adults that get common adult incontinence suffer needlessly for the rest of their lives. That's such an unnecessary shame.

Getting Bladder and Bowel Control Again
Usually Very Simple!

I think most of us are taught to assume that any internal body function is just "something that happens all by itself". That these functions are "out of our control".

For many of our functions this is true: kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen,...

Others, like bladder and bowel control, are controllable if you have the necessary muscle strength, and no other impeding condition.

Bladder and bowel control is muscular. Like breathing. And just like breathing, bladder and bowel control is partly on automatic. But, you can control these muscular actions when you need to. That is, if your muscles are toned and strong.

You know that if you strengthen you legs, by walking more, you become able to walk even more. And then run!

And, now you know that if you strengthen your bladder and bowel muscles, and you are like most people, you will more than likely get strong enough to get rid of adult incontinence forever!

What No One Ever Tells You

But, no one ever tells us to strengthen our sphincter muscles. Or our prostate muscles. That's why these muscles often become so weak. And then adult incontinence often develops.

So I'll be the one to tell you: "Strengthen your prostate and sphincter muscles!" Every day! It's easy. It just takes some time to get results.

Everything didn't go bad in a day and it's not going to all get better in a day. So you'll have to be persistent!

As time goes on, you'll see how your bladder and bowel control improve little by little. If you are like most of us, adult incontinence can become a thing of the past for you too!

Be Well.....

~ William

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Relieving Male Adult Incontinence with Correct Prostate Massage

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