Milking The Prostate Gland

Could Save Your Life!

milking the prostate gland

Milking the prostate gland can bring a dramatic positive change in male sexual health!

It can:

  • Clear up prostatitis
  • Help prevent prostate cancer
  • Relieve BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy)
  • Strengthen bladder control
  • Help clear up erectile dysfunction
  • Help stop premature ejaculation

Wow! Quite a list!

And, if you are suffering from prostatitis, BPH, or just unexplainable pain here, this may be the answer to your prayers!

This makes it seem like a pretty miraculous thing! And it is.

How Your Gland Heals

The body is a self healing mechanism. Medicines heal nothing. It is a big myth and unfortunate belief of our time. But, if you check the statistics, medicines  (drugs) only relieve symptoms, remove pain or bacteria and virus. That's it!

We use more medicines today than ever before in history. And, we have more disease than ever before in history. Do they seem to be working?? Obviously not.

Healing is done only by the body itself.

Cut yourself? Did you see it heal? Was it the band aid that healed it? No. Was it the Iodine or antibacterial ointment that healed it? No.

What healed it? The body healed it. All by itself.

Given the right conditions, the body can heal from most everything. Yes, including cancer, heart disease (one of the easiest!), arthritis (another easy one. Yes, an easy one) , kidney disease, and virtually all male sexual problems.

Given the right conditions.

The Incredible Healing Power
Milking the Prostate

milking the prostate for renewed well being

The reason this practice is such a powerful remedy is that it enables your body to perform it's natural functions more efficiently.

Milking the prostate brings fresh blood and oxygen to the normally congested and suffocating gland.

Fresh healthy blood is what heals everything in the human body!

Milking the prostate also all keeps all the sexual fluids (semen) fresh, clean, and moving out of the body.

When fluids stagnate anywhere in the body disease thrives! This is especially true in the male prostate and female breast.

Why do you think "civilized" men and women have so many sexual cancers. Yet whenever primitive societies are studied, these cancers and  (as well as all other cancers) are virtually non existent.

Removing a Cause of Disease

This male gland in MOST of us suffers from blood congestion and stagnation.

It's a swamp and cesspool in most of us.

When old semen stagnates, it starts to decompose and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and virus.

Today's sedentary culture has a higher percentage of sexual disease and cancer than any time in history. We sit too much. The blood and semen get congested and clogged up.

This special gland of ours needs a plentiful supply of fresh blood to nourish it with food and oxygen. And equally important, it needs plenty of blood flow and regular semen release to keep clean, healthy and pain free.

If you allow toxins to accumulate here, you undoubtedly develop discomfort, disease and possibly cancer here. That's a matter of fact!

This gland we have is a very fine and miraculous filter. It filters all the toxins and poisons out of the blood so that the sperm cells in the semen will be safe, strong, and healthy.That's part of it's basic function.

Concentrated amounts of toxins accumulate in any congested area of your body.

This causes pain, prostatitis, contributes to BPH and can lead directly to cancer.

Don't let this happen to You!

Milking Your Prostate
May Be All You Need
To Feel Well Again!

When milking the prostate, as with most things, you will get the best results when you do it correctly.

It is very important to work with a downward movement from the top of the gland to the bottom of it. Squeezing it gently and continuously all the way down.

Most of the time it seems it is done by squeezing only a very small part of the gland. That is because most men try to milk using a finger. They don't know it is important to use a more efficient tool.

Fingers are almost always too short to do the job well. They almost never give a full and complete prostate milking.

Fingers are good for a sexual tease or intense orgasm. But, here we are talking about really milking the gland. Releasing the semen. Cleaning it out. 

So, you'll need something long enough, but not too long. And it must be smooth, so as not to injure or cut the delicate intestinal tissue (bowel). Something that moves easily in and out of your anus.

(You may want to consult your Urologist to be sure you don't have any severe hemorrhoidal problem or other bowel disorder that may cause you a problem when milking the prostate gland. It's highly unusual, but it never hurts to check and be sure.)

The Very Best Method I Know

The best instrument  I know of for milking the prostate is an Aneros massage device.

It is designed to give a perfect prostate massage and milking.

The difference when milking the prostate (rather than just massaging) is that you will push the Aneros all the way in, apply a gentle pressure, and then manually run the Aneros down over the full length of the gland. During a massage, you simply squeeze the Aneros with your anal contractions.

That's all there is to it! It's so simple and so highly effective! You keep repeating the motion until you no longer are discharging semen through your penis or if it becomes uncomfortable.

I use an Aneros Helix for milking the prostate

The Aneros makes milking the prostate so easy because you can not put it in too far, it is anatomically shaped, and it reaches your entire gland perfectly. It is a most pleasant experience!

Doing this can cause an immediate erection. That's OK. Just keep milking. Leave the erection alone.

You will normally see your semen flow from your penis whether you get an erection or not.

Some men will not see any semen (because they produce very little). Still it will flow into the tubes, flush the gland, and leave the body during urination.

Stay Healthy

When you are choosing not to ejaculate for whatever reason, or if you chose a life of celibacy, milking the prostate can help to keep you healthy and free from discomfort, pain and disease.

Be Well.....

~ William

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