Male Kegel Exercises
Dangerous for Most Men

Male kegel exercises are not for everyone. In fact they are NOT a good idea for most men

Where These Exercises Came From

The Kegel exercise was developed by (and named after) Dr. Arnold Kegel. He was a gynecologist (women's doctor). And this exercise was developed specifically for strengthening the muscles of sexual and bladder control in a woman's body.

It can serve a valuable purpose for certain men. However, the male and female sexual structures are quite different. And for most men these exercises may produce more problems than good.

Why Male Kegel Exercises
Can Cause Prostate Problems

male kegel exercises are dangerous for most men

These movements were originally called "The Deer Exercise" in the ancient Taoist religion. They date back thousands of years. Back then, however, "high stress" was not the norm in society. And gently performing these served a healthful purpose.

The main problem with them in modern society is: Men in modern society often suffer from too much stress. This stress often causes too much tension in their pelvic floor.

In plain language that means: We usually (unconsciously) tense up our asses too much when under stress! Over time, the effects of this constant tensioning becomes cumulative.

This excessive muscular tension can strangle our prostate glands, causing a lot of pain and sexual dysfunction

They Can Cause Prostate Problems

A number of the sexual nerves and sexual fluid tubes in the male anatomy run through the pelvic floor muscles.

These strengthening movements tighten the muscles of the pelvic floor even more. These tight muscles can constrict the blood vessels, fluid tubes, and nerves of the male sexual system.

This can actually CAUSE chronic prostate problems. Very painful ones!

The prostate problems these exercises can cause are a result of the diminished blood flow and subsequent nerve irritation in the pelvic floor and the male gland.

This constriction of blood flow and subsequent nerve irritation can cause a form of painful prostatitis that baffles modern medicine because it has the same painful symptoms as bacterial prostatitis, but no bacteria show up in the urine or prostatic fluid.

This constriction can also be responsible for ED (erectile dysfunction) in many men.

These Exercises Are For

male kegel exercises for older men

The exception here is for men who suffer from bladder or fecal incontinence due to lack of muscular tone (weak muscles). And this commonly occurs in advanced age. Not in younger or even middle aged men.

If muscle weakness is the problem, then these exercises are often the ideal solution.

But, if you do not have incontinence problems, you really have no need for these. And, as you've learned, they could actually cause you to develop painful prostate problems.

I would stay away from them completely unless incontinence due to muscle weakness was my situation

BPH , Incontinence, And Male Kegel Exercises

If you have incontinence due to an enlarged gland caused by BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), male kegel exercises are not the correct solution to your incontinence problem either. With BPH, reducing the size of your gland is what you need to focus on.

Reducing The Risks From Male Kegel Exercises

From what you've read here, I obviously do not recommend these exercises to any normally healthy men.

But, if you are a normally healthy male and decide these are something you would like to try (usually because of some misleading article on how they improve sexual ability), you will want to lengthen and relax the muscles after each exercise session to avoid the problems that overly tight anal muscles can cause.

For this there is the anal peripheral massage.

Using the anal peripheral massage is no guarantee against future problems caused by kegel exercises. But, it can really help.

This massage can also help relieve and get rid of anal tension problems that you may have developed from using kegel exercises up until now. Or, excessive anal tension problems you have due to stress.

The anal massage was especially designed to relax and lengthen the tight anal muscles that many men already suffer from today. And, this massage will lengthen and loosen the anal muscles after exercising them.

The anal peripheral massage is often overlooked, or unknown, to those who perform male kegel exercises. But, it is of extreme importance if you are wanting to avoid over tonicity (over tightening) of the anal muscles. Or, if you want to reduce and remove the tension that currently exists there.


male kegel exercise for incontinence

Male kegel exercises (or the Deer Exercise) can be of great benefit to men who have lost control of their bladder or bowels due to muscular degeneration.

This condition usually only occurs in advanced age, after or with a long severe or degenerative illness, or after months of immobility or prolonged confinement to a bed.

However, because of the excessive tension they may cause in the pelvic floor, male kegel exercises are not a good idea for most men these days.

Remember: These strengthening and tightening movements were developed for women. Men's bodies are put together a little differently.

If you decide to do them, it would be very wise to perform the anal peripheral massage (until the anal muscles feel loose again) at the end of each exercise session.

And even then, performing male kegel exercises may cause you excessive pelvic floor tension that can result in future chronic prostate and rectal pain.

Be Well.....

~ William

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