The Joy
of a
Sensual Prostate Massage!

sensual prostate massage

There are few sexual things more sexually satisfying than a sensual prostate massage! Especially during intercourse.

It can give you an orgasm that is longer lasting, more pleasurable and more intense than anything you have ever experienced in your entire life!

Pleasure AND Health!

On this website I normally discuss improving health and eliminating pain and prostate suffering.

But once your system is well and functioning painlessly, you will be able to use variations of the techniques, creating sensual prostate massage for PURE EROTIC PLEASURE!

After all, life (and sex) is supposed to be fun. And pleasurable.

Once you feel healthy again, you can use sensual prostate massage to help keep your healthy and get great pleasure at the same time!

Why Men Crave Sex

Women sometimes say, "All men ever want is sex!"

Well, not completely true. But a man with a healthy gland does want sex regularly. He needs it!

The semen is filling his reservoir and it must be released. That need is what actually makes a man feel "horny". It is nature telling him it's time to plant some seeds.

The wonderful feeling of orgasm is produced in the prostate gland.

Nature gives us this great feeling so that we want to have sex and release this semen.

Have More Sexual Strength And Health

When a man has prostatitis, or BPH, or any kind of problem in this area that is causing him to suffer, massaging can be painful or uncomfortable.

But, that is when a man needs this kind of help the most! Correct massaging is often the only way to restore health to a man.

Once it heals, massaging becomes a very pleasurable experience! Very pleasurable!

When you're is healthy, massaging or rubbing this area is erotic, exciting, and always quite wonderful. And having excellent health here enables us to enjoy the sensual prostate massage.

Sensual prostate massage also helps create more health here! It is a huge win win situation.

Sensual Prostate Massage
Therapeutic Massaging

The sensual prostate massage differs from the therapeutic massage in that you are not trying to do anything other than feel good.

With a therapeutic technique you are usually working deeply. Trying to get blood to flow where it is stagnant. Releasing trapped semen and bacteria and toxins. It can be a little painful.

With correct techniques, on the other hand, you are exploring your sensuality. The only real guide for you is: "What feels good?"

What Are The Best Devices For This?

What makes it feel best? What devices work best for this wonderful experience? Anything that feels good to you! Just be sure the items you choose are safe to put inside your body.

Anything that may break in there or cut you can cause severe and even fatal damage. So use only items that were designed specifically for that purpose. And make sure that are not made out of glass.

In a Survey I took among 250 men, these were the favorite sensual prostate massage items:

  • Your partner's finger
  • An Aneros device
  • Your own finger (if you are alone)

Dildos, wands, anal beads, etc... did not seem to excite most men.

I always recommend the Aneros products for both therapeutic and pleasurable massaging because they are safe, amazingly effective, and come in a number of shapes and sizes. They are all anatomically designed to stimulate your gland perfectly!

The Technique

Sensual prostate massage technique is very much the same as a therapeutic one. The difference is, you are not trying to milk or clean your gland out. You are only looking for pleasure.

The difference when using an Aneros massager is that you can now play with the motion. And variety is the spicy of life!

Usually the device is inserted and then the contractions of your anal muscles do all the work. It's hands free.

But, once you feel healthy here, you can try moving the device around a little. Notice how amazing that feels! Play with it. ENJOY it!

Finding What Feels Best

Try a little movement side to side. Then try it in and out. Try pulling it half way out and doing the massaging motions there. Move it back and forth. Squeeze your anal muscles as you pull it half way out and then relax and push it back in...

There are so many possibilities. They feel great. And best of all, they help to make your gland healthier and healthier!

Never get rough with it. Never cause yourself pain. You can hurt yourself that way.

But use your imagination. And again: anything that feels good in there is good for you.

You will discover a whole world of erotic sensuality you never dreamed existed.

Which Massager Feels Best?

Sensual prostate massage has some other differences from the therapeutic methods depending upon the Aneros you choose to use.

Normally for, therapeutic purposes, I like the Aneros HelixSYN the best. It is narrower than say the Progasm or the Eupho. This enables your to apply more pressure to your gland. It forces a deeper blood flow within.

But, for a sensual prostate massage I much prefer the Progasm. They are wider. This means they come in contact with more of the area.

These two massagers massage more nerve endings at one time. And yet they give a softer more erotic experience. They are also wider at the base and stimulate the anal nerves much better.

The Most Intense Orgasm
Your Life!

This combination of nerve stimulation gives the most intense orgasms you can get!

In fact if you've never had this kind of orgasm before you won't believe the intensity of it when it happens!

The more nerve area you can cover, the more sensual the massage will be. And, the stronger the orgasm you can produce.

Another beauty of these Aneros massagers is that you can leave them in, hands free, as you caress your partner and during orgasm. They will still be stimulating the sensitive prostatic and anal nerves because of their "hands free" design.


When your gland is healthy, experiment with your techniques. Concentrate on making them a more and more sensual prostate massage.

You will enjoy them more. Want to do them more often. And in the process, you will also be creating excellent prostate health!

Be Well.....

~ William

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